License Plate Reader Camera System Buying Guide

License Plate Reader Camera System Buying Guide


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license plate reader camera system excels other similar products in the industry with stable performance and different specifications. Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd keeps investing in research and development, greatly enhancing the technology value of the product. Its design proves to be unique following the latest market trend. The materials it adopts meet the high international standards, making the product have a long-term service life.As a top brand in the industry, TGW plays a crucial role in our company. In the Word-of-Mouth research carried out by the industry association, it attracts people because it is both environmental- and user-friendly. This is also the key reason for the year-by-year increasing sales volume and the stably high repurchase rate. All products under this brand are believed to be of premium quality and excellent performance. They are always in the lead in the market. license plate reader camera system will become a demand in the market. Thus, we are keeping pace with it to offer more appropriate choices at TGW Technology for customers around the world. Sample delivery service is provided before bulk order to deliver a functional experience.
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Alpr system
Alpr system
Alpr systemby:Shenzhen TGW Technology Co.,LtdToday I'm going to talk about the Alpr system, which is different from the ordinary parking lot management system. The Alpr system have a special  alpr camera which equipt with multiple LED lights that can fill the light automatically when it is run in a very dark underground parking lots, parking lots with insufficient light, and so on, these places undoubtedly make it difficult for alpr system to recognize license plate correctly, so the Alpr cameras of the system are specially modified, with a variety of functions ,that is whyu the price of alpr camera is much higher than ordinary cameras. Most car owners know what alpr system is all about.IF you Do not know, now I will tell you in detail.Some Alpr system only need a all-in-one machine to complete the whole process of license plate recognition. Of course,There is another type of Alpr system, which has a high-definition smart camera, a ground sensor coil, a smart channel gate and a high-definition display screen, all the parts work  together to finish a complete license plate recognition process. We know that the Alpr system may encounter all kinds of bad weather, such as typhoon, sun exposure, hail, snow and so on, so the quality of alpr system must be high enough to be unaffected by the bad weather.The revamped Alpr system can work at high intensity 24 hours a day and can withstand high temperatures.The machine can be used normally unless encounter system failure,virus and other system problems. In addition to resisting high temperature and cold, the main job of Alpr camera is to check vehicle number plates. If this operation cannot be carried out, no matter how good the other parts of alpr system is, it is useless.Engineer know that deeply, so all the Alpr system used by the engineer has a high pixel, which can achieve 98% accuracy in the case of insufficient light and incomplete license plate, just like the function of "divine eye", that is why the cost of Alpr system is so high. The value of a product to an enterprise depends on whether the product can bring benefits to the enterprise. A high-quality Alpr system can have the same capacity as "divine eye", so it can reduce the error rate of license plate recognition can improve the enterprise's benefits. Now let's talk about what's special about this professional Alpr system.In the process of license plate recognition, the part of image reading is very critical, which is the priority among all priorities of the whole recognition process.So a lot of the changes have been made to Alpr system to ensure it works in a efficient way.For example, in the dark underground parking lot, Alpr system is difficult to collect images.At this time, light is needed to be made up, but it is impossible for someone to make up the light for Alpr camera 24 hours a day, so the alpr system  must can make up the light automatically.Therefore, the Alpr system for license plate recognition is equipped with several LED incandescent lamps to prevent various emergencies that lead to low light. Every day, there are a large number of vehicles pass the license plate recognition barrier, the large number makes most managers dizzy before,because they had to record the license plate by pen and paper.But in this special Alpr system, there is also an intelligent system that can convert the image information into electrical signals, which can not only be stored conveniently, but also transmit the signal to the license plate recognition parking lot system quickly.The useful part of the image information should be selected and processed, and the license plate number information should be transmitted to the database to officially complete the identification workflow . Alpr camera system have all the functions which ordinary cameras have,and they have a better performance than the ordinary one. In a word, the Alpr system  is equipped with cameras with built-in intelligent algorithm, LED incandescent lamp, good effect of low illumination and high frame rate, etc., which is the special feature of the special Alpr systemTo learn more about alpr system,please click here to check in wikipedia
Three technical indicators of license plate recognition camera system
Three technical indicators of license plate recognition camera system
license plate recognition camera systemby:Shenzhen TGW Technology Co.,LtdThe three major technical indicators of the license plate recognition camera system refer to the recognition rate, recognition speed, and background management system. Of course, the prerequisite is that the system can run stably and reliably.license plate recognition camera system technical indicator 1: recognition rateWhether a license plate recognition camera is practical or not, the most important indicator is the recognition rate. International traffic technology has made a special recognition rate indicator discussion, which requires that the correct recognition rate of 85% to 95% of the full license is available 24 hours a day.In order to test the recognition rate of a license plate recognition camera, the system needs to be installed in an actual application environment, run for 24 hours or more, collect at least 1,000 natural vehicle license plates for identification, and the vehicle license plate image and The recognition results are stored for recall.license plate recognition camera system technical indicator 2: recognition speedThe recognition speed determines whether the license plate recognition camera can meet the requirements of practical applications. A system with a high recognition rate, if it takes a few seconds or even minutes to recognize the results, then this system will be meaningless because it cannot meet the real-time requirements in practical applications. For example, one of the functions of the license plate recognition application in highway tolling is to reduce the transit time. Speed is a powerful guarantee for reducing transit time and avoiding traffic jams in such applications. The recognition speed proposed by international traffic technology is within 1 second, the faster the better.license plate recognition camera system technical indicator 3: background managementThe background management system of the license plate recognition camera system determines whether this license plate recognition camera system is easy to use. It must be clearly recognized that the recognition rate of 100% is impossible, because the license plate smudges, blurs, occlusions, or bad weather (snow, hail, fog, etc.) will affect the recognition rate. The functions of the background management system should include:1. Reliable storage of recognition results and vehicle image data. When multifunctional system operation makes network errors, it can protect image data from being lost, and it is convenient for manual investigation afterward;2. Effective automatic comparison and query technology. The identified license plate number must be automatically compared with the tens of thousands of license plate numbers in the database and an alarm will be issued. If the license plate number has not been read correctly, a fuzzy query is required. Only the best results can be obtained by technology;3. A good license plate recognition camera system For networked operation, it also needs to provide real-time communication, network security, remote maintenance, dynamic data exchange, automatic database update, hardware parameter settings, and system fault diagnosis.More info at wikipedia:
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