-25℃ ~ +60℃ Main Gate Security System TGW Manufacture 1
-25℃ ~ +60℃ Main Gate Security System TGW Manufacture 1

-25℃ ~ +60℃ Main Gate Security System TGW Manufacture

Operating temperature:
-25℃ ~ +60℃
Operating voltage:
Motor type:
Passing speed:

Company Advantages

1. In order to comply with the quality standard required by the office supplies industry, TGW Management software is developed and manufactured according to certain quality standards such as raw materials qualified standard and safety standard.

2. TGW facial recognition security camera system goes into the markets after it undergoes many rigorous and stringent domestic and international testings required by the office supplies industry.

3. All the raw materials of TGW HALF HEIGHT TURNSTILE GATE are guaranteed by our reliable suppliers. Those suppliers hold international quality certificates in the office supplies&accessories industry.

4. TGW boom barrier is developed according to the ergonomic requirement. The R&D team strives to create and develop the product in a more user-friendly way.

5. The product has fine workmanship. Its details have undergone additional steps of fine processing of trimming the edges.

6. The product has been proved safe. The material ingredient testing has verified that it contains no aromatic amine, harmful lead, and formaldehyde.

7. The product is nontoxic and innocuous. It has passed the ingredient testing, with no lead, formaldehyde, or other harmful substances contained.

8. The product is distinguished by stress resistance. It is not likely to be out of shape when imposed with heavy load or weight.

9. The product is comfortable. It is able to distribute the stress or weight across the feet and decrease the landing impact.

10. This product is one of the healthiest options because it contains no harmful chemicals and is good for one's sleep.

11. This product is the healthiest option because it contains no chemicals.

12. The product has received a lot of reviews for comfort, quality, durability, and panache.

13. Buying this product is a treat and one of the quickest and easiest ways to refresh a person.

14. This product is durable, breathable, soft, easy to care, and generally quite affordable. If one wants high-quality clothes, this is an option.


-25℃ ~ +60℃ Main Gate Security System TGW Manufacture 2


Product information

-25℃ ~ +60℃ Main Gate Security System TGW Manufacture 3



Hardware introduction

-25℃ ~ +60℃ Main Gate Security System TGW Manufacture 4


1. The working mode can be set through the button on the main panel. 

2. Anti-collision,the object will automatically and slowly return to the original position after collision,to prevent the motor from being damaged

    by external force collision.

3. Doors can be synchronized.

4. Automatic reset.Right turn is automatically cancelled if it is not passed within the scheduled time.(1-60s adjustable), the default time is 10s.

5. Compatible access control system, consumption system, ESD system, electronic ticketing system, etc.

6. One-way control or two-way control.

7. Two pairs of anti-collision infrared sensor,two pairs of alarm infrared sensor.

8. Each cabinet have one LED direction indicator.

9. The unit can be controlled and managed by remote control.


Turnstile access control method

Tripod Turnstile made of stainless steel has a modular design that allows to integrate different types of external

equipment: QR-code scanners, biometric readers, card readers, button,IR,coin acceptors etc.

-25℃ ~ +60℃ Main Gate Security System TGW Manufacture 5


Turnstile Integrated system

1.Interface various kind of management system   

2.Communicating and data interchange  

3.Intergrate multi management software  

4.We have strong R&D team to assist you development

-25℃ ~ +60℃ Main Gate Security System TGW Manufacture 6



How to choose turnstile

Overview form "How to choose a turnstile" will help to make a choice of equipment for access control organization at the entrance.

Turnstiles regulate the stream of people, control exit and entrance, protect from unauthorized persons access.

Turnstiles are installed at security desks, governmental facilities, schools, banks, hospitals, universities, sports and entertainment centers and other facilities.

-25℃ ~ +60℃ Main Gate Security System TGW Manufacture 7



Company Features

Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd has reached the industry-leading level, and we have won a good reputation in the field of manufacturing Motor. Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd has been engaged in manufacturing Motor for many years. Our experience is rich and integrity is high. Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd provides the best Motor at the best price. We are able to personalize the product according to the customer's unique style.

Our company has a full set of facilities for producing and inspecting products. We boast powerful technical advantages and strong research and development capacities. Our company has always adhered to the rigorous quality criteria of the Motor production.

Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd will continue to increase its competitiveness in the Motor market, making it stand out in the market. TGW hopes to provide the excellent quality and professional service of Motor. There is no limit for TGW to stick to the pursuit of excellence. Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd is always here to provide the best service for our customers.

Product Details

We strive for perfection and pursue excellence in every detail of production. All this promotes the high quality of our products.

Application of the Product

Our main gate security system is widely used in various scenarios.

Through problem analysis and reasonable planning, we provide our customers with an effective one-stop solution to the actual situation and needs of customers.

Product Comparison

Compared with products in the same category, TGW Technology's main gate security system has the following outstanding features.

Enterprise Advantages

TGW Technology has a high-quality management team integrating technology development, product R&D, and market expansion, which provides solid backing for rapid corporate development.

TGW Technology has established a complete service network to provide professional, standardized, and diversified services. The quality pre-sales and after-sales services can meet well the needs of customers.

Pursuing for excellence and always making progress is our business concept. And we operate our business based on the integrity and dedication. All this will create an excellent brand image in industry.

Founded in our company has always put the quality of products and customer satisfaction in the first place. So, we can gain the favor of consumers.

TGW Technology's products are sold to many provinces and cities in China. Some are even exported to North America, Eastern Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, and other regions.


  Cabinet Material

304 Stainless Steel



  Motor Type

Single /Double motor



  Arm Length


  Passage Width


  Opening Signal


  Material Thickness


  Card-reading Window


  Infrared sensor


  Protection function

    Infrared anti-pinch,Break-in alarm function



  Service Life

    5million times

  Operating Temperature

    -25℃ ~ +60℃

  Related Humidity


  Communication Interface


  Power Rate





File Name File size Date Download

TGW-PT016 Specification


2020-02-19 Download

TGW-PT016D Specification


2019-12-19 Download
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