Custom TGW-PT013 Double Turnstile TGW-PT013 TGW 1
Custom TGW-PT013 Double Turnstile TGW-PT013 TGW 1

Custom TGW-PT013 Double Turnstile TGW-PT013 TGW

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-25℃ ~ +60℃
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Double Turnstile Barrier Speed Sliding Gate Turnstile


Custom TGW-PT013 Double Turnstile TGW-PT013 TGW 2


Product information

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Hardware introduction

Custom TGW-PT013 Double Turnstile TGW-PT013 TGW 4


1. The working mode can be set through the button on the main panel. 

2. Anti-collision,the object will automatically and slowly return to the original position after collision,to prevent the motor from being damaged

    by external force collision.

3. Doors can be synchronized.

4. Automatic reset.Right turn is automatically cancelled if it is not passed within the scheduled time.(1-60s adjustable), the default time is 10s.

5. Compatible access control system, consumption system, ESD system, electronic ticketing system, etc.

6. One-way control or two-way control.

7. Two pairs of anti-collision infrared sensor,two pairs of alarm infrared sensor.

8. Each cabinet have one LED direction indicator.

9. The unit can be controlled and managed by remote control.


Turnstile access control method

Tripod Turnstile made of stainless steel has a modular design that allows to integrate different types of external

equipment: QR-code scanners, biometric readers, card readers, button,IR,coin acceptors etc.

Custom TGW-PT013 Double Turnstile TGW-PT013 TGW 5


Turnstile Integrated system

1.Interface various kind of management system   

2.Communicating and data interchange  

3.Intergrate multi management software  

4.We have strong R&D team to assist you development

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How to choose turnstile

Overview form "How to choose a turnstile" will help to make a choice of equipment for access control organization at the entrance.

Turnstiles regulate the stream of people, control exit and entrance, protect from unauthorized persons access.

Turnstiles are installed at security desks, governmental facilities, schools, banks, hospitals, universities, sports and entertainment centers and other facilities.

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Company Advantages

1. TGW Ticket Printing Machine has to be tested strictly to meet food grade standards. It has passed the quality tests including BPA ingredient test, salt-spray test, and test on capacity withstanding high temperature.

2. TGW Management Software has to go through the salt spray test before it goes out of the factory. It is strictly tested in an artificial salt spray test chamber to check its corrosion resistant capacity.

3. TGW tripod gate is designed in according to the ergonomics principle by the design team who have years of experience in creating BBQ accessories.

4. During the production, TGW gate turnstile has to go through a series of processing stages. For example, the treatment of steel includes cleaning, sandblasting, polishing, and acid passivation.

5. The parts of TGW Steel Barrier Swing Turnstile are strictly produced complying with high-quality standards. It has to be tested to guarantee it releases no harmful substances during the BBQ process.

6. The product has the necessary ductility. It can be drawn out or elongated to an appreciable extent before rupture occurs.

7. The product stands out for its capacity for water absorption. It can effectively absorb and retain water depending on its sizes and shapes.

8. The product has the advantage of spalling resistance. It has the ability to undergo certain sharp temperature variations without failing.

9. The product has strong weathering effects. It is able to withstand the changing atmospheric actions without losing its strength and shape.

10. The product features frost resistance. Since it can resist freezing or thawing, it won't lose its strength in freezing and become brittle.

11. Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd is able to complete all production tasks in a quick and perfect way.

12. Quality, quantity, and efficiency are very important in production management for Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd.

13. Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd applys the advanced technology so flexibly that it can guarantee both quality and quantity while finishing the production tasks.

Company Features

Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the principal manufacturers of mobile temperature scanner. We stand out for our expertise in design and production. Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the prominent manufacturers of mobile temperature scanner. Over the years, we have been focusing on design and production. With years of evolvement, Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd has been recognized as an expert in developing, designing, and manufacturing mobile temperature scanner. Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd has been a reliable manufacturer of mobile temperature scanner. We are extensively accepted both in the domestic and international market. Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd is an expert in manufacturing mobile temperature scanner. For years, we have accumulated broad experience in production and marketing.

In recent years, our company's businesses have shown a steadily rising trend with yearly increasing profits, mostly due to the increased revenue in overseas mobile temperature scanner markets. We have been awarded the honor of "Name Brand of China", "Advanced Export Brand", and our logo is rated with "Famous Trademark". This demonstrates our ability and credibility in the mobile temperature scanner industry. Business management talents are the most important resource for our company. They have a wealth of expertise and practical experience in business operation and business investment, which lays a solid foundation for our growth. So far, we have exported products to most parts of Asia and America. And we have got lots of appreciation from those customers based on our long-term stable cooperation. We have brought together a large number of talents. They are devoted to the development of the company business and have overcome difficulties and challenges in achieving our business transformation with their enthusiasm and insight into the mobile temperature scanner market.

We are committed to winning the market with the highest quality mobile temperature scanner and the most highly acclaimed customer service. We decided to become one of the most popular mobile temperature scanner suppliers. The goal of our company is to be a good mobile temperature scanner supplier. We always adhere to the purpose of cultivating corporate culture. With the great dream of being a good manufacturer of mobile temperature scanner, TGW will work harder to increase customer satisfaction.

Application of the Product

TGW Technology's Double Turnstile is of excellent quality and is widely used in the industry.

TGW Technology has an excellent team consisting of R&D, production, operation and management. According to actual needs of different customers, we could provide customers with practical solutions.

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