Where Is the Difficult Way to Park in the Hospital? Let's See How the Intelligent Parking Lot System

Nowadays, the problem of parking is becoming more and more serious. It is not only difficult for people to find parking spaces when they travel, but also difficult to get medical treatment. Many people complain that they have to wait in line for a long time when they come all the way to see a doctor, but they don't know where to put the car. Many people really can't help it. They are willing to violate the traffic law and have to park the car on the roadside, which often blocks the entrance to the hospital. So, how to solve the problem of hospital parking? Next, tiger Wong Xiaobian gives a little advice. Let's have a look.

Where Is the Difficult Way to Park in the Hospital? Let's See How the Intelligent Parking Lot System 1

There are many reasons for the difficulty of parking in large hospitals: first, for a long time, the focus of hospital capital construction is the construction of outpatient building, inpatient building, office building and other buildings, and the planning of hospital parking system lags behind the trend of economic and social development. Second, with the improvement of residents' attention to physical health, regardless of major and minor diseases, as long as conditions permit, they believe in the treatment level of large hospitals, resulting in the increase of patients in large hospitals year by year and the sharp increase of vehicles. Third, the parking management measures are not perfect, the parking of medical staff vehicles, patient vehicles and foreign personnel vehicles are mixed, and the motor vehicles are not separated from bicycles, resulting in the disorder of traffic organization and the randomness of parking. So, where is the way to solve the difficulty of hospital parking? Tigerwong Xiaobian's suggestions: first, increase government support. As the main medical institution in the region, large hospitals undertake important treatment tasks.

It is difficult to solve this problem by their own ability. In view of the current situation of high construction cost and low investment recovery rate of parking lot, it is suggested that governments at all levels issue preferential policies to transform some ancillary facilities around large hospitals into parking lots, or jointly build parking lots with living quarters around hospitals, so as to ensure that there is appropriate profit space for investment in public parking lots around large hospitals. II. Improve the medical public transport system. The transportation department shall actively establish a special bus line for the medical system, select the departure point near each large parking lot in the city, and the stop station is mainly the bus station at the gate of each large hospital, and do not stop at the station irrelevant to the hospital during the driving, and strengthen publicity to make it convenient for the people to understand the driving route and boarding and alighting points. III. dredge the traffic around the hospital. The traffic police department shall improve the traffic sign line around the large hospital, set up a parking guidance system to guide the orderly parking of vehicles.

According to local conditions, special up and down berths for taxis shall be added. It is stipulated that taxis must park at the special spaces for waiting passengers, and non taxis are prohibited to park. At the same time, strengthen traffic patrol management and make full use of mobile electronic police to shoot vehicles that are not parked according to regulations. IV. reduce the pressure of large hospitals. The health department should publicize and guide patients to go to the community for minor diseases, expand the community drug catalogue, tilt towards the community medical expenses when formulating the medical expense reimbursement policy, and improve the medical service level of community doctors, so as to make patients willing and assured to go to the community hospital for medical treatment, so as to improve the current situation of overcrowding in large hospitals and few community hospitals.

V. give full play to the role of the hospital. The experience of Chongqing can be used for reference. Large hospitals advocate that employees park outside the hospital and give appropriate parking subsidies to employees. The hospital has set aside a part of parking spaces for hospital personnel on duty and emergency vehicles, and the rest of the parking spaces are given to patients. Staff vehicles without parking signs are not allowed to park in the hospital, so as to expand the parking space of social vehicles to a certain extent. Vi. scientifically plan new hospitals. The planning department shall uniformly formulate the construction standards for new and expanded hospital parking lots according to the local living standards and medical standards, promote the construction and use of underground parking lots and three-dimensional parking garages, and adjust them regularly with the development of society.

Where Is the Difficult Way to Park in the Hospital? Let's See How the Intelligent Parking Lot System 2

New large hospitals should be diverted to the suburbs of the city, which can balance the distribution of medical resources on the one hand, and effectively prevent and alleviate the traffic congestion of large hospitals on the other hand. With the rapid development of economy and society and the continuous improvement of residents' ability to buy cars, the rapid development of motor vehicles is in great contrast to the relative lag in the construction of parking lots and parking spaces. The contradiction between people, vehicles and roads is becoming increasingly prominent. The difficulty of parking has become a common phenomenon in society. It is urgent to solve the problem of parking.

Parking lot management is also a very important link, Of course, policies alone are not enough. We also need people's daily active cooperation to build the beautiful scene of intelligent transportation faster. Tigerwong parking equipment supplier has focused on parking equipment for many years! If you have any questions about the parking system, welcome to consult and communicate.

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