What Fields Is Face Recognition Device Applied In?

Face recognition device has been widely found its applications in the industry because of its fine properties. It not only has the preeminent characteristics but also has significant economic benefits. TGW Technology engages with prospects by positioning the right products and services.

What Fields Is Face Recognition Device Applied In? 1

TGW Technology has grown into one of the leading manufacturing specialists in China. Moreover, we make required changes in face recognition device in order to match with the latest development of the industry. face recognition device innovated by Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd is highly marketable in world markets.

What Fields Is Face Recognition Device Applied In? 2

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1. How about the application prospect of face recognition device?

It is still under research. Most face recognition device makers are carrying out R&D to create new applications. This may take a definite period. The present application is relatively broad in the world. It enjoys high standing among users. The program prospect is still promising. The investment made by producers as well as the feedback offered by purchasers and users will contribute to this.

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Thane Municipal Corporation:  Face Recognition Device to Mark Attendance of Thane Municipal Corporat
Thane Municipal Corporation: Face Recognition Device to Mark Attendance of Thane Municipal Corporat
THANE: The Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) is planning a face recognition device as part of the biometric attendance system to ensure better accountability of civic officials. If sources are to be believed, then the TMC will be the first civic body to install this kind of technology in its day-to-day functioning. The decision comes on the backdrop of various complaints of manipulation in the thumb biometric machine among civic officials of various rankings. The installation will take place in two phases. The civic body has invited bids for the same and the system may be installed in December, said a TMC source. The budget for this face recognition attendance system is pegged at around Rs 10 lakh. -Nishikant Karlikar The face recognition biometric attendance systems will keep track of the entry and exit time of every employee, and will help to mitigate false attendance or tampering the thumb machines. In the first phase, 17 units will be installed at the TMC headquarters in Panchpakhadi and the nine ward offices. If it is successful, other civic buildings will also install the machines. The new system aims at registering the attendance of TMC employees with face recognition devices. This is expected to improve delivery of various services to offices having public interface. A TMC source said, "Presently, the TMC thumb biometric machines installed in various departments of TMC to register the daily attendance however, it has come to our notice that the present system of thumb impression has been tampered by some of the employees and has been misused hence, the decision of installing the face recognition devices had been taken up." The TMC has also invited bids who will help them to install the system that will capture the images of the employees along with the other related software that will unable to bring in transparency in the working of TMC. The TMC is technical specification which shall have face recognition based attendance machines with Sim connectivity in addition to the attendance mgmt. software with installation, configuration & support. Once the system is installed, any staff member who comes in front of the machine the device collects and consolidates data and recognises the retina of eye and face structure and marks the attendance. The source added that the device will be sim based and will be complete wireless connectivity this will unable the civic staff to carry it anywhere in their building and there will be cent percent accuracy. Also, there shall be three years comprehensive warranty on the technology which will be with the service provider. The budget of the implementation shall be roughly around Rs 10 lakh and could possibly be installed in the month of December. Download The Times of India News App for Latest City .
Temperature face recognition terminal :Multi language high class temperature measurement face recognition device
Temperature face recognition terminal :Multi language high class temperature measurement face recognition device
Temperature Measurement Face Recognition Terminalsby:Shenzhen TGW Technology Co.,LtdMinority Language Version Temperature Measuring Face Recognition MachineAs the COVID-19 started a global outbreak, in order to combat the epidemic, countries will of course inevitably have strict screening and detection measures, especially body temperature testing, to protect and isolate suspected persons with high body temperature, and how to quickly carry out mobile personnel. Body temperature screening is a very urgent need. Therefore, Shenzhen TigerWong has adopted a new language version of the temperature-recognition face recognition terminal to cope with the Coronavirus and make good defense needs.Advantages of temperature measurement facial recognitionAt present, our temperature measuring face recognition machine supports broadcasting in the following languages: English, Korean, Japanese, the management software also supports multiple languages, and currently supports simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, Korean, and Russian. The parameters of tempearture screenerAt present, the small language version of the temperature measurement face recognition terminal can cooperate with the