TGW Brand Withdraw Cards Custom Tripod Turnstile Manufacturers 1
TGW Brand Withdraw Cards Custom Tripod Turnstile Manufacturers 2
TGW Brand Withdraw Cards Custom Tripod Turnstile Manufacturers 3
TGW Brand Withdraw Cards Custom Tripod Turnstile Manufacturers 1
TGW Brand Withdraw Cards Custom Tripod Turnstile Manufacturers 2
TGW Brand Withdraw Cards Custom Tripod Turnstile Manufacturers 3

TGW Brand Withdraw Cards Custom Tripod Turnstile Manufacturers

Press red button
Display screen:
One line display
Card collector:
Collect cards
Card dispenser:
Withdraw cards
Card reader:
Swipe cards

Company Advantages

1. In the production process, 品牌名称] building access control systems is strictly inspected. It has been scrutinized in terms of color shading, colorfastness, fabric weight, seam slippage, etc.

2. During the production, TGW entrance gate card access security system is under rigorous inspection and control. It is required to pass the eco-textile testing which means no azo colorants and heavy metals are included.

3. In order to meet the standards in the textile industry, TGW speedlane turnstile is produced under strict quality control. A number of quality control checks and tests such as size fitting, colorfastness, and color matte are carried out.

4. The product is environmentally friendly and is 100% recyclable. Meanwhile, it has a long service life, which means that it saves on material and production costs.

5. The product is expected to last up to 15 years with normal usage – six to eight hours a day. It does not burn out over time like halogens or incandescents, or lose any brightness.

6. The product has increased reliability including light quality and distribution and expected lifetime. It is the right choice for a specific application because of its energy efficiency.

7. With such a wide range of functions, together with its modern and simple design, it is loved by a majority of people.

8. The product will definitely bring comfort to people. It is considered as a good way to help people take the stress out of everyday fatigue.

9. With the advantage of no maintenance, it is definitely a must-have product for modern people. It saves people lots of time and energy.

10. With any doubt, this product brings much convenience for people. They are widely used in home and commercial places such as offices and hotels.

11. The product saves money by using less energy. It is an economic method for people to enjoy their life or work.

What is ticket dispenser solution?

Ticket dispenser is the key equipment of the parking lot management system, generally refers to the management equipment of cards and barriers in the parking lot charging management system or ticketing system.

The main components of the ticket box include voice output module, LED or LCD display module, card management module, main control module, vehicle detection module and power supply module. The ticket box is an indispensable part of the parking lot and other ticketing intelligence, and is widely used in the management of various vehicle passages.


Hardware part introduction 

TGW Brand Withdraw Cards Custom Tripod Turnstile Manufacturers 4

1. Unique manual release can stop the boom at any angle,  Auto-reset  when power on.

2. Bar can rise and fall on left/right sides by setting on the same machine.

3.One balance spring is suitable for all types of bars.

4. Unique remote controller, 3 buttons to control the barrier gate, safety  and easy using.

5. Support the external and internal VEHICLE LOOP DETECTOR (optional).

6. Machine core can automatically adapt to low temperature.


Software part introduction

TGW Brand Withdraw Cards Custom Tripod Turnstile Manufacturers 5TGW Brand Withdraw Cards Custom Tripod Turnstile Manufacturers 6

How does it work?                                                                                  Ticket Parking Composition

TGW Brand Withdraw Cards Custom Tripod Turnstile Manufacturers 7TGW Brand Withdraw Cards Custom Tripod Turnstile Manufacturers 8

Process description:


Push Button and pick up the ticket

Take the card and paste up it on the dispenser box to raise the barrier gate.

It must be waiting a minute that the barrier has alreadlly rose up.


The vehicle begin go through the barrier and entry parking.

Scan the ticket to exit.


Advantages of parking ticket dispenser

Advantages of parking lot entrance control ticket dispenser

* It can realize "one car one ticket".

* Intercom with the center and automatic counting and statistics function

* With Handheld scanner

* High-brightness LED Chinese characters are automatically displayed and turned over, and the remaining parking spaces are displayed

* Appearance size and color are optional

* Voice prompt, help intercom function


Company Features

Our business covers a wide range of FULL HEIGHT TURNSTILE GATE market concerning quality and services. TGW is growing rapidly into a leading FULL HEIGHT TURNSTILE GATE manufacturer for its FULL HEIGHT TURNSTILE GATE and FULL HEIGHT TURNSTILE GATE. Favoured by more customers, TGW has been taking the prominent place in FULL HEIGHT TURNSTILE GATE market. Enjoying the high reputation in FULL HEIGHT TURNSTILE GATE industry, TGW now takes the lead in this market.

Our company has some of the world's leading researchers in the FULL HEIGHT TURNSTILE GATE field. Our company is internationally well-known because of the technology strength. The new technology has been applied to the production of FULL HEIGHT TURNSTILE GATE.

Product innovation is the soul of TGW. TGW ​aims to improve the quality of life of customers. Customer satisfaction is the highest goal of Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd.

Product Details

tripod turnstile manufacturers's details are presented to you in the following section.

Application of the Product

The tripod turnstile manufacturers produced by our company is widely recognized by customers and widely used in field.

TGW Technology insists on providing customers with comprehensive solutions based on their actual needs, so as to help them achieve long-term success.

Product Comparison

The tripod turnstile manufacturers of TGW Technology has the following advantages, compared with similar products in the market.

Enterprise Advantages

Our company has strong technical strength. We have many practical business experts, experienced technical experts and senior management experts. It provide technical support for our product development and innovation.

TGW Technology provides comprehensive, thoughtful and quality services with quality products and sincerity.

Based on the responsible and honest manner, our company insists on providing customers with quality products and services, and it is also the reflection for our business philosophy. Meanwhile, we practice the core value of 'pragmatic and diligent, pioneering and innovative' to achieve mutual benefit with customers.

TGW Technology, built in has been engaged in the industry for years. Under the leadership of the founder's wisdom, all the members have come all the way, and accumulated rich experience. It lays a foundation for our current achievements.

We sell our products well in the domestic market and also export to foreign market. And our products have won the unanimous praises and recognition of domestic and foreign customers.


Model No.






Parking lot,car washing.,etc


TCP.IP ports, Power supply ports

Hardware configurations

Ticket dispenser: 1 pc

Display part: 1 lines dispaly and control board

Ticket port: 1pc

Technical SpecifiTcation

Cabinet material

Iron plate metal 2.0





Card reader interface

Weigand 26/34



Communication Interface


Rated voltage

220v /110V±10%

Display size


Character Color


Working Tempreture


Working Humidity





File Name File size Date Download

Ticket Dispenser TGW-RF002


2019-11-04 Download
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