Number Plate Camera Buying Guide

Number Plate Camera Buying Guide


On this page, you can find quality content focused on number plate camera. You can also get the latest products and articles that are related to number plate camera for free. If you have any questions or want to get more information on number plate camera, please feel free to contact us.

The high performance of number plate camera is guaranteed by Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd as we introduce world-class technology to the manufacturing process. The product is designed to be environmentally friendly and cost efficient, thus are much preferred by the market. Its production adheres to the principle of quality first, with detailed inspection implemented before mass manufacturing.All products under TGW have been receiving continuous fame around the world. Our active presence in the exhibitions helps increase the popularity of our products, which attracts many new customers to purchase our products. In addition, thanks to the superior user experience that our products create, most customers prefer to repurchase from us.With the help of our strong R&D team and engineers, TGW Technology is able to customize products according to various needs of customers. If you want to know more about the specifications of these products, we can send you the detailed specifications or the related samples like number plate camera samples.
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Police Officer Sacked for Using Number Plate Camera to Film Women
Police Officer Sacked for Using Number Plate Camera to Film Women
A police officer has lost his job after using a force camera to zoom in on a womans cleavage.Married PC David Smith used the automatic number plate recognition camera to look at the woman as she sat in beer garden.He initially blamed a colleagueof using the camera to zoom in to get closer footage of the woman in October 2011.But it was actually Smith who had used the camera inappropriately before downloading the footage on his home computer.Smith, who had been an officer for 19 years,was accused of five allegations of misconduct and, despite denying the charges, a panel concluded they had been proven after a two-day hearing at a police station in Hull, East Yorkshire.He said: I have got a clean record for working with vulnerable victims and I would not abuse that position.He claimed his colleague had taken the pictures because he was a flash clown and enjoyed a bit of a laugh.The panel heard how PC Smith also recorded video footage of a young woman in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, police station, before downloading the software onto his personal computer in 2012.PC Smith denied taking the footage for personal use, stating he was trying to get reception on his phone and did not know the camera was recording.When asked if he found the woman in the video footage attractive, PC Smith replied: Shes not ugly.PC Smith claimed he had accidentally transferred the images to his computer when he was doing a bulk download of pictures from his Blackberry mobile phone to his home console.He said he wanted to free up the memory on his phone for pictures of his family and for air show simulator games.He said: If you look at my service for the last 19 years and the positions I have held, you do not get these positions without having a good name. This was an isolated thing.Over his long-serving career, PC Smith was twice commended after rescuing a woman who was held at gunpoint in a taxi.However, during the hearing, he was accused of falling so far below the professional standards that he was dismissed without notice.In a separate incident in November 2012, PC Smith used a Cleartone automatic number plate recognition camera to replace car number plates with racist and offensive words, some describing male and female genitalia.PC Smith said he had taken pictures of the vehicles for future intelligence.The hearing also heard how the officer downloaded movie clips from an onboard police vehicle camera and a photograph of a bus parked in the street with no insurance, both without a policing purpose.He admitted taking the footage, but said it was for work purposes.PC Smith told the hearing: In hindsight it was wrong, but at the time I didnt see the potential harm because other traffic officers knew I did presentations on road safety to outside agencies. I didnt think there would be a problem.Chairing the panel, South Yorkshire Assistant Chief Constable Ingrid Lee said PC Smiths actions were an intrusion of privacy and showed a complete disregard for data protection and police responsibilities.
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