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At present, as the forefront of the reform and development of license plate recognition system. Gaoyou Economic Development Zone has formed five industrial patterns: metallurgical machinery, photovoltaic energy storage, electronics and electricity, life health, textile and clothing, and has characteristic parks such as optical storage and charging Industrial Park, automobile and auto parts Industrial Park, electronic information industrial park, life health industrial park, qingshuitan Tourism Holiday Zone and so on. In order to adhere to the increment driven, stock driven and increase the total amount, Gaoyou Economic Development Zone launched the "total economic breakthrough" project, adding greater high-quality kinetic energy to high-quality development. Attract well-known battery leading enterprises to jointly invest and restructure with existing enterprises to promote the breakthrough of industrial carrier. Focus on building a 2 square kilometer Eastern Industrial New Area and a 1 square kilometer northern industrial concentration area.

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Expand the carrier of energy industry. Introduce more than 10 science and technology service institutions, cooperate with Yangtze River group to establish venture capital funds, and focus on cultivating high-tech enterprises and scientific and technological innovation projects. The district's science and technology industry complex has been approved as a national incubator, becoming the first and only national science and technology incubator in Gaoyou city. The Gaoyou base of the provincial food and drug supervision and training center was fully completed and put into operation, and was recognized as a major project of the provincial modern service industry. In 2017, there were 19 high-tech enterprises in the zone, creating 3 provincial demonstration pilot enterprises of "integration of industrialization and industrialization", 4 provincial service-oriented manufacturing demonstration enterprises and 5 "specialized and special new" enterprises in Yangzhou.

Jointly build the park with Bosideng Co., Ltd., establish Bosideng Gaoyou Industrial Park, take Gaoyou Battery Industrial Park as the co construction carrier, implement the strategy of "two parks in one and integrated development", rely on photovoltaic new energy and other characteristic industries, attract 27 key projects, and complete and put into operation 21. Last year, the total economic output of the park reached 13.011 billion yuan, an increase of 26.4%. In addition, Bosideng Co., Ltd. also invested in four enterprises and related supporting projects such as Garment Co., Ltd. Focus on key industries and strategic emerging industries, and promote breakthroughs in attracting investment. Highlight the big and strong. We will innovate the mode of investment attraction, and gather large and good projects with large volume, high quality, high level and good prospects from time to time., Focus on attracting foreign investment, vigorously attract multinational corporations and foreign-funded famous enterprises, and plan to build a Sino foreign jointly built industrial park. Around the characteristics and key industries, attract large projects of more than 1 billion yuan, and gather a number of high-quality projects with explosive force, power and impact. Highlight the investment attraction of foreign-funded enterprises and promote new breakthroughs in foreign investment attraction and foreign capital arrival. This year, 15 projects worth more than 100 million yuan were newly signed, including 3 foreign-funded projects such as cadmium telluride thin film battery project with an investment of 206 million US dollars, liquid crystal panel project with an investment of 70 million US dollars and module project with an investment of 37 million US dollars; There are 12 private funded projects, including 8 projects with a total investment of more than 1 billion yuan and 4 projects with a total investment of more than 100 million yuan.

Focus on breakthroughs in quantity and quality, promotion speed and support, and promote breakthroughs in major projects. We will always pay close attention to the construction of major projects. Promote the construction of major projects to improve quality and increment. In recent years, a total of 65 major projects of more than 100 million yuan have been signed, including 28 major projects of more than 1 billion yuan. A number of major projects such as Jingying photoelectric, risler aluminum rod, Derun photovoltaic, KangBo photovoltaic module and Derun auto parts have been settled successively.

A number of major projects such as Guoxin gas power generation, daojue new energy vehicle, Zhenyou medium plate and daika wheel hub have been completed and put into operation, which not only plays a main supporting role in the construction of major projects in the city, but also provides a source of development momentum for the economic development of the whole region. Since the beginning of this year, there have been 6 major projects in Yangzhou, such as the newly started Fengfan automobile battery project, 4 projects in Gaoyou district with an assessment of 100 million yuan, 4 major projects in Yangzhou, such as the newly completed Jingying polysilicon ingot chip issued by Gaoyou City, and 3 projects with an assessment of 100 million yuan. 15 projects such as expansion of KangBo polysilicon production have been put into operation and achieved results. If the industry prospers, the park prospers. Gaoyou Economic Development Zone adheres to the direction of high-end, intelligent, cluster and green. Industry is the lifeblood of the development zone.

