lpr parking system

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Lpr parking system

Basic and Additional Components of Lpr Parking System


Although LPR Parking system has been widely applied, but many people may still do not understand the components of system, especially some standard function configuration. If you don’t know  the system configuration of the parking lot, you will be unable to choose a better LPR parking system solution. Below is a brief introduction for you to learn some standard configuration and additional configuration of an LPR parking system.

LPR Parking system is generally composed of three parts: entrance equipment, exit equipment and management center

The entrance equipment generally includes ticket box, IC/ID card reading system, access control, ground sensor coil, vehicle detector, voice broadcast system, automatic card issuing system, intercom system, power supply;

The exit device is similar to the entrance device, but there is no automatic card issuing system at the entrance. Because our equipment can realize the offline charging function, there is a gate control system at the exit.

The management center is the main facility for keeping records in the parking system. It mainly includes management computers, management software and card issuers.

Of course, Above is the simplest LPR parking system. Nowadays due to the increase of people's needs on parking, and in order to be able to provide safer and more convenient parking mode, people increase a lot of new features to LPR parking system, such as image contrast, license plate automatic recognition, etc., to increase the function of image contrasting, we will need a camera, light, and U clamp fixed to the equipment, stents, pillar these devices, but these are optional according to customer requirements.

In addition, we know that the current intelligent parking system also includes parking guidance, reverse car search, self-service payment, mobile phone inquiry, parking space reservation, mobile payment, etc., so according to the different requirements of customers, we provide customers with high, medium and low-end equipment as a professional parking system manufacturers.

Some common sense you need to know before installing an LPR parking system

LPR Parking system is the best partner for managing vehicles in the parking lot. It is also the right-hand man of the parking lot management staff. It is a necessity in almost every parking lot. Below are a few things you should know before installing an LPR parking system

1.we should build different LPR parking system management mode according to the different size of the parking lot. There are several alternative modes, such as the mode designed for bluetooth remote reading card system and automatic license plate number recognition, But anyway, we should choose an LPR parking system with a stable performance.

2. We determine the size of the safety island According to the width of the parking lot entrance.

3, with the development of technology, parking charge system functions are also constantly updating, in order to satisfy people, we must choose LPR parking system which can be expanded, in order to convenient subsequent equipment upgrading, we must choose system providers with research and development ability.

4. In order to ensure the stable operation of the equipment in the subsequent process, the performance of each part of the LPR parking system must be stable.

5. The LPR parking system shall be simple enough to install and enough convenient to debug. Meanwhile, the performance of the parking system should not be depending on the external environment.

Intelligent parking lot system plays an irreplaceable role in the parking lot, so ensuring the stable performance of the equipment for parking lot management is very important.

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