Tigerwong Parking High Speed Barrier Gate - PARK-101 1
Tigerwong Parking High Speed Barrier Gate - PARK-101 2
Tigerwong Parking High Speed Barrier Gate - PARK-101 3
Tigerwong Parking High Speed Barrier Gate - PARK-101 1
Tigerwong Parking High Speed Barrier Gate - PARK-101 2
Tigerwong Parking High Speed Barrier Gate - PARK-101 3

Tigerwong Parking High Speed Barrier Gate - PARK-101

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High Speed Barrier Gate Traffic Gate Boom Gate Barrier

Company Advantages

· Front & Inside View Camera is developing toward functional, practical, and decorative types.

· To meet the needs of our rapid social development, face recognition terminal with temperature is considered to be the unique characteristics of our products.

· This product offers great possibilities for users and has a wide range of applications in the global market.

Tigerwong Parking High Speed Barrier Gate - PARK-101 4


Hardware introduction


Tigerwong Parking High Speed Barrier Gate - PARK-101 5

Barrier Boom Functions

1.Using high-speed servo motor, small size, light weight, fast response, stable operation;

2.High speed lift, favorite 0.6s; slow falling, humanized safety design;

3.Adjustable left and right directions, adapt to more applications;

4.Encoder limit, high precision, long life, easy debugging;

5.Traffic light display, red light for closing the gate, green light for opening the gate;

6.The door can be closed with a delay time, cooperate with infrared protection device to realize unattended operation;

7.It can be connected with protective devices such as pressure wave, infrared, and ground sense;

8.With the function of outputting the gate opening and closing status;

9.Possess the ground sense counting function, which needs to be suitable for high throughput environment


Adjustable speed:

The operating speed of the barrier can be adjusted as required

Return when blocked:

When encountering obstacles such as people/cars during operation, the pole will be automatically lifted; the sensitivity of the return to obstacle can be set as required

Intelligent self-check:

Intelligent self-check, always protect system safety

Delay closing:

Time delay can be set to close the gate, with infrared protection device to realize unattended

Sense count:

With ground sense counting, suitable for high-throughput application environment

Error code:

Check the running status of the movement, and display different fault codes when a fault occurs, so as to eliminate the fault

Function setting:


With function settings such as lever type selection, starting angle, counting, delay drop, return sensitivity when resistance, 485 communication, running status, limit setting, etc.




How to choose Barrier boom

Barrier boom regulate the stream of car, control exit and entrance.

Barrier boom are installed at parking lot,security desks, governmental facilities, schools, banks, hospitals, universities, sports etc.

Tigerwong Parking High Speed Barrier Gate - PARK-101 6



Company Features

· In the growing Infrared thermal imaging body temperature test system Launched market, Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd is a top runner.

· The company is now replete with a well-trained group of professionals and supplemented with the topnotch production crew in China. Those members contribute a lot in improving the products.

· We have an ambitious goal: to enlarge our customer base at a significant level. We will unswervingly use superior quality materials and strive for sophisticated workmanship, so as to supply clients with high-quality products.

Product Details

More detailed information about High Speed Barrier Gate is provided for you as follows.

Application of the Product

Our High Speed Barrier Gate has a wide range of applications and can be used in a variety of situations and scenarios.

Tigerwong Parking Technology insists on providing customers with reasonable solutions according to their actual needs.

Product Comparison

Compared with other products in the same industry, Tigerwong Parking Technology's High Speed Barrier Gate has the following characteristics.

Enterprise Advantages

Tigerwong Parking Technology has a professional R&D team and an experienced technical team to promote the production of high-quality products.

We conduct strict monitoring and improvement in customer service. In this way, we can ensure that our services are timely and accurate to enhance consumer and market acceptance.

Our company always sticks to the business philosophy of 'based on integrity, changing through innovation, and advancing with the times'. Depending on technological innovation and talent advantages, our company strives to meet customers' needs as much as possible and provides customers with better products and services.

Established in Tigerwong Parking Technology has struggled hard in the industry for years. Now we have achieved rapid development.

Tigerwong Parking Technology's products are not only sold well in many cities in China but also exported to Southeast Asia, Africa, and other foreign countries.

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