license plate recognition equipment

2021-02-02 18:47:37

license plate recognition equipment

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Automatic license plate recognition equipment can be found everywhere in rural, urban, and urban-rural junctions. How can this technology product become a part of people's lives and travel silently, and people in society can take it for granted. It seems that license plate recognition has always been a part of our lives and is closely related to people's travel.

license plate recognition equipment


Automatic license plate recognition equipment was born to serve automobiles.


In the past few years, if the car wants to enter the parking lot or enter the community, the owner must get off the car and get the card. In severe weather, the shortcomings of this model are very obvious. If you encounter heavy rain or typhoon weather, car owners need to get out of the car to get the card when they want to enter the community or the parking lot. As soon as they drive the door, they are wet by the rain, even in the car Wet in the rain.


This semi-intelligent vehicle management model has major flaws, which were naturally abandoned by car owners. The advent of automatic license plate recognition equipment directly replaced the product of the credit card model.


The license plate recognition is based on the license plate number of the vehicle. Each license plate number is unique, just like a human identity card, so the license plate number can be recorded as the "identity card" of the vehicle.


When a car enters the recognition range of automatic license plate recognition equipment, the automatic recognition system will control the camera to perform dynamic video recording of the vehicle and recognize the license plate number of the vehicle through the license plate recognition algorithm.


The system receives the vehicle license plate number information and then enters the huge database for matching. If the corresponding vehicle information is not matched in the database, the system will create a new file and store the relevant information of the vehicle into the database.


When the vehicle leaves the parking lot, the automatic license plate recognition equipment detects that the vehicle has been put on a record and directly enters the deduction process. When the deduction ends, the intelligent barrier will automatically open and the vehicle can leave the parking lot.


From entering the parking lot to leaving the parking lot, the owner does not need to get off the car or wait for parking. It only needs to drive slowly to pass through the parking lot without hindrance. It is the main reason why license plate recognition equipment replace the traditional parking lot.

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