Temperature Measurement Face Recognition Terminal: Things You May Want to Know

Temperature Measurement Face Recognition Terminal: Things You May Want to Know

On this page, you can find quality content focused on temperature measurement face recognition terminal. You can also get the latest products and articles that are related to temperature measurement face recognition terminal for free. If you have any questions or want to get more information on temperature measurement face recognition terminal, please feel free to contact us.

Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd has made a lot of effort in differentiating its temperature measurement face recognition terminal from competitors. Through continually perfecting the materials selection system, only the finest and most appropriate materials are applied to manufacture the product. Our innovative R&D team has made achievement in enhancing the aesthetic appearance and functionality of the product. The product is popular in the global market and believed to have a wider market application in the future.TGW products continue to dominate in the market. According to our sales data, these products have generated robust sales growth each year, especially in such regions like Europe, Southeast Asia, and North America. Although the large percentage of our sales is brought by our repeat customers, the number of our new customers is also increasing steadily. Our brand awareness has been significantly raised thanks to the increasing popularity of these products.At TGW Technology, we adhere to the service-oriented approach. The series products of temperature measurement face recognition terminal are flexibly customized in various styles. We can provide samples free for your evaluation and comment. We, by no means, let you experience the undesirable services.
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  • Temperature detection face recognition device for Chile WalMart
      Project Backgound: · WalMart Miraflores,Chile · Check the temperature of customers who come in and out · Global epidemic of COVID-19     Project Requirements:  ·32 pcs temperature face recognition device with stands  ·Entry and Exit by face recognition device   Project Strength: · Ensure the normal temperature of the people in and out of the supermarket · Realize the rapid passage of entrances and exits · Save face and body temperature information, if there is a high temperature patient, it can be tracked in time · Count the number of people in and out · Contactless and better management of supermarket
  • Temperature measurement face recognition terminal-Singapore project 1
    Project background: The customer needs to measure the body temperature of visitors entering and leaving the car sales service 4S shop.   During the COVID-19, in some places with a large number of visitors, the use of a temperature-measuring face recognition machine can avoid close contact   Project scale: Car sales service 4S shop in Singapore     Project equipment: 20 pcs temperature measuring facial machines with stand.   Project advantages: The face recognition temperature measurement terminal has fast speed and no risk of infection, reduces the workload of epidemic prevention and control personnel, improves inspection and passage efficiency, helps quickly detect and locks people with abnormal body temperature, and prevents the virus from spreading through people.
  • TGW Temperature Measurement Face Recognition Terminal Using Case in Korea
    Project Background: The customer need to take body temperature measurements for visitors entering and leaving the bank. During COVID-19, it is important to measure the body temperature and find people with high temperatures to prevent the spread of infection.    Project Scale: Used in a Korean bank   Project Equipment: 25 pcs temperature measuring face machines with stands.  Project Strength: The customer install temperature measuring facial recognition machines at the bank's import and export and other places to measure the temperature of personnel in the bank. Both workers and outsiders can be effectively verified, which perfectly shortens the time for visitors to measuring temperature, and makes it more convenient for personnel management. Customers can use it with turnstile gates to realize management integration.  
  • TGW face recognition cloud software BS architecture: temperature measurement face recognition terminal software High temperature mail delivery
    TigerWong face recognition cloud software BS architecture :Cloud big data face recognition software by:Shenzhen TigerWong Technology Co.,Ltd
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