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License plate recognition system is the core tool of modern intelligent traffic automation management. License plate recognition technology combines with electronic non-stop toll collection system (etc) to identify vehicles. Passing vehicles do not need to stop when passing through the crossing, that is, they can realize automatic vehicle identification and automatic toll collection. In the parking lot management, in order to improve the traffic efficiency of vehicles at the entrance and exit, vehicle management is widely used in urban traffic management, highway toll management, highway overrun management, parking lot, unit entrance and exit vehicle management, etc. parking lot entrance and exit management license plate recognition has been widely used in the parking lot. Through the identification record of the license plate number of incoming and outgoing vehicles, the automatic management of vehicles can be realized, which can save labor cost and improve efficiency.

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It is also an important part of the card free parking lot system. When a vehicle drives in, the license plate is used. The system will automatically judge whether the vehicle is a parking lot user. If the parking lot is a fixed user, the road gate will be opened automatically and the vehicle drives in. If it is a temporary user, the system will automatically calculate the time and charge, which is highly intelligent and very convenient. the application of expressway toll plate recognition in high-speed toll station mainly has two aspects: 1. Facilitate toll management and speed up vehicle traffic speed; 2. Assist the traffic police in the standardized management of expressways, facilitate the traffic police to identify and record illegal and criminal vehicles, manage and arrest these vehicles. urban traffic management 1. Public security checkpoint the public security checkpoint system should meet the actual needs of criminal investigation, economic investigation, drug control, public security, national security and traffic police, provide practical application functions, and truly become a powerful weapon for the public security management department.

Most of the security checkpoints are set on the road sections, and some are set on the toll lane of the highway toll station. The security checkpoint system is networked. 2. Illegal red light running capture system the vehicle license plate recognition system is also often installed at traffic intersections, commonly known as the electronic police system. It has evolved from the initial simple red light running capture to the current checkpoint recording function and video trigger to capture a number of illegal contents, including speeding, illegal yellow line pressing, forbidden zone parking, retrograde, speed measurement Blacklist alarm and other contents. 3. Mobile vehicle inspection system vehicle license plate recognition system can be installed in mobile vehicles. It is not affected by climate and site, but also flexible and easy to obtain evidence. It can identify the license plate information of passing vehicles at any position in the road.

It is a mobile security checkpoint. 4. Traffic information release system such as travel time. The current its system requires real-time collection and timely release of road traffic information, so that road users can know the running time, running speed and blocking length from ground a to ground B at any time through the information board. In addition, we can learn about the information of each intersection through in car broadcasting and roadside broadcasting. 5. Congestion charging system recently, major cities such as Shanghai and Guangzhou announced that they would study more perfect control measures and reasonable total vehicle scale according to market demand and road capacity, and implement road congestion charging at an appropriate time. Select some downtown areas to restrict private cars to travel in specific periods of time, so as to expand the right of way of buses and improve the speed of buses. The application of license plate recognition technology in urban road congestion charging system does not need to install any on-board equipment, which can reduce a large initial investment, but the congestion charging system requires very high accuracy of license plate recognition. highway overrun control 1. The rapid detection system of overrun detection station.

When freight vehicles pass through the highway overrun control station, traffic jams are often caused by the complex detection process. Most of the highway overload control stations also use manual recording. On average, it takes 2-3 minutes to detect a freight vehicle. Some overload control stations with large traffic flow often have traffic jams. After the automatic license plate recognition system is installed, the license plate number, load capacity and other elements of the detected vehicle will be automatically input into the computer, eliminating the manual recording process.

Application Field of License Plate Recognition System in Smart City - Tigerwong Technology 2

Each detection of a truck takes only 10 seconds, which greatly saves the detection time and improves the work efficiency and the transparency of law enforcement. 2. The high-speed pre inspection and weighing system installs a high-speed pre inspection and weighing system on the highway with large traffic flow, many lanes and fast speed to pre detect the weight of cargo vehicles running normally on the carriageway. If any vehicle exceeds the load limit set by the system, the license plate number, vehicle image and detection data of the vehicle will be, Are transmitted to the law enforcement station in front to control over limit and overload; Through the pre detection of the high-speed pre inspection system, vehicles loaded in accordance with the regulations will drive normally without entering the law enforcement station. High speed and low speed combined with dynamic weighing system is a good solution to deal with over limit and overload on roads with large traffic flow, many lanes and fast speed. It has the characteristics of high detection efficiency and strong detection pertinence, which not only reduces the detection pressure of low-speed weighing in law enforcement stations, but also ensures that road traffic will not be congested due to law enforcement detection. Tigerwong parking equipment supplier has focused on parking equipment for many years! If you have any questions about the parking system, welcome to consult and communicate.

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