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Wholesale Reading Enterprise Parking Solutions TGW Brand 1
Wholesale Reading Enterprise Parking Solutions TGW Brand 2
Wholesale Reading Enterprise Parking Solutions TGW Brand 3
Wholesale Reading Enterprise Parking Solutions TGW Brand 4
Wholesale Reading Enterprise Parking Solutions TGW Brand 5
Wholesale Reading Enterprise Parking Solutions TGW Brand 6
Wholesale Reading Enterprise Parking Solutions TGW Brand 7

Wholesale Reading Enterprise Parking Solutions TGW Brand

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Company Advantages

1. TGW automatic license plate reader is manufactured by adopting L-RTM (Light – Resin Transfer Molding) technology that has been the first choice in the water parks industry.

2. TGW face recognition temperature measurement terminal is carried out by our professional designers who keep up with customers' requirements relating to the uniqueness of visual appearance and the care of perfectly finished elements.

3. TGW SPEED LANE GATE is manufactured by our production team using multi-colored elements and manual techniques. This method allows the team to control the quality at every stage of production.

4. TGW Artificial intelligence technology promotes the development of security industry (access control has passed through a complete and complex processing procedure which includes materials inspections, performance testing, surface treatment, and dimensioning. These procedures meet the requirements of the sanitary ware industry.

5. The product is highly hard-wearing. It is made of abrasion-resistant materials that enable it to withstand harsh wearing conditions.

6. The product has good air permeability. Its materials have multiple open cells that help ventilate to allow moisture and sweat to permeate out.

7. This product is reputable for its stress or load-bearing capacity. It is not likely yo be out of shape when imposed with heavy load or weight.

8. The product makes sure people's feet stay healthy and safe from rocks, glass, and sharp objects when people are walking.

9. Wow, this shoe is great! It has just enough lift, offers great support, and is really cushioned. - One of our customers said.

10. The size fits perfectly! Barely noticeable and surprisingly comfortable. Every one would even tell you're wearing them! - Said one of our customers.

11. This product fits my feet well, suits my activity type. It is appropriate for any problems with my feet and helps protect my feet, legs, and joints. - Said one of our customers.

What is self-service payment machine

The self-service parking payment system of the parking lot parking self-service central payment machine is a terminal device used for cash and interconnection payment in the 24-hour smart parking lot. On the basis of the realized mobile payment function, the cash self-service payment terminal completes the unattended solution. The product integrates parking payment and advertising carousel. By connecting to the original smart entrance camera back-end network, the back-end data is obtained and smarter self-service is provided. Car owners who need to pay in cash can pay for temporary cars through the cash self-service payment terminal. Suitable for subway stations, railway stations, bus stations, hospitals, parking lots, and large shopping malls.


Hardware part introdution


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Parking self-payment machine sets payment and plane advertising all in one and provides convenient self-service through data network and system back-stage.

The system function includes bank card , QR code payment,cash and paper money charge, coin change, receipt print , LCD touch, IC/ID card reading and writing etc., easy to operate and achieve unattended intelligent charge,especially for large parking lot management system, it can greatly increase the traffic of export vehicles,reduce staff and efficiency.


Self service payment working process


Processing:Input vehicle number  -  click query  - display vehicle entrance image - click details  -Show the entrance time and payment amount  -confirm to pay(cash,QR code,bank card).



alpr RFID autopay processing.jpg


Parking self-service payment machine application



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Parking Self-Service Payment Machine Extensible functions


1.Function customization

Can be customized according to the functions required by the customer, for example, whether it is necessary to support bank card payment.

2.Software programming

Can be programmed according to customer requirements for software functions.

3.Support for multiple currencies

Recognizes currencies of multiple countries, and currently recognizes US dollars, Euros, Canadian dollars and ect,.

4.Product appearance design

Depends on quantity,buyers are required to provide design drawings.

5.Customizable language

The language can be customized according to customer requirements.

Such as:Korean, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese and ect,.





Company Features

With years of development, Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd has become a qualified manufacturer in China, specializing in research, design, fabrication as well as sales of Custom Swing Gate. Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd works with clients from diverse industries in the design and manufacturing of Custom Swing Gate. We now have been a renowned manufacturer in China. Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd is an established Chinese company, specializing in development and manufacturing of Custom Swing Gate. Since its establishment, we have been active in the market.

Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd adopts high technology in the production of Custom Swing Gate to ensure high quality. High quality of Custom Swing Gate is produced in Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd's advanced production equipment. The quality of Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd is controlled by our sophisticated production equipment. As a high-tech enterprise, Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd has full capability in technology innovation. With scientific methods of technology, the quality of Custom Swing Gate is efficiently guarantee.

To embrace green production, we have adopted different plans. We will encourage reuse, recycle, and recovery of resources during production, which helps us decrease the amount of waste that ends up in the landfill. We have established the eco-efficiency program to upgrade our business. We will cut costs associated with energy, water, and waste usage while also reducing our environmental impact. We have made a lot of change that’s doing a lot of good for the environment. We have used products that reduce our reliance on natural resources, such as solar system, and adopted products that are manufactured with recycled materials. We have had a stellar record in promoting sustainability. During production, we have made progress in eliminating chemical discharges into waterways and have significantly increased energy efficiency. We have made plans on generating a positive impact on the environment. We will target the materials that can be recycled, identify the most suitable waste and recycling collection contractors so as to make the recycled materials to be processed for reuse.

Product Details

The enterprise parking solutions of TGW Technology is of excellent quality, and it is more remarkable to zoom in on the details.

Application of the Product

TGW Technology's enterprise parking solutions can be used in many industries.

TGW Technology is committed to producing quality and providing comprehensive and reasonable solutions for customers.

Product Comparison

The enterprise parking solutions mainly promoted by TGW Technology have been further improved in the past through the technical improvement, which is reflected in the following aspects.

Enterprise Advantages

Our company thinks highly of the introduction and cultivation of talents. In order to develop rapidly, we have a team of experienced and professional high-quality talents.

TGW Technology provides a full range of services, such as comprehensive product consultation and professional skills training.

Our development concept is 'being brave in innovation, daring to break through, managing in environmental friendly way'. We set our goal of building a safe, environmentally friendly and cost effective modern industrial development pattern, and always stick to the unity of economic and social benefits.

Since the establishment in our company has insisted on seeking survival by quality, and continuously improved our technical processes and product quality. Now, we have gained industry recognition with high-quality products.

We have a large and complete sales network. Therefore, some of the products have been exported overseas and they are very popular among overseas consumers.



  Model No.



  Steel plate 1.5mm


  18.5 inch capactitive touch screen





  Comunication interface





  220 v /110V±10%

  Work temperature


  Work humidity


  Supported payment

  Bank card,QR code,Barcode,Card,Note paper

  Supports parking system

  Credit card, Paper ticket,License plate recognition, 

  Entrance and exit QR code



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