Zecti Camera Backpack, Durable & Perfect for Harsh Weather

The Zecti Camera Backpack is a durable, waterproof backpack that can handle the toughest rainstorm. This Zecti camera bag comes with a removable rain cover as well as a high-density waterproof canvas design. These two waterproof qualities provide peace of mind against any possible water damage in even the heaviest rainstorm.

Zecti Camera Backpack, Durable & Perfect for Harsh Weather 1

Zectis line of camera bags are is constructed of quality materials and designed with long-term use in mind. Any photographer will be more than pleased with the Zecti Camera Backpack, especially one who ventures out into the wilderness and finds themselves rained on often.DesignThe Zecti Camera Backpack appears to resemble a design with a classic material that one might find from an L.

L. Bean catalog. Overall, the design to the Zecti Camera Backpack is crisp, sleek, and low-key for the most part.

There arent any flashy elements to the backpack as all the pocket lines blend in with the rest of the backpack. No accents are present on the bag, apart from a Zecti brand patch on the lower right-hand corner. There is an absence of double zippers on the bag, which normally would allow for a padlock, however it has other features to make up for it.

A detachable sleeve bag for the interior is an option to bundle together a bunch of loose accessories in the main compartment. A side pocket allows for a water bottle or reusable beverage bottle to be carried. Apart from other camera bags, the Zecti Camera Backpack has a hidden pocket to carry a tripod if needed.

Zecti Camera Backpack, Durable & Perfect for Harsh Weather 2

The Zecti Camera Backpack measures in at 12.2 x 7.5 x 16.

1 inches. Measurements of the bag provide for a spacious inner compartment at 10. 6 x 7.

5 x 16. 1 inches. The spacious inner compartment allows for easy storage and transport of a 14-inch laptop or smaller.

At a total weight of 3.74lbs, this waterproof camera bag does come in at a heavier weight when compared to other camera backpacksThe Zecti Camera Backpack in UseThe Zecti Camera Backpack will not let any photographer down in the field. Waterproof construction partnered with a rain cover for the harder, more torrential downpours eliminates any worry about water damage.

With several pockets to choose from, there isnt anything that the backpack cant carry in a spot that is less than perfect for it.The multiple sections to the Zecti Camera Backpack breakdown into two compartments. A top compartment in the backpack holds accessories like batteries, filters, chargers, cables, and more combinations of assorted camera accessories.

The bottom main section of the Zecti Camera Backpack is mainly geared toward a combination of the main camera body and multiple camera lenses.Additional sections to the Zecti Camera Backpack include a velcro compartment for quick and easy access for a quick battery swap or a lens cloth to remove a pesky dust speck or smudge.The main part of the Zecti Camera Backpack is the bottom compartment that can be customized in any way deemed necessary.

Dividers in the bottom section are easily removed to fit the combination of lenses required. A longer zoom lens can take the place of two shorter lenses and still fit snugly within the backpack with the adjustment of only one or more padded dividers. These padded dividers can be entirely removed to convert the camera backpack into a normal backpack.

A different point of the backpack that has it set in a world apart from its competitors is a hidden tripod holder. Competitors often have a removable attachment for when a tripod is needed. However, the Zecti Camera Backpack has a hidden pocket that only needs to be taken and straightened out from the side of the backpack.

Then, the tripod can simply place into the pouch and velcroed onto it with a strap from the side.The Zecti Camera Backpack shares a quality that is often touted as the most important quality of outdoor camera backpacks breathable construction and design. An ergonomic and breathable pad is designed to target and cover the shoulder areas, lower back, and main shoulder straps.

These areas provide full air circulation and prevent moisture buildup from sweat through long-term wear. The pads also provide relief on areas of the body that the backpack will weigh down on over an extended period of time.Lastly, the Zecti Camera Backpack is made with high-density canvas.

The quality canvas used to make this backpack helps to prevent it from wear and tear through even the harshest of forest environments and more.How Does It Compare to Competitors?It isnt hard to be swooned by the Zecti Camera Backpack due to a few of its primary features.

The fact that the backpack can be converted into a normal backpack with the simple removal of the main compartment pad case is a huge selling point. An individual who needs a new camera bag, but also could go for a new backpack, could easily purchase the Zecti Camera Backpack and nail two birds with one stone.A similar competitor to this Zecti Camera Backpack is the Lowepro ProTactic BP 350 AW II.

Both camera backpacks share similarities in breathable design, adjustable main compartment configurations, and the option to combine a waist strap along with the two shoulder straps. Despite some similarities, there is an extreme difference in price between the two camera backpacks. The Lowepro is nearly $70 more than the Zecti Camera Backback, yet doesnt come with better or more features than the Zecti.

It would even be possible to believe that the Zecti has a better outer appearance than the Lowepro. A way that the Zecti Camera Backback beats the Lowepro is through its weight class. The Zecti is more than a pound lighter than the Lowepro and would suit a photographer who prefers lightweight travel.

