Car Park System: a Review of Smart Parking System and Its Technology

While the inductive loop detector has its advantages, it is not without flaw as it is expensive to maintain (Mouskos et al., 2007). Not only does it require multiple detectors to monitor a specific location, the Wire loops subjected to wear and tear due to stresses of traffic and temperature. Detection accuracy would also be compromised when design requires detection of a large variety of vehicle classes. While it is mentioned by Mimbela and Klein, 2007 that it is insensitive to weather condition such as rain, fog and snow, Mouskos et al., 2007 has stated that the sensors are sensitive to element such as water, especially if the pavement is cracked.

Car Park System: a Review of Smart Parking System and Its Technology 1

what are some suggestions for a sustainable development for a rain forest?

Agroforestry - combination of agriculture and timber/ tree crop production to maintain the needs of the farmer while replicating the natural rainforest environment, therefore keeping the flow of nutrients from tree to soil, and preventing soil erosion

Rain comes in my closet when I get torrential rains but my roofer can't find the problem. Can anybody help?

call a different roofer

Car Park System: a Review of Smart Parking System and Its Technology 2

Car wont start after driving in rain?

i would not shop attempting to commence it bec it sounds like you've gotten the wiring or plug connections or ignition device moist.also examine the air clear out, go via any connectors or connections that plug in and examine them for moister, plus i would make up a diagram and unplug the plug in connectors, and let them dry awhile with the hood open and doubtless if obtainable both out in the sunlight or in a heated storage etc. this is okay to attempt to commence it by a bump commence etc yet no longer at intense speeds. desire that facilitates and best of success

Is there a system that can be installed on a small home to capture rain, purify it, and used in the home.?

I have never heard of something like that before

i just got rain boots but i dont know where to get cute knee high socks to go with them. please help.?

It all depends where you live.....but here are some places you cud go to. 1.Kohl's 2.wal-mart 3.New Youk and company 4. Macy's HOPE i HELPED:d Plz anwser mine in eduaction and refernce and in words and wordplay

My laptop got wet in the rain while it was switched off. What do I need to do?

If you want to be absolutely sure that nothing will happen to it, do the following. It may be a little over the top, however, it's probably worth it to avoid any risk of damage. 1. Look up a tutorial online on how to disassemble your laptop. 2. While disassembling, put all of the screws you used on some masking tape, in the ORDER you took them out. 3. Take each component individually and cover them in rice. (I am serious here, rice is really effective at drying) If you happen to have some Silica gel, that would be better, but I am assuming you do not , and rice is also really effective. 4. Wait an hour or two. 5. Reassemble.

Where can I find cute Yellow (rubber) rain boots?

honestly walmart has some gorgeous ones they are generally on the very precise shelf of the turn flops and slippers... i grow to be notably very much shocked as quickly as I discovered them theyve have been given plaid and polkadots stripes and scribbles additionally rue21 might have some to

Buying a motorcycle and wondering what issues may arise out of starting/riding in cold/rain alot.Suggestions?

Yes. Wet pavement is slick and visibility is diminished (people wo not see you). Get a rain suit with reflective strips. If you are dry, sweats underneath will help keep you warm

pronto...babys in rain mom chickened inside can i put them in a cage?

Make her a nice warm comfortable "Queening Box" (cardboard box lined with either paper or clean rags) placed in a quiet (preferably dark) area in your garage away from where people are likely to be walking. Place a bowl of clean, fresh cool water next to it. Leave a quantity of cat food (a feral will eat just about anything) and see how it goes. Do not keep going to check on either the cat or the kittens. That is the very worst thing you can do. Just let her get used to the idea of having somewhere dry and safe to tend to her babies. Feral cats are actually quite good mothers. They tend to their kittens as best they can, given their circumstances. Food and fluids are what she needs right now. She is obviously lactating and needs to maintain her calorific content/food intake. Quiet is important for her Mothering regime. You would be surprised at just how quickly she will come to tolerate human 'company' in her domain. She should be all right in a day or two.

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