Guide to Buy Face Recognition Equipment in TGW Technology

Guide to Buy Face Recognition Equipment in TGW Technology


On this page, you can find quality content focused on face recognition equipment. You can also get the latest products and articles that are related to face recognition equipment for free. If you have any questions or want to get more information on face recognition equipment, please feel free to contact us.

face recognition equipment is highly maintained as the star product of Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd. Featured by using eco-friendly materials, the product stands out for its sustainable product life cycles. The quality control process is strictly implemented by a team of professional technicians to eliminate the defects. Besides, as we come to recognize the importance of customer feedback, the product is constantly improved to meet updated requirements.TGW branded products are highly competitive in the overseas market and enjoy high popularity and reputation. We are proud to receive customer comments like '…after twenty-five years of working in this field, I have found TGW to have the highest quality in the industry...', 'I really appreciate TGW for the great service and responsibility to detail', etc.We make sure that our customer service team has the right skills for meeting customers' needs through TGW Technology. We train our team well who is equipped with empathy, patience, and consistency to know how to provide the same level of service every time. Moreover, we guarantee our service team to convey clearly to customers using authentically positive language.
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Face recognition technology
Face recognition technology
Face recognition technology plays a prominent role in alleviating security issuesby:Shenzhen TGW Technology Co.,LtdIn recent years, the process of urbanization has accelerated, and the living standards of residents have improved. However, with the development of urbanization, the high concentration of urban population and the complication of personnel structure, it also poses a threat to security issues in various fields. Face recognition technology is based on the recognition of facial features and can accurately determine the identity of a person. With the breakthrough development of biometric technology, face recognition technology has gradually become a solution to potential problems in the process of urbanization, the urbanization order is maintained, and the security is improved. At present, face recognition technology is mainly used in corporate attendance access control, residential community security protection, and face recognition account opening authentication in the financial field. Among them, attendance and access control applications accounted for 42%, security applications accounted for 30%, and financial applications accounted for 20%. In the future, with the gradual popularization of face recognition technology, it will be better applied in the fields of financial security, transportation, medical treatment, and management. In the future, with the continuous development of 3D scanning technology, the accuracy of face recognition technology will continue to improve. Also, as people pay more and more attention to security and work efficiency, face recognition technology will gradually be more widely used. In the future, driven by the Internet + model, the development of remote financial systems and medical systems will have a greater demand for face recognition technology. Also, face recognition technology can provide technical support for national security development and work efficiency.We are a License plate recognition company which specialize in ALPR system,(License plate recognition),we offer ALPR solution all around the world.Click the links bellow to learn more about our products!ALPR software,ALPR camera ,ALPR hardware,license plate recognition system,LPR cameraYou can also learn more about ALPR at Wikipedia
TGW face recognition machine with temperature:make a great progress in Japan
TGW face recognition machine with temperature:make a great progress in Japan
TGW face recognition machine with temperature:make a great progress in Japanby:Shenzhen TGW Technology Co.,LtdTGW face recognition machine with temperature:make a great progress in JapanAs one of the earliest fields of artificial intelligence, face recognition machines, from image recognition, license plate recognition, and face recognition, the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence technology in the field of security has accelerated the iteration of major security technologies.Shenzhen TigerWong Technology Co., Ltd., through its own strength, sells products to all parts of the world, including Japan. Customers like our company’s products very much, and we are very grateful to our customers. Advantages of temperature measurement facial recognitionAt present, our temperature measuring face recognition machine supports broadcasting in the following languages: English, Korean, Japanese, the management software also supports multiple languages, and currently supports simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, Korean, and Russian. The parameters of tempearture screenerAt present, the small language version of the temperature measurement face recognition terminal can cooperate with the background software to achieve the following functions:1. Body temperature detection access control management2. Built-in WIFI function, support wireless operation3. High temperature warning, beep sound alarm4. Provide SDK development kits to support docking with major enterprises and institutions (docking)The features of facial recognition device with test temperature The face recognition temperature measurement terminal adds a temperature-measuring chip to the conventional face recognition machine. The chip uses the chip to convert the radiant energy of the infrared radiation emitted by the object into an electrical signal. The size of the infrared radiation energy is related to the temperature of the object itself. Correspondingly, according to the size of the converted electrical signal, the temperature of the object can be determined. The TGW face recognition machine get great feedback from customerTGW's face recognition machine has been widely praised by foreign customers since its launch. The product is easy to operate, the software is installed with one click, and the function is easy to understand. Of course, there will be defects in our products and software, and we will collect more customer opinions to modify it to make it more perfect.
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