Overall, the Zecti Camera Backback is the best option to go for. The Lowepro, and other competitors, dont have the feature to transform the camera backpack into a regular, run-of-the-mill backpack with the easy removal of the divider holder. At tens of dollars less than the Lowepro, the Zecti has more features, more options, and an overall better outer look to the backpack.

ConclusionIn conclusion, the Zecti Camera Backback has got what it takes for even the most rugged of outdoor photographers. This camera and laptop backpack, that also converts to a primary backpack, can withstand intense rains and can hold up in harsh terrain with its high-quality canvas material.Photographers that travel and subject themselves to the great outdoors dont have to worry about the Zecti Camera Backback failing them.

Breathable material, adjustable compartments for cameras and camera lenses, and a chest support strap, as well as a waist support strap, will provide the best camera backpack experience. THE REVIEWSCORE: 8The Zecti Camera Backpack has the most bang for ones buck when it comes to features and high-quality canvas construction. It isnt one to pass up because of its waterproof construction, ability to transform into a traditional backpack and several additional pockets or sections for further storage.

ProsConverts into normal backpackAdjustable dividersStreamline outer appearanceQuality canvas materialBreathable constructionConsSlightly overweightOnly one tripod stabilization strapNo double zippers for padlocksZecti Camera Backpack DEALS(We get commissions for purchases made from links in this post. )AmazonB&HOriginally published at on January 9, 2020 RELATED QUESTION What the most durable and longest lasting brand of backpack? GORUCK is currently the most durable and long-lasting backpack brand without a doubt based on my experience testing the GORUCK GR2 and GR3, Kelty, Gregory, Northface, REI, and a handful of other brands backpacks because: Extremely Durable Materials used (1000D Cordura Nylon, YKK zippers) High quality construction (tested to carry 400lb loads) Lifetime guarantee Purposeful design (built for reliable use by special forces ) For a full in depth review of why the GORUCK backpacks, and particularly the GORUCK GR3 are the most durable backpacks Ive tested (and the best for travel) check out this GORUCK GR3 Review Durable Materials All of GORUCKs backpacks use 1000 denier polyurethane coated Cordura nylon as the main fabric which is abrasion resistant, water resistant (touted as rainproof by GORUCK) and has a tear strength of over 400 lbs.

The YKK zippers are extremely strong and reliable from my experience using them in dusty desert conditions. Most backpacks opt for a much lighter nylon or polyester fabric and lighter zippers Construction All GORUCK bags are made in America and stitched together with high strength threads and redundant stitched patterns. All of the stress points (e.

g., shoulder strap stitch points, seams, compression straps, etc.) on their bags (the GR1, GR2, and GR3) are tested with 400lb loads So, between the materials and construction, all of GORUCKs bags are tested to carry over 400lb loads.

I dont know of any other brand whose backpacks are built for that kind of use Lifetime Guarantee GORUCK has a lifetime guarantee in which if the bag EVER breaks, tears, or falls apart in any way they will pay to fix (or replace) the bag and send it back to you, and they ship internationally. So, if you manage to damage this bag, wherever you are, theyll take care of it. So, theoretically the lifetime on these backpacks is.

forever Purpose (built for abuse and hiking with heavy weights) GORUCKs founder and primary team come from a military special operations background and they designed this bag to withstand normal working conditions for special forces, which involve carrying very heavy weights and walking for very long distances in very harsh environement. Additionally, most special forces missions are far away from help, support, and civilization so the bag needed to be designed so it wouldnt break on the soldiers when theyre miles away from help. These days, the GORUCK bags are continually tested during the GORUCK challenges which are essentially hours long endurance challenges where participants walk, exercise, and carry heavy loads (in GORUCKs backpacks) recreating special forces style training, so the bags get an extreme amount of abuse in a short amount of time.

GORUCK designed the bags to perform well in these conditions. Though most backpacks are designed to be used outdoors, military level abuse is a different animal and the fact that GORUCKs backpacks can handle it is a great sign My experience with the GORUCK GR3 Backpack I have done several hikes with 40lbs of weight plates in the pack to test it and regularly do calisthenics and gymnastics style workouts with the backpack and it is holding up extremely well I currently travel full time in search of adventures (motorcycling Laos and parts of the Ho Chi Minh trail in Vietnam, trekking to Everest Base Camp, camping and trekking through Patagonia, and lots of adventures in between). I needed a bag that travels well as a carryon but is durable enough to stand the abuse of being my only backpack for these kinds of adventures and the GORUCK GR3 has taken everything in stride as the best world travel backpack Ive owned, and its still ready to hike and camp when you are.

The GORUCK GR2 is excellent if you need a smaller bag (40 liters) and the GR1 is just as great but small enough for everyday use (21 liters and 26 liters). Ive owned bags from Northface, Gregory, REI, Kelty, and a handful of others. Ive split the seams on backpacks from overpacking them, broken off shoulder straps from overloading them, and usually had to re-stich or repair them in a middle of a hike.