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Implement the "transformation, upgrading and quality improvement" project, plan a new development orientation of 1 2 industry with optical storage and charging (including semiconductor) industry as the leading industry, build a complete photovoltaic industry chain, introduce new energy storage industry projects with higher scientific and technological content and more advanced technology, such as cadmium telluride thin film batteries, and simultaneously take charging as an extension of photovoltaic energy storage industry, Build a new development pattern dominated by emerging industries, supported by characteristic industries and led by high-end industries. The incentive policy for supporting and encouraging scientific and technological innovation and talent development was issued, and a special fund of 10 million yuan was allocated every year to support enterprises to improve their independent innovation ability. Actively cultivate high-tech industries and pay attention to industrial development and innovation. Vigorously implement the strategy of innovation driven and talent rejuvenating the district. Promote the construction of scientific and technological innovation carriers.

At present, 8 provincial high-tech enterprises have been cultivated and put into storage, and 17 national high-tech enterprises have been declared. The license plate recognition system vigorously strengthened the role of policy guidance, and spent more than 4.2 million yuan on the special support fund for scientific and technological innovation and talent development. Further promote industry university research cooperation, promote 17 enterprises in the region to establish school enterprise alliance with Electrical Engineering Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Harbin University of technology and other universities and scientific research institutes, and reach 10 technology development contracts with a contract amount of 4.5 million yuan. 17 R & D platforms and technology centers above the provincial level have been built, including 3 enterprise academician workstations at the provincial level and above, 3 postdoctoral research workstations and 11 engineering technology research centers. Oulite energy has been approved as a national postdoctoral workstation, and 5 enterprises such as Dow Jue new energy have been approved as provincial graduate workstations. 979 patent applications were completed and 361 patents were authorized. A series of policy documents have been issued to encourage enterprise transformation and development, scientific and technological innovation and talent development, cultivation and upgrading of high-tech enterprises and technological transformation of enterprises.

This year, we will focus on industrial transformation and upgrading. Focus on four improvements: enterprise cultivation, scientific and technological innovation, capital grafting, revitalization and reorganization. Gaoyou city took the lead in issuing policy opinions to promote the high-quality development of industrial economy, and made every effort to build a policy highland. We vigorously promoted the reorganization and integration of enterprises, and successfully realized the acquisition and reorganization of Meifeng lighting by Chuanyi technology, Yilin aluminum by Jingying optoelectronics, and the reorganization and cooperation of Fengfan with Fuwei energy and Nantong ward with Tongke battery.,. We will further promote the enterprise cultivation project of "10 billion aircraft carriers and 1 billion square array", introduce the cultivation policy of key enterprises with more than 1 billion yuan, and strive to cultivate one 10 billion enterprise, two 5 billion enterprises and more than 10 1 billion enterprises. Focus on building a 10 billion giant of Qinyou special steel, 8 enterprises with more than 500 million yuan and 2 billion yuan, and strive to exceed 100 industrial enterprises above designated size.

Promote the industry to be special, excellent and strong, and pay attention to the cultivation of industrial characteristics. Highlight the characteristic leading industries of optical storage and charging and emerging industries such as life and health and high-end equipment manufacturing. Focus on building a competitive and well-known characteristic industrial cluster, improve the development level of industrial manufacturing, and build a high-quality industrial system. Focus on cultivating a strong optical storage and charging industry. Relying on the planned 4 square kilometers optical storage and charging Industrial Park, enlarge the brand benefits of the provincial characteristic industrial base of high-performance batteries, accelerate the agglomeration of high-quality and high-efficiency industrial projects such as photovoltaic cells, energy storage batteries and charging equipment, comprehensively promote the supplement and expansion of the industrial chain, and accelerate the construction of a complete industrial chain of optical storage.

Focusing on the life and health industry, focus on the development of medical device industry, take into account industrial projects such as biopharmaceutical and food testing, accelerate the construction of life and Health Industrial Park, and promote the health industry to be large-scale, large-scale and brand. Focusing on the upstream and downstream industries of a number of key enterprises such as risler high-end aluminum rod and Qinyou special steel ductile iron casting, focus on the industrial direction of new energy vehicles, robots and high-end equipment manufacturing, introduce a number of major industrial projects with explosive and impact, build a high-end equipment manufacturing industrial park, and make it an industrial body with an annual invoice of more than 20 billion yuan, It has comprehensively improved the overall level of equipment manufacturing industry in the region.

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