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Imagine you have information on the availability of parking spaces on your phone, but you don't have to roam around to check availability. Nowadays, it can be difficult to find a parking space in busy areas, because there is no system that describes the availability of parking spaces in detail. You can access the availability of parking spaces via the Internet via an IoT-based intelligent parking system.

IoT Based Smart Parking System Project Using NodeMCU ESP8266 - IoT Design Pro - IoT Projects, Articl 1

IoT devices include sensors and microcontrollers to locate parking spaces. Smart parking development implies an IoT-based system that transmits data to the web and mobile applications via the free parking spaces.

In order to investigate the technology of a smart parking solution, we conducted an internal research project. The basic idea behind Smart Parking is the use of the Internet of Things and ultrasonic sensors so that the available parking spaces in a web application can be displayed.

The IoT device consists of an ESP8266 microcontroller and an HC-SR04 distance sensor. The sensor measures the distance and transmits the data to the microcontroller, which is connected via MQTT protocol to AWS IoT services.

Two servomotors are used to open and close the door according to the sensor values. The sensor sends the measurements to the cloud and stored them in the AWS IoT shadow of the sensor state. A 6-infrared sensor is mounted in the Arduinoso parking bay and the infrared sensor triggers a command that is sent to the Nodemcu ESP8226 WiFi module and sends a command to Blynk upon request.

IoT Based Smart Parking System Project Using NodeMCU ESP8266 - IoT Design Pro - IoT Projects, Articl 2

The IoT-based parking system includes two IR sensors, two servomotors, an ultrasonic sensor and a 16x2 LCD. Nodemcu ESP8266 is the WiFi unit with which we will track parking in the slot and around the world from the module. The ESP8 266 controls and completes the process of transmitting parking availability information to Google Firebase so that the system can monitor the world over the Internet.

IR sensors are used to detect objects by sending and receiving IR rays to learn more about them. Two infrared sensors are used at the entrance and exit gates to detect the presence of the car and to open and close the doors.

Smart Factory breakdown c. Car breakdown on the road d. Defects on the road (pot holes, water log, etc.). E. Safety i. Intelligent Zebra crossing with special lighting for pedestrians, disabled people, wheelchair users, audio and video cameras to identify blind people and extend the waiting time for blind people c. Locate and close the charging station d. Smart parking in car parks, hospitals, sports and event venues i. Detect break-ins in progress, stream live feed to drone camera, request bandwidth from the closest network entry point if necessary, etc.

The IoT platform is used to collect, push and share data with the entire network of connected devices. It works to deliver different types of intelligence data using a variety of sensors.

This ongoing process for an entire fleet of Tesla vehicles is getting faster by the day. Let's take a look at some of the most important sensors used in the IoT world.

In order to carry out activities such as device discovery, device control, analysis and data acquisition, the use of services is necessary. With this application, the user is able to visualize the information obtained from the monitoring and extract data as it is processed. In many cases, a user can perform actions that he considers appropriate for the situation resulting from the data, and these actions can be performed.

It is necessary to transmit and monitor the data in response to the actions of the device. One technique that can be used to analyze the data collected by the sensors and make the irrigation system decisions is fuzzy logic. The data obtained from the various sensors can be treated and their results applied to different actuators.

There are two systems, one controls the parking system and the other the gate authentication system. The IR sensors are connected to different pins, which indicate the status of the range as 1 (occupied) and 0 (empty).

The Nodemcu control will complete the process of transmitting parking availability and time information to the Adafruit IO and monitor the world with the help of the IO. The data is sent to the cloud so that we have a proper visualization of the data.

Two IR sensors are used in the entry and exit doors of Adafruit IO to detect the car before the doors open and close. Two servomotors are inserted at the gates, and when the IR sensor detects the car, it turns 45 degrees with a deceleration of 140 degrees until it returns to its initial position.

An example of its application is the role of this sensor in detecting twists and turns, and its applications are crucial for automating manufacturing processes. Thingspeak is an Internet of Things (IoT) platform that allows you to analyze and visualize data in Matlab (order a licence for MathWorks here). It works with Arduino particles, photons, electrons, ESP8266 WiFi modules, Beaglebone, Black Raspberry Pi, mobile web apps (Twitter, Twilio, Matlab) and ends with sensors in Thingspeak.

It allows you to perform batch analysis and machine learning in addition to your device data. In this IoT-based tutorial, you will learn how to create an IoT-based parking and slot monitoring system using Arduino, Nodemcu, ESP8266 WiFi module and the Blynk application. These devices can be used to monitor parking meters from anywhere in the world.

There are several areas of Smart City and Smart Parking is one of the most popular domains of Smart Cities. The smart parking industry has seen a number of innovations such as Intelligent Parking Management System, Smart Gate Control, Smart Cameras to detect vehicle type, Automatic Number Plate Recognition, Smart Payment Systems, Smart Access Systems and many more.

I used the MQTT protocol client library for ESP8 266 (MQTT) to integrate the ESP8266 node into the RED IoT platform, but in this case, I selected PubSubClient library.

Nodemcu ESP8266 WiFi Module is an open source Lua - based firmware - development board aimed at IoT-based applications. Sonoff Wemos D1 and NodemuC ESP-01 and ESP-12e use the same ESP866 chip, but there are some differences between them, such as the number of pins and other differences in the firmware installed by NODEMUC (only an ESP@-@ 01 has the appropriate command set installed, no need f -nodemcus ode -m icro -c ontroller nits) open source software and hardware development environment to build an inexpensive system on a chip (SoC) called ESP8 266. The platform supports ESPIFS modules (ESP32, ESP8266, STM32, L4M4, TI CC3220) and offers a range of features that are known to be challenging in the IoT world.

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