ALPR Parking Management Solution

Alpr parking lot at business center
TARGET: Various parking entrance and exit management
OPTIONS: 1. LPR Parking; 2. LPR+Ticket Parking Equipment; 3. RFID Card Parking Equipment

01. License plate detection and collection:

The camera captures the image, and images will collected while its sucessfully detected.

02. Segmentation extraction:

License plate image segmentation, output to fixed management software

03. Storage and matching:

The license plate number is stored in the database and can be extracted and matched at any time.

04. Software interface:

Connect to the control center to easily obtain the vehicle parking time and payment information

Working progress:

1.Real time detection and recognition process for vehicle license plates.
2.Reliable performance, good accuracy with low false positives.
3.Multi-countries recognition based on standard formats.
4.White list configuration supported.
5.Supports capture of license plate along with the car Image.
6.The software compares the time of entry and exit, calculates the amount of payment, and the vehicle leave after completing the payment.

Simplified Chinese,Tranditional Chinese,English,Português,Español,русский,日本語.ไทย,한국어.,etc.

The application of LPR can works independent of database.

Standalone database upload function to share info to cloud or roution fixed for the secondary development.

Operating environment: Windows Server, Windows 7/8/10 64bit CPU needs to support AVX instruction set Parameter Required: Core i3 cpu (4 core), 12GB RAM, 1TB HDD - supports 4 cameras Alarm Center Workstation: Core i3, 12GB RAM, 1TB HDD Resolution: 640x480 and above, up to 1080p Database :SQL Server

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