What Will Happen If I Passed a Stopped Bus in My Parking Lot at School?

What will happen if I passed a stopped bus in my parking lot at school?

What Will Happen If I Passed a Stopped Bus in My Parking Lot at School? 1

now this was in a parking lot? what was a school bus doing in PARKING LOT? they usually load on the street it would be too confusing for them to have the reds on in parking lot as it means kids will be CROSSING the street now in some cases the police send you a ticket in other places nothing will happen because it was not witness by a police officer (since you do not tell us what city ,what county or even what state you are in


Why is there no discussion on health itself in America?

Because many Americans want to eat and drink whatever they want in any quantity they want and perform no exercise. Then they can blame fast food companies for providing high fat and sodium laden foods. Many tend to take zero responsibility for their own actions and blame others for their own situation. Ever notice how fat people will drive around a parking lot to find the closest parking space so they do not have to walk the extra distance?

What Will Happen If I Passed a Stopped Bus in My Parking Lot at School? 2


Name places u have been seen naked. in public?

In a parking lot


if somebody (ahem) accidentally scraped the side of your car in a parking lot?

I factor in the age of my car and the damage to the inside of the car just from my own kids (grape juice is forever). If the damage does not justify the trouble to repair it, I leave it alone. And anyway, I do not know what you are looking around here for. It was not any of us. We do not even know your name, let alone your make and model.


What will happen if u leave your car at a public parking lot?

cant say with 100% certainty ..but a apartment building parking lot is usually not a "public lot".. are their signs up? usually private property is marked


How to get a decent workout on a mid sized, flat parking lot?

As your description implies that you will be spending a lot of your time building up speed (i.e. stop-start riding), adding weight will add a fair bit of resistance. Ideally you would fit 4 panniers with something like 10-20kg in each, plus something on the frame, but unless you've got a touring bike you probably wo not be set up to carry that much (my touring rear rack is rated to 40kg total, but the front rack is limited to about 2x5kg). A bike trailer would be better still, if you had one and could get round your course. Here we are currently allowed to exercise in public with no explicit distance limits; if we do get distance limits my trailer is going to see some use


How did you learn to drive? Was it fun or scary?

I am a guy. A lot of guys have this love affair with cars. I would been dreaming of driving my whole life. I would ridden up front next to my Dad as "navigator" on car trips in all 48 states. Then, one day, my Dad drove me to a parking lot. He told me to switch seats with him. After tooling around the parking lot for a few minutes (whooooo!...), he directed me out onto the street. I was a little anxious, but things were going pretty well. All of a sudden, my dad tells me to turn right which I of course immediately did. I found myself on the entry ramp to the Long Island Expressway. For those of you in different parts of the States or world, that's a reasonably challenging highway during rush hour--you have heavy truck traffic, fast cars, slow cars, cars passing on the left, trucks passing on the right, you get the picture. I guess my Dad took a small risk, having seen that things were going well, which paid off. I survived to tell the story. That experience gave me the self confidence I needed to drive successfully. That was in an old 1961 push button Plymouth Valiant. Thanks for the question. I had not thought about that experience in a long time.


I need help with this?

do suicides becuz when you try out you will do a lot of suicides and you have to be fast and running will help but try running with a ball on the sidewalk or in a parking lot

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