Wholesale Bi-directional Auto Parking System TGW Brand 1
Wholesale Bi-directional Auto Parking System TGW Brand 2
Wholesale Bi-directional Auto Parking System TGW Brand 1
Wholesale Bi-directional Auto Parking System TGW Brand 2

Wholesale Bi-directional Auto Parking System TGW Brand

Operating temperature:
-25℃ ~ +60℃
Operating voltage:
Motor type:
Passing speed:

Company Advantages

1. TGW recognition system is an up-to-date and practical design. It is designed in a simplistic style by the designers who are quite acquainted with market trends in the sanitary ware industry.

2. TGW automatic license plate recognition is produced complying with the requirements stipulated in the bathroom ware industry. It will be strictly scrutinized in terms of surface flaws, seaming quality, luster, temperature resistance capability, etc.

3. TGW subway turnstile is designed based on the simplicity and functionality concepts. Every element in the bathroom or washroom such as interior style has been taken into consideration whether it matches with the product.

4. TGW half height gate is designed to give the bathroom an aesthetic appeal. From the style matching, space distribution, color matching, to the materials matching are all carefully considered by the designers.

5. This product has a long service life. Its current collectors are well protected to prevent any liquid corrosion or rust.

6. The product has a relatively wide range of working temperature. It can work normally under high and cold temperature without influence on its electricity performance.

7. The product features low internal impedance. The surface of its conductive substrate has been treated to enhance its static conductivity and collect microcurrent of the active material.

8. The product is characterized by low internal resistance. Its conductive substrate is optimized to reduce the contact resistance between anode and cathode materials.

9. There is no doubt that what we wear and how we look certainly has a big impact on our level of confidence. This product can greatly enhance people's self-confidence.

10. With its abrasion resistance property, this product allows for many times of washing or a lot of people's movements.

11. This product will make people feel like they could take on the world - look good, feel good and ultimately they are comfortable and confident.

12. The fit of this product makes a difference in the way people look and feel. It helps them look put together and feel comfortable.

13. This product is comfortable enough for people to dress in and makes them feel confident in the way they’re dressed.


1. The working mode can be set through the button on the main panel.

2. Anti-collision,the object will automatically and slowly return to the original position after collision,to prevent the motor from being damaged by external force collision.

3. Doors can be synchronized.

4. Automatic reset.Right turn is automatically cancelled if it is not passed within the scheduled time.(1-60s adjustable), the default time is 10s.

5. Compatible access control system, consumption system, ESD system, electronic ticketing system, etc.

6. One-way control or two-way control.

7. Two pairs of anti-collision infrared sensor,two pairs of alarm infrared sensor.

8. Each cabinet have one LED direction indicator.

9. The unit can be controlled and managed by remote control.


Company Features

Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd has high-quality access control solution and modern production lines. Through the introduction of advanced production lines, Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd mainly produces high-quality access control solution. Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd is a leading company in access control solution production. Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd has a number of modern production lines to produce high-quality access control solution. Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd is a large manufacturer of access control solution with strong research and development capabilities.

As a access control solution manufacturer, Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd is a technological leader. The high quality and solid technical foundation make TGW products competitive. With the outstanding technical strength, our company is trusted by customers. The technical strength of Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd is quite mature.

We consciously to conduct good business actions. We have made corresponding plans to achieve sustainability. We will try to readjust our industrial structure to a clean and environmental-friendly level. We have a positive aspiration, to achieve more long-term partnerships. Under this concept, we will never sacrifice product quality and service. We have the confidence to expand our customer base, and we have made a strategy. By using advanced production technologies and mastering the market trends, we can achieve this goal. The first and foremost goal of our company is to win more customers relying on quality. We will strive to offer customers quality products that are sophisticatedly manufactured. We always adhere to the core idea of "customer-center and human-oriented". This makes our company well recognized and accepted by industry customers.

Product Details

To better learn about auto parking system, TGW Technology will provide detailed pictures and detailed information in the following section for your reference.

Application of the Product

The auto parking system of TGW Technology can be used in many industries.

TGW Technology always gives priority to customers and services. With a great focus on customers, we strive to meet their needs and provide optimal solutions.

Product Comparison

Compared with other similar products, our auto parking system has the following advantages.

Enterprise Advantages

So far, our company has introduced and cultivated a considerable number of professional talents. Many outstanding employees have dedicated themselves to our key projects in their own positions, and have made efforts for our development with wisdom and sweat.

A comprehensive after-sales service system is established based on customers' needs. We are committed to providing quality services including consulting, technical guidance, product delivery, product replacement and so on. This enables us to establish a good corporate image.

Based on the tenet of 'honesty, commitment, and operation', our company adheres to the business philosophy of 'people-oriented, customer first', and advocates the spirit of 'integrity, unity, dedication, and struggle'. We persistently provide high-quality and sincere and professional services.

Our company was founded in After years of precipitation and accumulation, we have developed into a modern enterprise with strong strength, standardized management and broad sales market.

Our product sales network covers all parts of the country, and some products are exported to some countries and regions in Asia, Europe, Latin America and Africa. So our company's social influence has been greatly improved.


Cabinet Material

304 Stainless Steel





Arm Length


Passage Width


Opening Signal


Material Thickness


Card-reading Window:


Protection function

   Infrared anti-pinch,Break-in alarm function



Service Life

   5million times

Operating Temperature

   -25℃ ~ +60℃

Related Humidity


Communication Interface


Power Rate


Power Supply

AC 220V/110V ±10% 50/60MHZ (optional)

Opening Speed:

   30-45persons per minute 

File Name File size Date Download

TGW-ST003D Specification


2020-02-19 Download

TGW-ST003 Specification


2020-02-19 Download
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