ANPR High Way Solutions

Anpr high way solution
ANPR Road monitoring system widely used in Highway, City Traffic Suvilliance System, Highway toll stations, Tunnel .etc. TigerWong could support license plate identification data collection, management, docking of vehicle information, etc.
1. ANPR cameras with data upload software with application interface.
2. ALPR+ticket equipment for toll station management.
3. ALPR+RFID equipment for toll station management.
Operating procedure
01. The camera captures the image while the car run over the radar,and images will collected while its sucessfully detected.
02. Segmentation extraction: license plate image segmentation, output to fixed management software
03. Storage and matching: The license plate number is stored in the database and can be extracted and matched at any time.
04. Software interface: Connect to the control center to easily obtain the vehicle plate information and its violation information.
05. Data Analysis:Whole system could interface to analyzing Software to output accurate users information for management.
Good reasons for working with us:
The radar vehicle detector detects the vehicle information and sends a snapshot signal to the camera, thereby triggering the camera to capture, and the camera transmits the captured image to the central server through the network
1.Real time Detection and Recognition process for Vehicle License Plates.
2.Reliable Performance, Good Accuracy with Low False Positives.
3.Multi-Country Recognition based on Standard Formats.
4.White list configuration supported.
5.Supports Capture of License plate along with the Car Image.
6.HD resolution with professional shutter speed control

The application of ANPR can works independent of database.
Standalone database upload function to share info to cloud or roution fixed for the secondary development.
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