Guide to Shop Vehicle Number Plate Recognition in TGW Technology

Guide to Shop Vehicle Number Plate Recognition in TGW Technology


On this page, you can find quality content focused on vehicle number plate recognition. You can also get the latest products and articles that are related to vehicle number plate recognition for free. If you have any questions or want to get more information on vehicle number plate recognition, please feel free to contact us.

vehicle number plate recognition is developed by Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd for enhancing the corporate status in the market. Thanks to our designers' day-and-night effort, the product presents a perfect marketing effect with its appealing design style. It has a promising market prospect for its unique design. In addition, it comes with guaranteed quality. It is produced by the most advanced machines and adopts the state-of-the-art technology, which attributes to the realization of its strong functionality characteristics.We have been strengthening our local R&D capability to design and localize our products in the overseas market to cater to the local people's needs and has succeeded in promoting them. Through those marketing activities, the brand influence of our brand -TGW is highly increased and we glory in allying with more and more overseas enterprises.All products at TGW Technology such as vehicle number plate recognition will be provided with equally favorable privileges with a view to delivering the maximum quality of services.
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Three solutions for license plate recognition machine failure
Three solutions for license plate recognition machine failure
Three solutions for license plate recognition machine failureby:Shenzhen TGW Technology Co.,Ltd  Humans are smarter than machines. Machines only run according to programs, but humans choose different coping methods according to the actual situation. This is the difference between humans and machines. It is also the reason why humans can create machines. Unchanged things are most easily created. One thing to note is that the license plate recognition device is a machine. The machine may malfunction.What kind of machine failure have you encountered? The faults of the license plate recognition equipment generally have only a few common faults, and ordinary car owners do not know what to do when they encounter such faults. Let ’s take a look at how to deal with this fault. First, the ground sense coil is not responding        When the owner drove in front of the smart barrier gate, the barrier did not open automatically. At this time, the ground sense coil may be malfunctioning. Without sensing the arrival of your car, the license plate recognition management system will not be able to identify the chargeback. At this time, the owner should try to retreat the vehicle until it exits the sensing range, and then wait a few minutes before trying again. Generally, if the ground sensing coil is defective, the barrier will be reopened. Second, the vehicle number plate problem        If you still encounter a situation where the smart barrier does not open automatically, try to step back and wait a few minutes and try again. If the smart barrier does not open, you need to get out of the vehicle and check if your vehicle number plate is affected. It ’s damaged, so serious that the license plate recognition system ca n’t recognize it. You can get off the car and deal with the vehicle number plate.Finally,Insufficient balance        After the first test fails, and it is determined that the number plate of the vehicle is not damaged, but the intelligent barrier for plate identification cannot be opened. This may be because the balance of the account balance is insufficient, which causes the license plate recognition management system to be unable to perform chargeback, and the program cannot be run. The system will not open the smart barrier for you to pass.          We do not need to panic when encountering many aspects of machine failure. After all, machines are made by humans. There is nothing we can't solve!
Application of the license plate recognition system
Application of the license plate recognition system
Application scenarios of license plate recognition systemby:Shenzhen TGW Technology Co.,LtdLicense plate recognition technology is used to extract and recognize a license plate from a car in motion, The complete work principle includes license plate extraction, image preprocessing, feature extraction, and license plate character recognition. At present, the license plate recognition accuracy of leading ALPR system can reach a rate of 99.7%. The license plate recognition system combined with a toll collection system so that  car owners don't need to stop when they pass through a crossing .It realize automatic identification of vehicle numbers and automatic toll collection in a easy way. Using the smart parking recognition system, you can work offline by using an embedded integrated design.Such as add the license plate recognition technology algorithm to a camera, or set up a black and white list to manage vehicles, then we can realize allowing VIP members to pass freely while disallow nonmember to pass without paying .1. Smart parking systemThe license plate recognition system is installed at the entrance and exit of the smart parking lot, it records the license plate number of vehicles and the time when vehicles enter or leave, and is combined with the control equipment of automatic gates and railing machines. License plate recognition system can realize automatic time-based charging.It can also automatically calculate the number of available parking spaces and give tips to realize automatic management of parking charges to save manpower and improve efficiency. The license plate recognition system is used in intelligent communities, which can automatically determine whether the coming vehicles belong to this community, and realize automatic timing and charging for nonmember vehicles. The intelligent license plate recognition parking lot charging system achieve passing wuihout cards, which effectively improves the efficiency of vehicle access.2. Monitor and alarmIf you want to check whether a car is included in the "blacklist", such as: wanted or reported vehicles, unpaid vehicles, vehicles under annual inspection, accident and escape vehicles, etc., just enter the license plate number into the management system.The system is installed at designated intersections, checkpoints or carried by law enforcement officers at any time. The license plate recognition technology will identify all license plate numbers of passing vehicles and compare them with the "blacklist" in the system. Once a designated vehicle is found,an alarm message will be issued immediately... The license plate recognition system can work continuously throughout the day, without fatigue, and with extremely low error rates; it can adapt to moving vehicles; it can complete license plate recognition without affecting normal traffic, and the driver will not be affected during the entire monitoring process Sensitive and confidential. Application of license plate recognition technology will greatly improve the efficiency of law enforcement.More application Industry of License Plate Recognition System1.Recognition and monitoring of license plates at the entrance and exit of the parking lot;2.Identification and monitoring of license plates at highway entrances and exits;3. License plate identification and monitoring at the entrance and exit of the mall;4.Identification and monitoring of license plates at the entrances and exits of government agencies, enterprises and institutions;5. Weighing charges.The extensive application of the license plate recognition system has greatly helped vehicle management and parking billing of parking lots, such as parking lots in residential quarters. This has also contributed a lot to smart transportation. Dimon artificial intelligence shared a parking solution includes smart on-street parking, smart parking lot, three-dimensional parking garage, shared parking, new energy charging pile, and other subsystems. As a city-level smart parking solution, this solution is based on a “high-level video + palm parking app + AI parking management cloud platform” as a framework, a set of high-level video The device can manage 8-12 parking spaces, and the license plate recognition rate is as high as 99.99%. It can automatically store users' on-street parking videos and image records. It provides a complete evidence chain for handling illegal parking, recovering evasion and leakage, and solves traditional parking. Problems such as low management efficiency, manual labor, cumbersome operation, and poor user experience. Also, Dimon's artificial intelligence shared parking uses on-street parking as a fulcrum, which can completely open up on-street parking resources, and comprehensively link the city's public bus travel system, traffic command system, public security monitoring system, and traffic police enforcement system to realize a city platform, One network, integration, intelligent parking management and platform sharing, parking space sharing, and data sharing have completely overturned the traditional parking management model.We are a License plate recognition company which specialize in ALPR system,(License plate recognition),we offer ALPR solution all around the world.Click the links bellow to learn more about our products!ALPR software,ALPR camera ,ALPR hardware,license plate recognition system,LPR cameraYou can also learn more about ALPR at Wikipedia
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