Custom Swipe Cards Ticket Box Parking System Swipe Cards TGW 1
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Custom Swipe Cards Ticket Box Parking System Swipe Cards TGW 1
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Custom Swipe Cards Ticket Box Parking System Swipe Cards TGW

Press red button
Display screen:
One line display
Card collector:
Collect cards
Card dispenser:
Withdraw cards
Card reader:
Swipe cards
12 month
1 set
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Ticket Box Parking System Parking Ticket Dispenser Parking Equipment

Company Advantages

1. TGW light phone has been strictly monitored during production. It has been inspected with regards to cracks, discoloration, structural safety, slip resistance, and biomechanical comfort.

2. TGW park management software is inclusively tested by third-party testing organizations. It is tested in terms of abrasion, adhesion, colorfastness, dimensional stability, hardness, thickness, and tear strength.

3. TGW temperature detection face recognition terminal has passed defects inspections. These defect inspections include surface scratches & cracks, pinholes, chip edges, and needle and thread loosening.

4. The inspections of TGW number plate recognition include different aspects. They cover thickness tolerance, flatness, longitudinal & torsional stiffness, tear strength, and slip resistance.

5. The product has good fabrication dimension stability. It has gone through heat treatment such as annealing which aims to reduce the internal stress of materials.

6. It does not have a numerical control machine tool machining error. It will be checked for the parameters for several times to eliminate any chances of fabrication error.

7. The product is not likely to have dimension errors. During the testing stage, its sizes and shape have been checked under the precise measuring machines.

8. The product's high position accuracy is notable. The tolerance clearance among workpieces has been handled to the minimum limit.

9. The product has high positioning accuracy. During the workpiece fabrication, various geometric elements have been taken as datum reference to guarantee its dimension accuracy.

10. This product has high commercial value and has broad market application prospects.

11. The product is in sync with the changing needs of its customers and has a wide range of market applications.

12. This product is well received by the global market and has a broad market prospect.

13. This product enjoys a high reputation in the market and has great market application prospects.

14. The product has successfully achieved customer satisfaction and has broad market application prospects.

What is ticket dispenser solution?


Ticket dispenser is the key equipment of the parking lot management system, generally refers to the management equipment of cards and barriers in the parking lot charging management system or ticketing system.


The main components of the ticket box include voice output module, LED or LCD display module, card management module, main control module, vehicle detection module and power supply module. The ticket box is an indispensable part of the parking lot and other ticketing intelligence, and is widely used in the management of various vehicle passages.


Hardware part introduction 


Custom Swipe Cards Ticket Box Parking System Swipe Cards TGW 3

1. Unique manual release can stop the boom at any angle,  Auto-reset  when power on.

2. Bar can rise and fall on left/right sides by setting on the same machine.

3.One balance spring is suitable for all types of bars.

4. Unique remote controller, 3 buttons to control the barrier gate, safety  and easy using.

5. Support the external and internal VEHICLE LOOP DETECTOR (optional).

6. Machine core can automatically adapt to low temperature.



Software part introduction


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How does it work?                                                                             Card Parking Compos

Custom Swipe Cards Ticket Box Parking System Swipe Cards TGW 6Custom Swipe Cards Ticket Box Parking System Swipe Cards TGW 7

Process description:


Push Button and Take a Card.

Take the card and paste up it on the dispenser box to raise the barrier gate.

It must be waiting a minute that the barrier has alreadlly rose up.


The vehicle begin go through the barrier and entry parking.

Keeping the card for exit.



Advantages of parking ticket dispenser

Advantages of parking lot entrance control ticket dispenser

* It can realize "one car spit out one card", "non-entry no longer spit out card"

* Intercom with the center and automatic counting and statistics function

* It can store 200 ISO standard proximity cards (with automatic card issuing machine)

* High-brightness LED Chinese characters are automatically displayed and turned over, and the remaining parking spaces are displayed

* Appearance size and color are optional

* Voice prompt, help intercom function


Advantages of parking lot exit control ticket dispenser 

* Can realize "one car swallow one card"

* Intercom with the center and automatic counting and statistics function

* High-brightness LED Chinese characters automatic display, screen flip, charge amount display

* Appearance size and color are optional

* Charged voice prompt, help intercom function


Company Features

Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd is the leader of the SG003 industry's progress and innovation. TGW Technology is always a banner for SG003 development trends. Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd is now an 'expert' in the SG003 industry. Over the years, Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd has continued to write history on SG003 industry history.

Our company is equipped with an excellent workforce. Most of them have a longstanding career in the SG003 industry, thus having a solid understanding of this industry. We have an excellent workforce. They are able to make compelling connections among cutting edge knowledge, creativity, facilities, and funding, thus make perfect products for customers. Our manufacturing accomplishments have been recognized through an impressive array of awards. These awards are City Advanced Enterprise, County Leading Enterprise, to name but a few. We have an excellent sales team. The colleagues are able to effectively coordinate product orders, deliveries, and quality follow-up. They ensure quick and effective responses to customers' requests. We have excellent design professionals. Most of them have worked in the SG003 industry over the years. This industry knowledge allows them to create the best design for customers' product requirements.

Customer satisfaction is the business objective of Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd. All employees at TGW Technology are ready to provide satisfactory and honest services to customers with an active attitude. We sincerely hope that our clients will succeed in their business. We will continue to provide customers with quality and perfect customer service. Customers are bound to find something interesting at TGW Technology.

Product Details

TGW Technology produces Ticket Box Parking System according to national standards, and the products are of good quality. The specific details are as follows.

Application of the Product

The Ticket Box Parking System produced by TGW Technology is very popular in the market and is widely used in industry.

With many years of practical experience, TGW Technology is capable of providing comprehensive and efficient one-stop solutions.

Product Comparison

Compared with other products in the same category, Ticket Box Parking System has the following major features.

Enterprise Advantages

Our company thinks highly of the introduction and cultivation of talents. In order to develop rapidly, we have a team of experienced and professional high-quality talents.

We conduct strict monitoring and improvement in customer service. In this way, we can ensure that our services are timely and accurate to enhance consumer and market acceptance.

In the future, TGW Technology will continue to implement the business philosophy of 'customer is God, quality is life, development seeks innovation, and friends make a win-win situation', and unites with the benevolent people of the national community to create a better future!

TGW Technology was incorporated in We have a development history of years.

Our company actively applies the 'Internet +' thinking to the business operation. We arrange online and offline all-round layout and we combine the online e-commerce platform sales with offline franchise business model. So the annual sales volume of the products increases rapidly, and the sales range is getting wider and wider.

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