Tigerwong Parking ALPR with Weighing for 1
Tigerwong Parking ALPR with Weighing for 2
Tigerwong Parking ALPR with Weighing for 3
Tigerwong Parking ALPR with Weighing for 4
Tigerwong Parking ALPR with Weighing for 5
Tigerwong Parking ALPR with Weighing for 6
Tigerwong Parking ALPR with Weighing for 1
Tigerwong Parking ALPR with Weighing for 2
Tigerwong Parking ALPR with Weighing for 3
Tigerwong Parking ALPR with Weighing for 4
Tigerwong Parking ALPR with Weighing for 5
Tigerwong Parking ALPR with Weighing for 6

Tigerwong Parking ALPR with Weighing for


Company Advantages

· Tigerwong Parking espresso android has passed various tests before it reaches the customer. It has to undergo a visual inspection, continuity test, insulation resistance test, and leakage test.

· intelligent parking system with full types is available in Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd.

· This product has unique anti-bacterial qualities and is naturally hypoallergenic, therefore making it ideal for sensitive or allergy-prone skin.

What is LPR(License Plate Recognition) Technology?

License plate recognitionANPR/ALPR/LPR) is one of the important components in modern intelligent transportation parking systems, and it is widely used.

Based on technologies such as digital image processing, pattern recognition, and computer vision, it analyzes the vehicle images or video sequences taken by the camera

to obtain the unique license plate number of each car to complete the recognition process.

Tigerwong Parking ALPR with Weighing for 7


Hardware part introduction

1.Functions and features of each component

1) Camera: it mainly captures pictures, which are sent to the software for recognition. There are two ways to trigger the camera to capture pictures.

One is that the camera itself has a head-detection function, and the other is that the car is triggered by the loop coil when vehicle pass to capture the picture.

2) Display screen: you can customize the display contents of the display screen.

3) Column: the column and the appearance of the product are formed by cold-rolled iron sheet, strong and waterproof.

4) Fill light: With an automatic light sense < 30Lux, the light will be automatically opened according to the surrounding environment of the project site, and will remain

bright until the supplementary light detects that the surrounding environment becomes brighter, and the light sense will be automatically closed when it is greater than 30Lux.


Software part introduction 

ALPR workflow

Tigerwong Parking ALPR with Weighing for 8

Process description:

Entry: the license plate recognition camera captures an image by means of vehicle head detection or loop coil trigger, and the image is transmitted to the software.

The software algorithm recognizes the image, writes the recognition result into the database and returns it to the camera, and the camera sends the switch signal to

barrier switch.

Exit: the license plate recognition camera captures an image by means of vehicle head detection or loop coil trigger, and the image is transmitted to the software.

The software algorithm recognizes the image, outputs the recognition result and compares it with the entrance recognition result in the database. The comparison is

successful and the result is returned to the camera. 


ALPR software interface-multiple languages

Software function introduction

 1) The recognition module is built into the parking lot software, which can recognize the license plates of

123 countries and regions and output the results.

2) Parking software, which can manage the whole parking lot from entrance and exit to charging.

3) Set permissions for operators who manage parking lots.

4) Set the charging rules of the parking lot,input them into the system and charge them automatically.

5) Monitor the movement of vehicles in and out.

6) Keep a record of vehicle movements.

7) Form the report summary of vehicle access management, fee management and parking management.

8) The best solution of a set of parking software is to manage the parking lot with one in and one out. It can

also be used for two in and two out.If beyond this range, it may affect the efficiency of management or cause

the situation of stagnation, which also depends on the actual use of computers and the amount of vehicles.

Tigerwong Parking ALPR with Weighing for 9Tigerwong Parking ALPR with Weighing for 10


Expanding applications

Expanding application of license plate recognition:

The license plate recognition of parking lot is applied to the entrance and exit of parking lot by the way of license plate recognition.Based on the function of recognition and output of license plate, any project that needs to obtain license plate information can be used in combination with our software. The application places mainly include gas station, car wash shop, vehicle management, intelligent weighing, intelligent charging, payment system for vehicle entry and exit, etc.In order to make more customers benefit from the application of license plate recognition, taigewang has specially customized upload software, which can provide customers with the data of license plate, picture of license plate, time of entry and exit and so on from our software system.Docking is also very simple, only three steps.

Simple introduction to upload software:

1. Parameter setting interface                                                                                        2. Recognition and vehicle picture interface

Tigerwong Parking ALPR with Weighing for 11Tigerwong Parking ALPR with Weighing for 12


3. Uploading software and docking three steps

Tigerwong Parking ALPR with Weighing for 13


ALPR advantage

  • License plate recognition parking system is a a reliable, accurate and cost effective car park management solution.It is widely used in many places,including supermarkets,
  • retail parks, hotels, hospitals and leisure centers.
  • Reduce labor cost and management difficulty of parking lot system,Improve vehicle traffic efficiency.
  • Ticketless/ card less parking lot management. Increased security and Parking access automation.
  • Prevent car theft and prevent "ticket/card loss"


Nine models of hardware

  • Tigerwong Parking ALPR with Weighing for 14











Company Features

· Tigerwong Parking, most distributors' first choice for has won more and more customer's reliability and trust.

· Our produced parking system company enjoys good warranty and maintaince period to be responsible for you. Our company takes the dominance of parking system company market because of the high-quality products and considerate services.

· Understanding our role in social sustainability development, we use the technologies, materials, and equipment which reduce the negative impact on the environment. Welcome to visit our factory!

Product Details

Tigerwong Parking Technology pays great attention to the details of ALPR With Weighing. The following will show you one by one.

Application of the Product

Tigerwong Parking Technology's ALPR With Weighing can be used in multiple industries and fields.

We are always aware of new trends and developments in the market, so we can provide our customers with the industry-leading one-stop solutions.

Product Comparison

Compared with similar products, the ALPR With Weighing produced by Tigerwong Parking Technology has the following advantages.

Enterprise Advantages

Tigerwong Parking Technology pays attention to talents management and cooperation. We have a high-quality and highly-educated elite team.

We can meet customer's demand ceaselessly, and continue to provide high quality products and services.

In the future, while attaching importance to economic benefits, our company will also strengthen corporate culture construction. Moreover, we will carry forward our enterprise spirit of 'unity, kindness, mutual benefit and win-win'. With a focus on integrity and innovation, we will strive to improve our core competitiveness to provide consumers with more high-quality products, making contributions to sustainable development in the industry.

Tigerwong Parking Technology was founded in After years of development, we become a leader in the industry.

Tigerwong Parking Technology constructs different sales channels based on the domestic and foreign market. are sold well all over the world.


Model No.






Parking lot,car washing.,etc


TCP.IP ports, Power supply ports

Hardware configurations

Camera:1 pc

Display part:2 lines 

Filling light:1pc

Technical Specification

Cabinet material

Iron plate metal 2.0

Camera pixel

1/3CMOS,2M pixel






Recognition distance


Recognition speed

< 30 km/h

Communication Interface


Rated voltage

220 v /110V±10%

Display size


Character Color


The filling light voltage

Automatic light sensor< 30Lux

Working Tempreture


Working Humidity




File Name File size Date Download

LPR HardwareTGW-LFV2 Spec


2020-02-19 Download
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