How to purchase auto parking system

2021-02-02 18:47:39

Auto parking system

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Auto parking system is an important part of parking lot. Its essential function is to facilitate parking.The management effect depends on the functions of the selected parking lot auto parking system. It is particularly important to learn about  the specific parameters before purchasing a parking lot management system,so that we can select the corresponding parking lot management system according to the on-site environment of the parking lot.

According to the different functions of the parking management system, the functional parameters we refer to in the selection are also different.For the card-swiping parking system ,people may pay more attention to the capacity of CARDS in the ticket box, the type of supporting CARDS, the distance of card reading and whether it supports voice prompts, intercom and other functions, while for the software part, people may pay more attention to the subsequent equipment upgrade.There are two kinds of card-free auto parking system: one is bluetooth remote reading card, and the other is license plate recognition.For the bluetooth long-distance card-reading auto parking system, the recognition of distance and range, the offline storage of the device and the upgrade of the hardware program are related to the performance of the device.License plate recognition system, as the most popular at present, we pay more attention to its recognition rate , while the recognition rate related to the performance of hd video camera, it also related to the installation equipment itself at the same time, in addition, the outside world are in a condition of insufficient light conditions, the effect of fill light has a great influence on the recognition rate, recognition rate is also one of the main factors to judge the quality of auto parking  system .

After learning detailed some important functional parameters of the auto parking management system, we can know what type of parking management system is suitable for use so that we can purchase the right equipment we want.


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