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TGW Parking Equipment products include garage cashiering machines, ticket dispenserbarrier gate equipment,parking ticket dispenser machine, ticket checking reader.,etc. We also provide electronic aids including fee computers, electronic counters, and access control read systems for optimum efficiency in parking structures.TGW also offer all accessories include loop detector, coil loop, IC/ID card, Card issuer, Card reader, access control PCB board, LED controller,Security kiosk, Payment station, QR code reader,and receipt printer and its paper. TGW offers the option for custom-built equipment to suit the needs of a variety of parking sites. We also manufacture specialty electronics such as our All-in-One Low Speed LPR system and Parking Guidance System. These advanced systems are easily for your site, providing maximum security and ease of use at any location outfitted with Tiger Wong Technology Company. More than 20 years experience in parking lot, TGW could deal with all the unexpected program requirements such as coupon,several cars for one space, parking data upload to server,.etc.

 Parking ticket dispenser machine is the key equipment of the parking lot management system. It generally refers to the management equipment of cards and barriers in the parking lot fee management system or ticketing system. . The outer shell of Ticket dispenser is generally made of iron plate after being punched and folded and sprayed, and it is also made of stainless steel or other metals, plexiglass, glass fiber reinforced plastic, resin and other materials. The main components of the ticket dispenser include voice output module, LED or LCD display module, card management module, main control module, vehicle detection module and power supply module. Ticket dispenser is an indispensable part of parking lot and other ticketing intelligence, and it is widely used in the management of various vehicle passages.  Parking ticket dispenser machine is the main box of the entrance and exit, which contains the main controller, card dispenser, LED display, voice system, power control system, automatic spotlights, etc. It is fixed on the ground. The entrance ticket dispenser automatically spit out or read the card, and the exit must be charged by a toll collector. In the face of many intelligent parking lot products produced by different companies, how to choose a system that you really like and meet your actual needs? The ticket dispenser is exquisite, shows individuality, has complete functions, is practical and convenient, the system is stable, and the maintenance is simple, which is the expectation of every property.

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Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co., Ltd est le principal fournisseur de solutions de contrôle d'accès pour le système de stationnement intelligent des véhicules, le système de reconnaissance de plaque d'immatriculation, le tourniquet de contrôle d'accès des piétons, les terminaux de reconnaissance faciale et Solutions de stationnement LPR .
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