TGW-Park-105 DC Brushless Barrier Boom

TGW-Park-105 DC Brushless Barrier Boom Supplier

TGW-Park-105 DC Brushless Barrier Boom Supplier.
Meet the national energy efficiency standards. Using DC brushless motor, barriers are used to intercept vehicles


TigerWong Barriers are not just robust and reliable but are also stylishly designed to appear.
The modern and classy design is to meet the demands of our discerning customer’s requirement of barriers that not only offer long reliable life but also give their facility a modern appeal.

We have a barrier gate without a pattern, which is specially prepared for customers who need to customize it. You can choose the silkscreen pattern by yourself.

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The 24V Brush-less DC motors form the heart  of the Barrier and provide the much-needed robustness so as to offer long reliable product life cycle. This is achieved by firstly preparing the body for the Drive Mechanism to sit on a frame that is made from Aluminium Alloy manufactured by Die-Casting with attention to precise dimensions.

The Movement adopts parallel gear reduction that has high transmission efficiency and low power loss. The gear itself is made from high strength carbon steel carburised with heat treatment process, precision hobbing, ant-ware, anti-impact engineering for long service life.


The Motor itself is small in size yet delivers a large output torque. The Speed is adjustable through the controller. The Movement of the boom is smooth as it accelerates and decelerates smoothly in both its open & close end positions.




1. The operation speed can be adjusted(1.2s to 6s)

2. Barrier gate up&down signal relay switch output.

3.R&G Traffic light relay switch signal output.

4. External loop detector signal anti-smashing interface.

5. Infrared sensor signal anti-smashing interface.

6. Count mode interface

7. Arm swing-out function, when the vehicle hits the barrier gate, the arm can be swung out to avoid further damage.

8. High-sensitivity arm auto-reverse function(intensity can be adjusted)

9. Parking system interface.

10.RS485 communication interface.

11. Power off the backup battery interface





The controller of the Boom Barrier is all that one could ask for flexibility when it comes to adjustment & arrangement of the functioning of the barrier system with an array of adjustable parameters that our client may demand in specific to their site requirements. Right from Boom Length adjustment combined with the speed of operation for not just varied lengths but also types viz.
Boom Arm with Fence, Folding Boom Arm, etc., the position of braking, Varied options to engage the barrier to open and close, etc., are all part of the controller settings offered for the convenience of the end-user to decide based on-site conditions and demands.
The System is delivered with a Single Channel Loop Detector and Radar Sensor or P E Beam as an option that can also be offered depending on the demands of the site.



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