The License Plate Recognition System By TGW Team Officially Put Into Use in February 2021

2021-05-28 16:44:52

In December 2019, a Thai company specializing in logistics truck weighing system contacted the TGW team to improve and improve the data omissions, false data, and statistical efficiency of the existing weighing platform during the operation process. The problem of information lag caused by low and unsettled expenses. According to the person in charge of the Thai company, such a problem has existed for decades. They have been looking for a brand-new intelligent system, hoping that the system can be connected to the weighing system to integrate vehicle information, weighbridge data, operational meta-information, etc. A large amount of data is integrated into a management database system, and the central management system conducts unified deployment and management of vehicles and personnel, thereby further improving the flow rate of the weighbridge system in the actual logistics transportation system, thereby greatly increasing the income of the enterprise.


After three months of preliminary demand communication and business negotiation, the two parties reached an agreement to start the docking of a large-scale integrated system of vehicle information identification, personnel information identification, and weighbridge data at the end of March 2020. After 5 months of day and night communication and program interoperability, this comprehensive vehicle data synchronization system has been basically completed and entered the commissioning stage. After entering the debugging stage, the chief engineer of TGW program, Mr. Zhu, discovered that in the process of transferring data, because the language of the Thai computer operating system was inconsistent, some files of the dynamic library could not be synchronized and updated in time, and proposed the ideal operating state of the program. A new adjustment has been made. Therefore, the TGW team recommends that customers change the English operating system in time, and realize the smooth operation of the Thai operating software under the English system, and finally completed all technical debugging on the eve of the Spring Festival in 2021.


At the end of February 2021, the Thai company announced the smooth operation of the entire system and officially put it into use, and promised to hand over the company’s 20 logistics, transportation and other major projects in Bangkok to the TGW team, just because this team uses responsibilities and Professionals have solved the problems that have plagued them for 10 years.


The License Plate Recognition System By TGW Team Officially Put Into Use in February 2021 1

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