TGW-RFID Parking Ticket Dispenser System Case-Ecuador

TGW-RFID Parking Ticket Dispenser System Case-Ecuador

The ticket box, also called the lane control machine, is the key equipment of the parking lot management system, generally refers to the management equipment of the card and the barrier in the parking lot charging management system or the ticketing system

Car parking ticket machine access control system is widely used in residencies, offices, shopping malls, hospitals, and other public places for traffic control, management, and revenue generation. It can greatly improve the efficiency of parking management, strengthen vehicle security, reduce manpower and cost, and avoid fraud, also gaining profit and revenue for parking managers.

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Feature of car parking ticket machine
* Modern design, heavy-duty, outdoor use. Modern and elegant design, 2.5mm thickness cold rolled steel, heavy-duty use. Protection class IP65, waterproof.
* Unmanned entry and exit, labor reduced. The parking management system can realize unmanned entry and exit, low manpower is required for parking management, then lots of labor and cost can be saved.
* One card one vehicle. At entry, each car is issued a card, and before that car exits, the card cannot be used for access to ensure smooth and effective parking management.
* Easy system operation and free maintenance. Parking software is designed to be user-friendly and easy operation, and free of maintenance, which can save managers a lot of trouble and time.
* Vehicle security is ensured. All the vehicle entry and exit times are recorded in the system automatically. Added camera at entry and exit, parking attendant can contrast the entry and exit vehicle picture and driver face in software interface to ensure vehicle security.
* Powerful parking collection report. Backend software supports parking collection of different time and time zone and other parking data query and report is created, which greatly improve the effectiveness of parking management.
* Support offline running if local network or pc is down. If the local network or PC is down, the entry and exit machine can run independently. And the data stored in the entry and exit machine will be automatically uploaded to a computer if connected
* Automatic Barrier gate anti-collision.Working with vehicle detector, during the falling down of barrier gate, when it detects the coming vehicle, the barrier will bounce back instead of hitting the vehicle.
* Full parking space detection. Parking staff can input total parking space in software, when the space is full, it will prompt a message in a computer that the parking is full.


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How does the system work?
Intelligent Vehicle Access Control Central Parking System Details
It is that the parkers use the parking card/ticket issued by the system to pass through the parking access control gate. There are two types of parkers, one is temporary parkers, the other is monthly parkers.

--For monthly parkers, they prepaid and get a monthly parking card. They just swipe the cards on the controllers and the barrier gate will open automatically.
--For temporary visitors, they press the button to get a parking card/ticket at entrance controllers and the barrier gate will
open automatically. They need to pay the parking fee according to parking lot management regulations.
For charged payment, there are 3 ways to make the payment.

1. pay at exit manual tollgate
2. pay at the center manual tollgate
3,.pay at autopay station.


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