background software to achieve the following functions:1. Recognizable with mask2. High temperature alarm3. English, Korean, Japanese voice broadcast4. The software interface language can be set Korean language voice broadcasting testing video  The features of facial recognition device with test temperature The face recognition temperature measurement terminal adds a temperature-measuring chip to the conventional face recognition machine. The chip uses the chip to convert the radiant energy of the infrared radiation emitted by the object into an electrical signal. The size of the infrared radiation energy is related to the temperature of the object itself. Correspondingly, according to the size of the converted electrical signal, the temperature of the object can be determined. Applications of Temperature Facial Recognition EquipmentThe face recognition infrared temperature measurement terminal can be widely used in public places, companies, schools, factories and other places. It can measure the temperature of internal and external personnel. It can be installed on the gate, and also can set facial&temperature verification to reject abnormal access. Voice broadcast body temperature and alarm when body temperature is too high, to better respond to COVID-19.
Touch Screen Temperature face recognition terminal :High class temperature measurement face recognition device
Touch Screen Temperature face recognition terminal :High class temperature measurement face recognition device
Touch Screen Temperature Measurement Face Recognition Terminalsby:Shenzhen TGW Technology Co.,LtdMinority Language Version Temperature Measuring Face Recognition MachineShenzhen Tigerwong Technology Co., Ltd. is the world's leading provider of access control solutions for intelligent parking systems, license plate recognition systems, and flow control schemes. It is the pioneer of domestic license plate recognition systems and the first batch to develop and use license plate recognition systems.At the same time, it has a professional technical team and its own factory, and is committed to promoting the best solution for temperature-controlled face recognitionInstroduction of temperature measurement facial recognitionThe temperature-measuring face recognition terminal detects the real-time temperature of the human body at the same time when verifying the face information, and uploads the real-time temperature information of the human body to the database in real time for storage in and out of flow. Combination of recognition methods: face recognition, face recognition + body temperature, body temperature. It can be used alone as a temperature-measuring face recognition terminal device and can be used as an attendance machine. Used in conjunction with access control equipment as a main control and identification terminal. Used in conjunction with gate channel equipment as a main control and identification terminal. The temperature measuring face recognition terminal is suitable for places where non-fixed people such as schools, shopping malls, enterprises and institutions, office halls, business halls, etc. need to pass quickly and are unattended or semi-unattended.The parameters of tempearture screener Basic parameters:➢8 inch HD face recognition attendance + access control + temperature terminal➢Precise temperature measurement, fast and efficient➢ High-definition beauty display, smooth experience, simple and easy to use➢Update frequency of body temperature image: 6Hz➢Target temperature: -20 ℃ ~ + 300 ℃➢ 32 ×32 points real-time temperature output➢ With image correction and image processing functions➢ The image scanning method is electronic scanning without moving parts➢ Measuring distance 0.5 meters Facial Recognition voice broadcasting testing video  The non-contact fever screening access control controller can realize rapid preliminary temperature screening of the crowd.In terms of epidemic prevention, we have actively improved and upgraded the original technical solutions, especially upgraded iterative face recognition technology and automatic infrared face temperature measurement technology. On the basis of face recognition, the temperature of the person's forehead can be accurately identified, and an abnormal temperature can be alarmed. The device can automatically save face capture pictures, temperature records, access time records, identity information, etc.At the same time, we have made breakthroughs based on the original technology. We can not only find people who do not wear masks, but also achieve high-precision face recognition when wearing masks. Fever screeningQuick, non-contact surface temperature measurement within 1 second to avoid cross infectionAccuracy: ±0.4℃Effective distance: 0.3-0.5 metersVoice alarm in case of abnormal temperatureFace + temperature verification to deny abnormal access(The following functions can only be used on Internet platforms)Warning test for administratorsReal-time lists, charts and reportsData SDK for other applications or platforms Face recognition temperature measurement terminal combined with gate applicationThe face recognition temperature measurement terminal is used in conjunction with the gate. As long as the entering personnel meet both "normal body temperature" and "passing identification verification", the gate will open, reducing the workload of the epidemic prevention and control personnel and improving the inspection and passage efficiency. The face recognition temperature measurement terminal is used in public places with dense personnel such as stations, factories, parks, schools, etc., which helps quickly identify and lock out persons with abnormal body temperature and prevent the spread of viruses through personnel.
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