Automated Facial Recognition System-1 1
Automated Facial Recognition System-1 2
Automated Facial Recognition System-1 3
Automated Facial Recognition System-1 4
Automated Facial Recognition System-1 5
Automated Facial Recognition System-1 6
Automated Facial Recognition System-1 1
Automated Facial Recognition System-1 2
Automated Facial Recognition System-1 3
Automated Facial Recognition System-1 4
Automated Facial Recognition System-1 5
Automated Facial Recognition System-1 6

Automated Facial Recognition System-1

Company Advantages· Tigerwong Parking computer software definition is constructed by the state-of-the-art facilities. · Only those that pass t...

Company Advantages

· Tigerwong Parking computer software definition is constructed by the state-of-the-art facilities.

· Only those that pass the rigorous quality tests will go to the marketplace.

· People do not have to worry that shampoos, vinegar, hair dye, or other liquids will affect its functions or make it fade.

About ALPR Software

Automated Facial Recognition System-1 7


ALPR Parking Software Basic Function

1. Role, permissions, password management settings.

2. Vehicle registration, extension, recharge, parking area setting.

3. Whitelist and blacklist settings.

4. Charging standards and charging methods setting.

5. Traffic management and reporting.

6. Parking fee inquiry and summary report.

7. Access control and charge system management.



It is divided into 4 modules, which are password modification, parameter setting, system maintenance, and payment scheme.

Change password-Through this setting, the password of the currently logged in person can be modified

Setting parameters-Mainly include the head of the report, camera IP, display IP 

System maintenance- This item is set to be triggered manually

Payment scheme- For different types of vehicles in foreign countries, 8 types of vehicle fees are set to cope with the different conditions of different vehicle types

Automated Facial Recognition System-1 8



It is divided into 3 modules, namely authorization, operator profile, and parking profile.

Divided into three management permissions, system administrators, administrators and toll collectors (other types can be added),

the operation of this section is for the operation (viewable) scope of different management permissions,

such as toll collectors can only see the entry and exit records And monitoring screens, etc., can be modified according to needs

Automated Facial Recognition System-1 9




It is divided into 4 modules, namely vehicle registration, renewal, recharge, and error correction.

Corresponding to four types of vehicles, namely monthly rental car (monthly card for short), stored-value car,

VIP car and internal temporary car, according to different needs corresponding to the type (8 types) of new vehicles,

each model has mandatory items, such as Monthly card, corresponding to the extension time, the default is one month, the stored-value car must be filled with the value amount, etc.

Automated Facial Recognition System-1 10



1) It can see the dynamic picture of the traffic in the entry and exit cameras in real time.

2) Vehicle entry and exit recognition results and vehicle type will be displayed in the current.

3) It shows the number of available Spaces in the parking lot and the number of different vehicle types entering.

4) Current records of some vehicles.

5) Display of static captured pictures of the last vehicle.

6) The release of some vehicles can be confirmed and selected in this screen.

7) A summary of vehicle charges will also be displayed on this page.




It is divided into 3 modules, namely, admission vehicle record, exit vechile record, and operator shift record query.

According to the model display, the default temporary vehicle

The exit record of all vehicles, the default is 0:00-23:59 of the day, including the entry and exit time, the address of the entrance and exit, double-click to view the picture, etc.

Check the record of the transfer of shifts by the toll collector on the day, including commuting time, charge amount, etc., to facilitate the management of related personnel in the later period

Automated Facial Recognition System-1 12




It is divided into 4 modules, namely, operator charge report, parking fee report, entrance traffic report, 

and exit traffic report

The charge records of all toll collectors of the day, including the amount of monthly card extension, the cost of temporary car appearance, etc.

Automated Facial Recognition System-1 13




Automated Facial Recognition System-1 14

Company Features

· Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd has an important position in the industry. We are known for our strong capacities of designing and manufacturing software engineer jobs.

· We are constantly invested in a series of production facilities that are imported from Japan, Germany, etc. With the help of these facilities, our workers are able to improve operational efficiency for some customized projects. We have a professional team to guarantee our product quality. They have years of satisfying record of keeping high standards of excellence in quality assurance and significantly help cater to the needs of our customers.

· Good corporate culture is an important guarantee for the development of Tigerwong Parking. Call!

Product Details

Our automated facial recognition system has better quality performance by virtue of the following excellent details.

Application of the Product

The automated facial recognition system developed by our company can play a role in various fields.

We work hard to develop solutions that best meet the needs of our customers based on their actual situation, so as to help each customer succeed.

Product Comparison

automated facial recognition system has the following differentiated advantages compared with other products in the same category.

Enterprise Advantages

Our company pays great attention to the construction of talent teams, because they are the basic element for our development. Therefore, we introduce and explore talented people regardless of regions and limitations in every possible way. Through giving full play to the potential, it promotes our company to develop efficiently.

Our company has set up a high-quality, experienced and knowledgeable customer service team, which is committed to supplying all-round services to consumers.

Tigerwong Parking Technology continues to uphold the enterprise spirit of 'honesty, integrity, pragmatism, and progress'. We proactively focus on innovations and mutual benefits in business development. We provide customers with quality products and professional services. Our commitment is to become a modern enterprise with industry influence in China.

Founded in our company has been engaged in the production of for years and now has become a leader in the industry.

Our company's products have a high reputation in the market, so they are sold well in the domestic and foreign markets including


Simplified Chinese Software Interface




Traditional Chinese Software Interface






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