Tigerwong Parking Brand License Plate Camera-2 1
Tigerwong Parking Brand License Plate Camera-2 2
Tigerwong Parking Brand License Plate Camera-2 3
Tigerwong Parking Brand License Plate Camera-2 1
Tigerwong Parking Brand License Plate Camera-2 2
Tigerwong Parking Brand License Plate Camera-2 3

Tigerwong Parking Brand License Plate Camera-2

Company Advantages· The safety of Tigerwong Parking commercial parking lot entry and exit control syst is guaranteed by the standards it passed....

Company Advantages

· The safety of Tigerwong Parking commercial parking lot entry and exit control syst is guaranteed by the standards it passed. This product is fabricated complying with EMC standards, electric compatibility standards, and overload protection.

· This product has been tested by an independent third party.

· Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd's products are all 100% guaranteed by high quality foreign brands.

Main interface

Tigerwong Parking Brand License Plate Camera-2 4



Set basic parameters, such as: report title, display screen content, camera IP, etc.

Tigerwong Parking Brand License Plate Camera-2 5



Administrator's authorization and records

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Entry and Exit surveillance is the main function of the system.

Tigerwong Parking Brand License Plate Camera-2 7



Records of all transaction and picture captured of entry and exit of vehicles, card usage transaction and searching etc.

Consist of Vehicle Entry records, Vehicle Exit records, card usage transactions, car parking real time monitoring, operator shift changing schedule and shift transaction records etc.

Tigerwong Parking Brand License Plate Camera-2 8



Multi type of report available base on the daily, monthly, yearly of entry and exit of the vehicles; daily, monthly and yearly fee collection report for every operator.

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Company Features

· In the course of several years'development, Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd has developed into an influential company specializing in the manufacturing of Parking Ticket Dispenser System.

· We have built up a robust and solid customer base. They range from some pf unknown manufacturers to some of the most famous companies in the world. We have an experienced resource purchasing team. With their many years of experience in materials purchases in the Parking Ticket Dispenser System industry, they can control the purchase costs effectively while guaranteeing high-quality materials.

· Excellence comes from our professionalism in the industry of Parking Ticket Dispenser System. Please contact.

Product Details

Tigerwong Parking Technology pays great attention to details. And the details of license plate camera are as follows.

Application of the Product

The license plate camera produced by Tigerwong Parking Technology can be used in many fields.

We are always aware of new trends and developments in the market, so we can provide our customers with the industry-leading one-stop solutions.

Product Comparison

Compared with other products in the same industry, Tigerwong Parking Technology's license plate camera has the following characteristics.

Enterprise Advantages

Our company has established a high-quality and high-efficiency production team. With years of production experience, our members can solve problems in the process of production effectively.

Based on user experience and market demand, Tigerwong Parking Technology provides one-stop efficient and convenient services as well as good user experience.

Our company strictly complies with national production standards and safety of products. During business operation, we adhere to the management concept of 'innovation, efficiency and pragmatism', and insist on the scientific management. All efforts are made for building a first-class brand in the industry and achieving healthy and sustainable development.

Established in Tigerwong Parking Technology has a good reputation in the domestic and foreign markets.

Adhering to the domestic and international product inspection rules, we are strict in the process of production. Our products are of high quality and reasonable price. They are sold well in China, Africa, Europe, Southeast Asia and other regions, and are highly praised by domestic and foreign customers.


Card is the main (object/subject) in the system for monitoring the entry and exit of the vehicles. With the picture capturing and

verification, prevent loss of vehicle effectively.

Thus, reduce rate of long waiting process at the cashier entrance thus complete the whole computerized of the car parking


  1. Flexible Collection Format

Support 16 different type of collecting format

    2. Report

Multiple reports can be created with fact and figures.

   3. Card Management

Perfect card management system includes Card Inspection, Card Registration, Card Renewal, Card value Top-up, Card Lost, Card

Restore, Card Exchange, Card Return, Card Data Download, Card Data Upload, Card Files and Card Query.

   4. Authority Assignment Options

Different level of authority can be assigned to operator according to their respective job and position in the whole operation.

   5. Multi car parks

Client has a full control and management of different sizes of car parks, including large car park with multi exit and entrance locations.

Cards are programmed into 5 different types, namely, Temporary Card, Season Card, Cash Card, VIP Card and Operator Card.

   6. Temporary or Hourly Card

The card is pre register by the operator for the daily hourly rate parking system. Type of card and standard collection scheme is base

on the type of vehicle and its size.

  7. Payment at the Exit Point

Load the pre registered cards into the card dispenser. The driver obtain the card from the dispenser by pressing a button at the card

dispenser machine, the barrier arm raise and the entrance is cleared for the vehicle to enter into the premises. At the Exit point, the

driver handed over the card to the cashier and the cashier then scan the card , the system calculate the payment automatically

according to the type of and size of the vehicle, the hour of the day entered. After the payment, the barrier raise for the traffic to flow.

The returned card can be recycle from the system and put it back to the dispenser.

  8. Payment at the Central Station

After the card was obtained from the dispenser, the driver parked at the temporary car park bay. Payment can be made in the central

station, the operator on duty scan the card to the reader, after the payment is cleared, the operator will enter the updated data to the

workstation and send the information to the controllers. A grace period was given to every vehicle to exit. At the exit point, the

driver inserts the card into the card return machine for clearing of traffic.

  9. Season Card

The card is created for long term and regular parking purpose at a fixed rate set by the management. At the exit

point, the holder flash the card at the reader fitted at the guard post, after the validity is verified by the system,

the barrier arm raised for the traffic. The procedure is the same for the season card at the entrance point.

  10. VIP Card

The card is created as a compliment card to the owner of the building and its employee and the management

staff personnel.

  11. Prepaid /Cash Card

The card is validated by the amount of value in the card. Value can be top-up at the management’s office.

  12. Operator Card

This card is created for the log in/out duty of the operators. It sends confirmation command to the system for

the hourly or overdue VIP/Season to clear the traffic at the exit point.


The product is not downloaded yet.

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