Tigerwong Parking - Types of Access Control System 1
Tigerwong Parking - Types of Access Control System 2
Tigerwong Parking - Types of Access Control System 3
Tigerwong Parking - Types of Access Control System 4
Tigerwong Parking - Types of Access Control System 1
Tigerwong Parking - Types of Access Control System 2
Tigerwong Parking - Types of Access Control System 3
Tigerwong Parking - Types of Access Control System 4

Tigerwong Parking - Types of Access Control System


Company Advantages

· Appropriate voltage values are extremely important. Tigerwong Parking entrance barrier is designed in a perfect interval of voltage. This voltage interval is not so high and not so low because over high voltage may shorten the service of LEDs and too low voltage may emit insufficient illuminance.

· The product features mildew resistance. The mouldproof process is conducted to endow the materials with excellent and long-lasting mildew proof capacity in the sunlight, atmosphere, or contaminant conditions.

· Tigerwong Parking Technology strictly controls the production process and sets up a quality inspection team to carry out strict quality tests. All this ensures the superior quality of face detection access control system.

Upload Software Introdution

The license plate recognition of parking lot is applied to the entrance and exit of parking lot by the way of license plate recognition.Based on the function of recognition and output of license plate, any project that needs to obtain license plate information can be used in combination with our software. The application places mainly include gas station, car wash shop, vehicle management, intelligent weighing, intelligent charging, payment system for vehicle entry and exit, etc.In order to make more customers benefit from the application of license plate recognition, taigewang has specially customized upload software, which can provide customers with the data of license plate, picture of license plate, time of entry and exit and so on from our software system.Docking is also very simple, only three steps.


Simple introduction to upload software:

1. Parameter setting interface                                                                                        2. Recognition and vehicle picture interface

Tigerwong Parking - Types of Access Control System 5Tigerwong Parking - Types of Access Control System 6     

3. Uploading software and docking three steps


Tigerwong Parking - Types of Access Control System 7


The ALPR upload software can be used in different applications,for example as following:




Company Features

· Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd has an extremely large market share in access control entry using its exceptional quality and competitive cost.

· There is a strict quality control system during the production of access control entry. By applying traditional and modern technology, the quality of access control entry is superior than similar type of products. Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd implements strict quality control system to guarantee high quality of access control entry.

· We force sustainability into our everyday activities. We minimize our environmental impact by making more from less and innovate to develop products and solutions that fit into a circular society.

Product Details

Tigerwong Parking Technology will show you product's specific details below.

Application of the Product

The types of access control system produced by our company can be applied to different fields and scenarios. So the different requirements of different people can be satisfied.

Tigerwong Parking Technology has professional engineers and technicians, so we are able to provide one-stop and comprehensive solutions for customers.

Product Comparison

The types of access control system produced by Tigerwong Parking Technology stands out in many similar products. And the specific advantages are as follows.

Enterprise Advantages

Tigerwong Parking Technology always believes that a professional team makes a great contribution to the rapid development for our enterprise. This is why we establish an excellent team engaged in management, design, production, and marketing. All this enables our company to develop rapidly.

Our company adheres to the service concept of 'providing what customers want'. We are dedicated to supplying customers with continuous, efficient and fast service.

Tigerwong Parking Technology invests heavily in corporate culture construction while attaching importance to economic benefits. Moreover, we carry forward our enterprise spirit of 'unity, kindness, and mutual benefit'. With a focus on integrity and innovation, we strive to improve our core competitiveness, so as to provide consumers with more high-quality products. The final goal is to make a great contribution to sustainable development in the industry.

Tigerwong Parking Technology was founded in With the joint efforts of years, our company's scale has continued to grow and expand, and the business scope has become wider and wider.

Our products are not only sold in Mainland, but also exported to some countries and regions overseas, with a relatively high popularity.

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TigerWong upload software can provide API and interface with client’s third-party software system,system can get the number plate recognition result data from our software.




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Upload software instruction


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