What Is Access Control Entry?

What Is Access Control Entry?


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Knowledge About Access Control Entry
Knowledge About Access Control Entry
1. Life of access control entryHe entered the Society of Jesus in 1660, and, in October, 1662, sailed for Canada, he taught at the Jesuit college while he prepared for missionary work studying the Indian languages. He was ordained in 1668, the first Jesuit to be there.He went first to the Oneida, but in a few months changed the field of his labours to the Onondaga mission. Garaconthi, the Onondaga chief, received him with every evidence of friendship, and, at his request, rebuilt the chapel of St. Mary.On the arrival of other missionaries in 1671, Garnier set out with Father Jacques Frmin for the Seneca Nation country. There he found a bare handful of Christian Indians at the Gandachioragou mission. He immediately began to preach and baptize; and he persevered after his chapel was destroyed by a fire which wiped out the entire village.When trouble arose in 1683 between the French and the Senecas, Garnier went with de Lamberville to Governor de la Barre to urge compromise and moderation. He was unable, however, to dissuade the latter from his policy of repression. De la Barre set out upon the ill-starred expedition which was to prevent priests from venturing among the northern tribes for over thirteen years.Every missionary was recalled at the outbreak of hostilities and Garnier was sent in turn to the settlements of Sault-Saint-Louis, Lorette and Caughnawaga. When access to the Indians was made possible by the treaty of Montreal, in 1701, Garnier returned to his mission among the Senecas. There he remained until 1709, when Schuyler's expedition once more made it necessary for him to return to Canada. His departure marked the end of missionary work among the Senecas; his notes and letters remain one of the principal and most accurate sources of information on this division of the Iroquois.In 1716 Garnier became superior of the missions in New France. He passed his remaining years among the various settlements along the St. Lawrence River, retiring from active life in 1728.------2. Erwin Georg Keilholz of access control entryErwin Georg Keilholz (20 April 1930 19 May 2001) was a Bavarian educator and politician, a member of the Christian Social Union (CSU).Keilholz studied in Bamberg, graduating in both Mathematics and Physics in 1949. He then studied teaching, first working at an elementary school in Ebermannstadt. He trained as a middle school teacher in Munich, and in 1956 began teaching at a middle school in Coburg. He also taught at schools in Forchheim and Herzogenaurach.Keilholz was a member of the Young Union. From 1958 to 1972 he was chairman of the CSU in Ebermannstadt. He was elected to the Kreistag (district council) from 1960 to 1972 as a deputy of the Governor. He was a member of the Landtag of Bavaria from 1974 to 1978.------3. Selected bibliography of access control entryFrom 1928 to 1985, Olsson penned some 46 novels, including the Tore Gudmarsson trilogy of romantic novels:1940 Sand1942 Grnsland1945 Tore Gudmarssonand in 1947 Den nye (tr. The New), a romance, which was made into the film Nr krleken kom till byn in 1950.All of these were published by Tiden of Stockholm; some of his later works (from 1964 onwards) were published by Allhem, Malm, then Spektra, Halmstad, and Settern, initially at Laholm then rkelljunga.------4. Evans Bradshaw of access control entryEvans Bradshaw (1933 November 17, 1978) was an American jazz pianist. Born in Memphis, Tennessee, Bradshaw learned piano from an early age and was playing in his father's band by the age of 12. He moved to New York City in 1958 and recorded two albums for the Riverside label. Following these two albums Bradshaw never recorded again------5. Santa Lucia, Gallicano of access control entrySanta Lucia is a Roman Catholic church in the town of Gallicano, region of Tuscany, Italy.The church is documented in the 12th century as being under the control of the Abbey of Frassinoro. It was located near the castle and close to the ancient parish church of Santi Giovanni e Cassiano. An earthquake in 1721 compelled reconstruction. The interior has a 16th-century wooden icon of St Lucy.------6. Prizes and awards of access control entryOlsson was awarded the ABF:s litteratur- & konststipendium award in 1950, one of the Boklotteriets stipendiater awards in 1954, and the Handelsanstlldas frbunds pris ("Trade Unions' federal prize") for his book Makt och fattigdom (tr. Power and Poverty). in 1962------7. Albert Olsson of access control entryAlbert Olsson (1904 in Eslv 1994) was a Swedish writer and elementary school teacher. For most of his life he lived in Harplinge in the county of Halland, where he worked as a teacher, after graduating in 1924. He is mostly known for his novel trilogy about the farmer Tore Gudmarsson, published in the early 1940s and set in Halland in the 17th century, during the time when Halland switched hands from Denmark to Sweden.
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