Hot Entry&Exit of Vehicles Parking System Company Entry&Exit of Vehicles TGW Brand 1
Hot Entry&Exit of Vehicles Parking System Company Entry&Exit of Vehicles TGW Brand 2
Hot Entry&Exit of Vehicles Parking System Company Entry&Exit of Vehicles TGW Brand 3
Hot Entry&Exit of Vehicles Parking System Company Entry&Exit of Vehicles TGW Brand 4
Hot Entry&Exit of Vehicles Parking System Company Entry&Exit of Vehicles TGW Brand 1
Hot Entry&Exit of Vehicles Parking System Company Entry&Exit of Vehicles TGW Brand 2
Hot Entry&Exit of Vehicles Parking System Company Entry&Exit of Vehicles TGW Brand 3
Hot Entry&Exit of Vehicles Parking System Company Entry&Exit of Vehicles TGW Brand 4

Hot Entry&Exit of Vehicles Parking System Company Entry&Exit of Vehicles TGW Brand

Vehicles and operators
Entry&Exit of vehicles
Customer request
Recognition range:
120 countries


System parameter setting


1) Enter the IP address of the camera and write it into the entry and exit respectively.

2) Input the display screen IP of the license plate recognition device,and write into entry and exit


3) The contents of the import and export display screen can be customized.


Entry and exit parameter setting



1) Choose the corresponding country.

2) You can set whether repeat entry is allowed for vehicles entering or leaving,and the default is allowed.

3) You can set whether temporary vehicles are allowed to enter. If you need to set a white list, you can

register the vehicles directly in the software.If you need to set a black list, you can set temporary cars

here not to allow entry.If you want to blacklist a registered vehicle, you need to delete the registered

vehicle and the vehicle will automatically become a temporary vehicle.

4) Temporary vehicles can be set to enter the field by means of manual confirmation. By default,

temporary vehicles are allowed to enter.

5) When the vehicle's entrance and exit lanes are the same, check yes in the software.Default is not.

6) Chinese license plate number can be set to recognize,the default is not recognized.This situation is

generally used in Hong Kong and Macau license plates.


Parking fee setting



You can set your own parking rules,or communicate with the manufacturer to write the rules directly into the


Registration license plate information


Can be set as temporary car, monthly rental car,VIP and other types of vehicles.


Suveilliance interface


1) It can see the dynamic picture of the traffic in the entry and exit cameras in real time.

2) Vehicle entry and exit recognition results and vehicle type will be displayed in the current.

3) It shows the number of available Spaces in the parking lot and the number of different vehicle types


4) Current records of some vehicles.

5) Display of static captured pictures of the last vehicle.

6) The release of some vehicles can be confirmed and selected in this screen.

7) A summary of vehicle charges will also be displayed on this page.


Vehicle records


The traffic record can be viewed and inquired here.


Vehicle report


Form vehicle access report, operator fee report, parking fee report.

Company Advantages

1. The production of TGW commercial access control systems is well controlled by the computer. The computer exactly calculates the necessary amounts of raw materials, water, etc to reduce unnecessary waste.

2. TGW Self-service payment machine has to go through five basic production processes: raw material extraction, compounds mixture, forming, cutting, and final surface treatment.

3. Every TGW number plate identification is guaranteed by a series of processes including raw material extraction, accurate and rigorous prototyping and regular tests on physical and chemical properties.

4. The quality control of TGW TGW-LGV22 is strictly conducted. Stringent measures on raw material extraction and regular testing procedures have been carried out to cater to building structural elements.

5. The product is hypoallergenic. During its production, any allergens caused by raw materials' ingredient, dye agents or chemical additives are eliminated.

6. The product is non-toxic. The raw materials used in it are exclusively dyed with ecologically-friendly and chemically safe agents.

7. This product has a high water treating effect. Its built-in ultrafiltration system can filter out the worthless and harmful suspended solids or other contaminants.

8. The product helps achieve better water purification effect. It can effectively remove all of the harmful substances while at the same time, it will not contaminate the original water source.

9. The product is efficient in removing dirt and contaminant. Due to its extremely small polyporous filter elements, any harmful substances, small molecule or macromolecular, will be removed effectively.

10. This piece of furniture is basically the first choice for many space designers. It will give a decent look to the space.

11. This product plays an important role in the professional life of space designers. They use it as the main tool to give different looks to different spaces.

12. This product can be a timeless and functional piece that will fit one's space and budget. It will make the space welcoming and complete.

13. This product can be an important space design element. It will help the space to produce an attractive overall look and feel.

Company Features

As an influential enterprise, TGW plays an important role in the TGW-LGV22 field. TGW is very influential in TGW-LGV22 market. TGW now is leading the field of TGW-LGV22. TGW has been influencing TGW-LGV22 industry for years.

Excellent product has become a cost-effective weapon for Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd to fight the market. Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd owns a professional technical engineer team and a design production team with strong strength. Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd pays attention to the training and management of talents from the establishment. In Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd, the production equipment is advanced and the checking and testing methods are complete.

TGW has a great objective to achieve to be a famous brand in TGW-LGV22 market. TGW Technology will continually create new standards with our innovative results. TGW Technology actively shapes the current and future markets of TGW-LGV22. The desire of TGW brand is to win the leading TGW-LGV22 manufacture market.

Application of the Product

The parking system company produced by TGW Technology has a wide range of applications.

With many years of practical experience, TGW Technology is capable of providing comprehensive and efficient one-stop solutions.


Japanese Parking Management Software Interface





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