TGW face recognition cloud software BS architecture: temperature measurement face recognition terminal software High temperature mail delivery

2021-02-02 18:47:33

TGW face recognition software BS architecture conference 

by:Shenzhen TigerWong Technology Co.,Ltd

Tigerwong English Language Version Temperature Face Recognition Cloud Web Application Software

Shenzhen Tigerwong Technology Co., Ltd. at 3 pm on April 30, 2020, TGW's latest version of the BS architecture face recognition software was officially released and launched. 

After two months, with the continuous efforts of engineer Ms Sunny, the BS architecture face recognition software of TigerWong Company has finally taken shape and is ready to go online. 

At the press conference, the R&D department very comprehensively introduced the structure, function and layout of the software. The technical department listened carefully and actively expressed opinions.


Introduction of facial recognition Cloudy software

The UI interface of TGW face software is simple and elegant, allowing people to quickly understand the basic functions at a glance, easy to install with one click, and avoid troubles for customers . 

The basic functions are summarized as follows:

1. Equipment management, add equipment, define the status and name of the equipment, so that customers can distinguish the installation location of each equipment and the definition of entrance. And unified management of each device connected to the software, remote one-key management, eliminating many tedious steps.

2. Personnel management is divided into department management, employee management, visitor management, including stranger management. Let customers clearly manage and screen each type of personnel.

3. Record management, in order not to affect the continuous updating of the interface of the customer during use, the software has added a refresh button, the default refresh is to refresh once every five seconds, you can also choose to turn off refresh, turn it off when needed, and the record will be immediately Upload to the software. Different types are distinguished in the records.

4. Role management, the software can set up personnel with different permissions to manage the software, and can set different permission ranges.

5. Mail management, this is a special function of our software, the face recognition equipment can send mail to the designated mailbox when the temperature is high.

6. System management, mainly can change the logo, add the company name on the device and change some device parameters.





The Outstanding fucnctions of TGW face recognition software

There are two functions that have to be introduced:

1. Refresh function in records management.

This function allows customers to operate the software's refresh frequency and refresh switch very flexibly. More humanized and intelligent.

2. Mail sending functions

With the increase of the epidemic situation, most of the people on the market now have face machines with temperature measurement functions. During high temperature alarms, if you stand in front of the device, you can see the alarm, but the management or designated personnel have not seen the software. Under the circumstances, how to quickly know that there are people with high temperature appears, this function becomes particularly important. 

The realization of the function has the following steps:

➢Enter the sender of the email, you can customize the email address from which the email is sent, and you need to find the authorization code in the mailbox to enable the mailbox to send emails.

➢Fill in the email address of the designated email recipient. If you add the administrator's email address when adding a person, you can directly check all the administrators. Reported.

➢ The content of the report received includes the picture, name, high temperature and equipment.


TGW face recognition cloud software BS architecture: temperature measurement face recognition terminal software High temperature mail delivery 6

TGW face recognition cloud software BS architecture: temperature measurement face recognition terminal software High temperature mail delivery 7

Facial Recognition high temerpature alarm testing video



The TGW face recognition software get great feedback from customers.

TGW's face software has been online for nearly two months and has been well received by foreign customers. One-click installation, simple operation, easy to understand the function of the software. Friendly to use. Of course, there will be defects in the software, we will collect more customer opinions to modify, so as to be perfect.

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