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Then the license plate recognition system shall notify the relevant departments for rectification; The door on the ground floor of the house was not closed during the off-duty period? There will be news pushed to the community property; Is there a group rent in the building? Streets and neighborhood committees will soon know. The parking space in the community is nearly saturated. The mobile phones of security guards get information to prevent foreign vehicles from entering and ensure the parking of residents in the community... Tianlin street, Xuhui District has an intelligent "brain" electronic "Xiangyang aunt" intelligent community platform "to strengthen and innovate social governance, so that AI can empower rural grass-roots party construction and improve work level. Since the municipal Party committee and the municipal government issued the "1 6 document" on further innovating social governance and strengthening grass-roots construction, Tianlin street in Xuhui District is a rural community dominated by large residential communities. The Party Working Committee of Tianlin street has shifted its focus to promoting "three public and one construction" such as grass-roots party construction, public service, public management and public safety Try to build a smart community platform and improve community management level through new technologies of big data and artificial intelligence with the help of information and scientific and technological means.

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The smart community project of Tianlin street was launched in the second half of 2017. The street Party Working Committee led the establishment of a smart community joint command center, which promoted the application of smart communities in 10 communities at the beginning of this year. The main function of smart communities is to promote "Three public and one construction" We will optimize Party organizations' overall planning and coordination of resources and closed-loop collaborative disposal, so as to improve the effectiveness of grass-roots social governance. Face recognition, vehicle micro bayonet, intelligent access control, intelligent shed and arc monitoring... At present, Tianlin community has deployed nearly 2000 neuron sensors in 10 categories. Different neural elements collect different data, and the mutual analysis, comparison and integration of data provide the basis for the whole work of the street Party Working Committee The scene style provides information support to master the situation of the jurisdiction and comprehensively solve problems to achieve the effect of 1 1 & gt; 2. The ear integrates 12345 petition, judicial and other platform data. On the large screen of the joint command center of Tianlin street smart community, there is a human bionic "brain" with "seeing six ways and listening to all directions" Ears, nose and eyes respectively represent listening to the voice of the masses, actively sniffing problems and actively discovering problems.

The nose summarizes street grid supervision, residential grid workstation, voluntary collection, micro reporting, etc., and the eyes can "See intelligent perception, equipment maintenance and other platforms. The integration of platform resources such as license plate recognition system breaks the barriers of administrative barriers and realizes the cross domain, cross regional and cross level power exchange under the unified leadership of Party organizations. This year, Tianlin Street's large survey summarized 4442 questions, which were realized by Xuhui District's" research cloud "information platform and the street's smart community platform "Seamless" connection. The intelligent platform analyzes and combs the nature of the problem and the progress of solution, especially through the judgment of keywords to automatically form a "list of key problems" In this way, the arrangement of funds and personnel has a partial focus, accurate analysis and focus on solving problems. Wang Dongliang, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Tianlin street, told reporters that in the past, the proportion of residents' complaints to problems found by the street was about 7:1. Now there is a smart "brain" of the smart community The number of problems that have been found and solved actively is far greater than the number of complaints.

Commander Dai Wenwei randomly opened an instant complaint, smart community command center. A lady Zhang called to reflect the property management problems in lane 414, Tianlin East Road. At this time, the "big brain" of the command center immediately "matched" from the three dimensions of address, personnel and type Study and judge the corresponding information and data: how many complaints from residents in lane 414, Tianlin East Road in three months, half a year and one year? If the number is relatively concentrated, it will be pushed to the cadres of the territorial neighborhood committee for attention; according to Ms. Zhang's call number, it is found that she has called six times this year to reflect the situation, including garbage classification, community management, etc., and the cadres of the neighborhood committee are also familiar with it We will communicate with her in time and listen to her opinions; whether Ms. Zhang's complaints are the type with relatively concentrated residents, so as to study and judge the historical situation of contradictions. The street party working committee can be keenly aware of the overall work situation of the region. Wang Dongliang said that through platform integration, data integration and force convergence, the street Party Working Committee has realized the overall use of platform resources and the connection between supply and demand, which has promoted all kinds of development The integration of social subjects makes all kinds of social forces wait for their lives, so that they can raise their arms and gather together.

