What Is the Function of Quick Wiring Module and How to Improve System Safety

Quick wiring module

What Is the Function of Quick Wiring Module and How to Improve System Safety 1

The quick wiring module integrates the wiring electrical accessories (such as switches, relays, isolators, safety barriers, terminals, insurance, etc.) in the control cabinet, adds various elements of protection, indication and convenient installation, transformation, maintenance and repair, and is designed as a series of products with modular structure, including input and output of various analog and digital signals, power distribution, etc, The uniform standard installation size and transparent design of components are adopted, and the instructions are clear at a glance, which brings great convenience to system integration, operation and maintenance. This product is a provincial wiring product, which saves wiring rather than components. It is not a simple component integration, but adds elements that are not easy to realize under conventional conditions on the basis of integration.

With the expansion of industrial plant scale, the system density is higher and higher, and the risk is also greater and greater. Dcsplc system has replaced conventional instruments for control, and the requirements for the safety and stability of the control system are becoming higher and higher. The series products of Xinda new technology fast wiring module are also being upgraded, which can more effectively help the safety and stability of the control system.Importance and purpose of instrument operation managementWith the development of petrochemical enterprises at home and abroad and the continuous improvement of the requirements for automation level, the instrument fault phenomenon in the process of detection and control in the production process is becoming more and more complex and changeable. Correctly judging and timely dealing with instrument faults in the production process is not only directly related to the safety and stability of production, but also related to the quality of products, energy and material consumption.

Most instrument failures can be effectively avoided through previous inspection, measurement, analysis and other means. Instruments generally have precursors before "onset". How to find hidden dangers of instrument equipment in time and eliminate accidents in the bud is particularly important for instrument operation management.On the premise of ensuring the normal use of the instrument, it is an important purpose of instrument operation and maintenance management to eliminate the potential risks of the instrument and improve the standardization of the instrument.Comprehensively improve the protection level and increase the safety and reliability of system operation

1. Power supply safety

What Is the Function of Quick Wiring Module and How to Improve System Safety 2

The fast wiring module adopts two-way redundant power supply: covering AC power supply, DC power supply, switchgear and power supply lines. Compared with the simple parallel connection of two power supplies with redundant modules, the redundant power supply includes the full redundancy of power supply, switchgear and lines. It is the real redundancy of power supply system. As long as one circuit works normally, it can maintain normal power supply. The traditional dual power supply plus redundant module only covers the AC power supply and DC power supply side, and can not cover the power supply switch and power supply line.

Over current, over voltage and surge protection: all-round power protection is adopted. Even if a high-voltage signal is connected in series in a power circuit, the hazard source can be quickly removed without affecting the normal operation of the module.2. Connection securityThe signal transmission in the cabinet is changed from the traditional screw crimping to welding, combined with three enhanced anti-corrosion measures: the solder joint is covered with protective paint, the connector is gold-plated and tinned wire, which greatly reduces the probability of poor contact in corrosive occasions and improves the operation reliability.

3. Maintenance safetyEnhanced signal protection: enhanced protection measures are taken for AI and di. The protection action can be triggered by the field short circuit of AI two-wire transmitter and di connected in series with AC to ensure the safety of system input channel.Current measurement without disconnection of patented technology: at present, the decline of technical literacy of maintenance personnel seriously endangers the safety of the system. The quick wiring module can use ordinary multimeter or special equipment developed by our company to complete maintenance, and there is no need to remove wires in the process of detecting signals. Reduce safety accidents caused by maintenance personnel not familiar with the line, misuse of multimeter current gear, wrong disassembly of other circuits, wrong connection and virtual connection in the recovery process, and ensure the normal operation of the device and system.

Quick unplugging structure: replacing safety barrier, isolator and relay can be completed in an instant without wire removal, which can realize live hot unplugging. Under the condition of high-density installation, the convenience of replacement reduces the operation related faults caused by incorrect connection and collision in the maintenance process, and reduces major production and operation hidden dangers.

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