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biometric devices from Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd has established a reputation for quality. It has been continuously improved in line with our long tradition of pursuing excellence through quality enhancement. And with our global technology and innovation network, this product is created not only to fulfill the ambitions of customers but also to add value to their business.For TGW, it is important to gain access to international markets through online marketing. Since inception, we have been longing for being an international brand. To achieve that, we have built our own website and always post our updated information on our social media. Many customers give their comments like 'We love your products. They are perfect in their performance and can be used for a long time'. Some customers repurchase our products several times and many of them choose to be our long-term cooperative partners.We will continually gather feedback through TGW Technology and through countless industry events that help determine the types of features needed. The active involvement of customers guarantees our new generation of biometric devices and sucklike products and improvements match the exact market needs.
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Enhanced Security and Accurate Data with Biometric Attendance System
Enhanced Security and Accurate Data with Biometric Attendance System
Every Business follows a record management system to capture the attendance data of every employee. Traditionally recording of the data was done manually by someone by maintaining a book or making a note of it in the Excel Sheets.But how sure can you be that the data captured is accurate and legally complied? Well, to avoid such doubts, switch to a modern-day system that ensures accuracy, security and quality of the data captured. If you are thinking if such a system is there, then our answer is Yes. Go for a biometric attendance system.What is a Biometric Attendance System?Biometric Attendance System is an enhanced way to capture the attendance data of the employees by using unique biometric characteristics like fingerprint, iris or face. The system uses a terminal which scans the employee finger or eyes or face to identify the person precisely and log it against the date/time. This system is highly effective and ensures accuracy and quality of the data captured.How can it help to enhance the security system in your business?Biometric Attendance System uses a terminal or the tool which provides restricted access to the employees. This can avoid theft or any security breach. None other than the employee who have been granted access can enter the premises by scanning the fingerprint for recognition. It can help to maintain a judicious record to understand who has entered each room in the business centre. If the system fails to recognise the biometric data of the person, it would simply deny the access and ensure safety. This system helps to avoid any potential risk and security breaches in the organisation.Get better performance dataFingerprints are unique, and so is the biometric attendance system. There are no chances of any malpractice or incorrect data capturing when your company follows this advanced method to record the attendance. Only if an employee physically enters the office premises, or logs into the computer in the case of work from home by using their fingerprint, the attendance would be captured. This system and practice would motivate the employees to regularise their work schedules to be recognised. This potentially improves their performance and results in better growth of the organisation. Not just the in-time and out-time but also the periodic schedules of every employee would be captured. Their frequency of moving around, break timings and unwanted meeting and other redundant or idle time would be recorded too.Biometric Attendance System is a boon for your businessAn accurate attendance system make life easy for HR and managers alike. This also means these people will be able to channelize their energies in more important tasks. These attendance systems also come with other features like work tracking, shift register etc which again would simplify a lot of administrative tasks. These saved man-hours are without doubt a boon to any organization that decides to go ahead with a Biometric Attendance SystemHow data accuracy helps various teams in your company. Employee data could be analysed by various departments in a company. The Human Resources team, the Risk and compliance team, the legal team, along with the line managers would analyse the employee attendance information. The biometric attendance system helps these teams to easily acquire the employee attendance details in no time. The information would be centrally recorded and accessed by personnel who have been granted access to analyse employee details. These helps in time management and data accuracy without the hassle of wasting time or asking the details to the line managers.Biometric Attendance System is the latest in innovationWe all agree that a biometric attendance system is easy to use and is a boon to every organisation, it also includes several benefits to the company. Lets read through to know the benefits of using this system.1. Data accuracy 2. Improves the overall efficiency and growth of the organisation. 3. Can be used in offices and education institutions to capture the attendance data of the employees or students without any data breach. 4. Enhances the security of the premises. 5. It follows real-time tracking hence makes it easy for employers and managers. 6. The data is made available in the cloud in real time and is accessible to people who would need it anytime and anywhere. 7. It is flexible, easy to handle and can be configured according to the company or institutions rules and guidelines. 8. Easy to update, customize and bring in changes when required. 9. Saves time and money. It is an economic solution which provides better data analysis. 10. Helps the organisation to be legally complied. 11. Avoids any malpractice or breach in attendance management.About CuckooTechCuckooTech provides one of the best Time Attendance System through patented biometric hardware and ADIS enabled enterprise software platform that is capable of solving all of your attendance management problem. They bring innovative ways of capturing real time attendance data with 100% accuracy and ensures quality of the information recorded. Call them for a free demo today and decide for yourself RELATED QUESTION In regard to the pandemic, is the president correct in saying that the previous administration left us nothing (no ventilators, medical equipment, testing equipment, etc.)? Imagine you start a new job.Part of that job is to ensure that adequate stocks of equipment is kept in case there is an emergency. Lets say youu2019re a facilities director for a huge business with multiple offices and factories.Several years ago, long before you took on the job, there were a number of fires in some of the facilities you have oversight of. The fire extinguishers in each facility were used to put out the fires.Years later, when youu2019ve been in position for the last three of them, another bunch of fires break out in several of your buildings.But the empty extinguishers havenu2019t been replaced and the buildings burn down. Whou2019s responsibility is that?It may or may not be true that Obama ordered emergency stocks to be used. It may or may not be true that much of the emergency stocks were depleted and not replaced at the time. It may or may not be true that proper maintainence procedures were not carried out on some of the stocks that remained. But even if it is true whou2019s responsibility is it now?You wouldnu2019t get away with saying u201cyeah but the last guy didnu2019t replace the fire extinguishers years agou201d. Youu2019re in charge now - itu2019s your fault there are none now when theyu2019re needed. Yeah of course you had other responsibilities, itu2019s a huge business youu2019re looking after after all, but if in three years you havenu2019t dealt with a simple responsibility (especially when you keep being reminded by managers of the individual facilities) then you need to take responsibility. In regard to the pandemic, is the president correct in saying that the previous administration left us nothing (no ventilators, medical equipment, testing equipment, etc.)?
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