The sense of security is the most concerned. A series of equipment such as access control perception, face perception and fire alarm are "embedded" Smart platform is for community residents. A large amount of data such as personnel access, face recognition and license plate recognition are integrated into the smart platform, and 17 application scenarios and corresponding solutions such as suspected group rent, elderly living alone service and abnormal access of special control personnel are established. After the system takes the initiative to judge, it is directly promoted to the corresponding staff. These are difficult to be achieved at one time in the radical mode The goal has become the normal daily operation of Tianlin smart community.

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Face and vehicle recognition systems are installed at the entrances and exits of the street pilot community. The real population is backed up in the database. Strangers entering the community will be recognized by the camera and enter the community for three consecutive days. The system will make an early warning push of strangers and inform new outsiders to enter the community. This is an invisible route Zhinao has played an important role in public security management against strangers and strange cars.

Tianlin No. 12 village, a typical old community in Shanghai, was built in 1985. With the passage of time, the community facilities are gradually aging, the night passage lights are dim, and theft cases occur frequently. In 2016, it was listed as a public security supervision and listing community by the comprehensive management office of Xuhui District. The party general manager of the residential community of No. 12 village Zhao Guoqing, the Secretary of the Party branch, said: after getting on the smart platform, the residents of twelve villages said that the community was not only "smart" but also safer. When the reporter interviewed at the smart community command center, an adverse alarm sounded suddenly. The large screen showed that the gate of No. 53, twelve villages was not closed.

This information was immediately pushed to the community property. After more than 10 minutes, it showed that the security guard closed the door, Zhao Guoqing told Ji For example, if the door is not closed, the property will reply whether it is man-made or non-human. If the equipment is damaged, the property maintenance personnel will come to the door for maintenance. If it is man-made, what is the reason for watching the video in the background? Zhao Guoqing said that there has been an opening of the anti-theft door on the ground floor of a door, the door was tied with a rope, and the platform has repeatedly called the police. When you come to the door, it turns out that a resident opened the family chess Card room.

A few days later, the urban management, police station, peace Office and other departments came to ban the family chess and card room. All the devices are equipped with real name electronic access control and face recognition system "double insurance" Three types of access cards, permanent, rental and temporary, were issued as needed. Twelve villages upgraded all 85 iron doors of buildings. The validity period ranged from one year to three months was set. The license plate recognition system platform could actively identify the inconsistency of people's cards. Once the number of swiping cards was abnormal, if the same card exceeded 10 times a day for three consecutive days, the platform actively pushed it to the cadres of the neighborhood committee.

Zhao Guoqing said , they will come to check whether there is group rent and solve the problem before the people complain. For the elderly over 80 who live alone, if they don't travel for two consecutive days, there will also be an early warning push. Once, the platform pushed an old man to go out and didn't go home. Only when they came to ask, did they know that the old man was hospitalized. In March this year, Tianlin 12 village, with 2078 households and more than 6000 residents, opened a campaign "Visible" Transformation: try "regular and fixed-point delivery" of garbage.

The access cards of 85 buildings are bound with residents one by one. Who threw the garbage? " It's clear from the background. At present, the amount of wet garbage in the twelve villages is 67 times higher than in the past, and 90% of the residents consciously classify it. The offline autonomy mode is copied to the online intelligent system, and the twelve villages. The original "cross appointment" mode of the three carriages in the residential area of the community "regular consultation and discussion system between the backbone of Party members and the leader of the building" As well as offline resource carriers such as materialized residential activity areas, they are embedded into online intelligent systems as a whole, enabling social forces with information and scientific and technological means, realizing the seamless connection between community police, property cadres, Party members and other community autonomous forces and the intelligent platform, one key push, and comprehensively improving the organizational power, centripetal force and mobilization power of Party organizations in residential areas.

Since the operation of the platform, Not only did the community achieve "zero incident" and built a community without group rent and illegal construction, the monthly work order volume of 12345 citizen service hotline also adhered to single digits, and a series of community problems such as elderly care, non motor vehicle management and random posting of black advertisements were effectively improved.

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