From that experience I can tell you the GORUCK GR2 and GR3 are THE most durable backpacks Ive ever owned. If you need a rugged, durable, long lasting backpack head straight to GORUCK. For a full review of why this is the most durable backpack Ive owned check out this GORUCK GR3 Review

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After Years of Development, the Types of Access Control Systems Are Gradually Diversified_ Taigewang
After years of development, the type of access control system has also changed from single to diversified. As the name suggests, access control system is a system used to adjust and control the access of the gate. It is developed on the basis of traditional door locks. Common access control systems include password identification access control system, card identification access control system, biometric access control system, etc. Password identification the access control system identifies access rights by verifying whether the entered password is correct. It is divided into two types, one is the common type, the other is the disordered keyboard type. The advantage of password recognition is simple operation, no card and low cost. The disadvantages are poor safety, easy leakage, only one-way control, no door opening record, easy damage of keys and failure. Card swiping identification access control system can be divided into contact card access control system and non-contact card access control system according to the type of card. Contact products are easy to wear due to contact, cards are easy to copy, are easy to be damaged by external magnetic field, and the use scene is small. Generally, it is only used for bank cards and other occasions. Non-contact cards have the advantages of convenient use, strong durability, fast reading speed and high security. Biometric access control system identifies access by checking people's biometrics. There are fingerprint type, palm type, iris type, face recognition type, finger vein type, etc. Its advantage is that it will not be lost, stolen, safe and convenient. However, the stability and accuracy of biometrics are still further improved, and the product price is also higher than the first two categories. The applicable scheme also has certain limitations. For more information about face recognition system, parking lot management system, parking lot charging system, parking lot gate, access gate system, cloud parking lot and other functions, please consult Shenzhen taigewang Technology Co., Ltd. for details, and the preferred partner for parking lot operators.
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With the rapid development of urbanization in China, the living standards of residents have been continuously improved, the number of urban cars has increased significantly, and the problem of insufficient supply of parking facilities has become increasingly prominent. It has occupied public resources such as non motorized lanes, affected traffic passage, restricted the city's further improvement of quality and management service level, and people's demand for intelligent parking services is becoming higher and higher, So why is the intelligent parking system widely concerned by people? The main reason is that the intelligent parking system has many advantages: 1. Prevent personnel charging loopholes: the traditional artificial cash charging mode has many defects. On the one hand, it has high work intensity and low efficiency, on the other hand, it is easy to cause loopholes or cash loss in finance. In contrast, the modern parking lot management system adopts computer charging, and each payment is confirmed, counted and recorded by the computer, so as to avoid the occurrence of operation error or cheating. 2: It has anti-theft function to ensure the safety of vehicles: the traditional management mode is faced with a series of problems in daily application, especially the safety problems. For example, the form of manual card collection and issuance may cause omissions or no records to be found, and the phenomenon of car loss or false report of car loss has brought a lot of inconvenience to the parking lot management, At the same time, the property safety of the owner's vehicle cannot be guaranteed. The modern parking lot management system will automatically store each parking record, and is also equipped with functional modules such as image comparison and owner vehicle capture. Information comparison will be carried out at the entrance and exit to protect the owner's vehicle safety. 3: Parking space guidance: parking space guidance system refers to the intelligent parking guidance system that guides vehicles to park into empty parking spaces in the parking lot. The parking spaces are detected by the detector, and the empty parking space information is displayed through the display screen. The driver can easily park through this information. This parking lot management system technology can help car owners quickly find parking spaces, reserve / retain parking spaces and quickly find cars, effectively prevent congestion in the parking lot, improve the use efficiency of parking spaces, accelerate vehicle turnover, improve the economic benefits of the parking lot, improve customer satisfaction and shape a good image of the parking lot. 4: License plate recognition technology: license plate recognition system refers to the technology that can detect the vehicles on the monitored road and automatically extract the vehicle license plate information for processing. License plate recognition is an important part of modern intelligent transportation system, which is widely used. Based on digital image processing, pattern recognition, computer vision and other technologies, it analyzes the vehicle image or video sequence taken by the camera, and obtains the unique license plate number of each vehicle, so as to complete the recognition process.
Demand Background of Extensive Application of Parking Lot Management System_ Taigewang Technology
Demand Background of Extensive Application of Parking Lot Management System_ Taigewang Technology
In recent years, with the continuous development of China's intelligent transportation industry, the product technology of domestic parking lot manufacturers has made great progress. At the beginning, more and more companies have their own parking lot management system, product appearance design, software system R & D ability, and intelligent parking lot management system has been widely used in China. So what is the reason for the popularity of parking lot management system. Under the trend of economic globalization, the planning and construction of large-scale commercial areas, the supporting transportation facilities are accelerated, and the parking lot management system is widely used in large and medium-sized parking lots such as airports, exhibition centers, sports centers, hotels, business office buildings, shopping centers and intelligent communities, Different on-site building environments and parking lot functions have different requirements for the scheme design of parking lot system and the software and hardware configuration of products. According to the data of relevant transportation departments, the total number of motor vehicles in China exceeds 250 million. The parking lot management system can well manage the entry and exit of vehicles, make rational and effective use of parking spaces, and alleviate the difficulty of parking. With the improvement of people's life, the per capita car ownership base will increase, and the traffic burden will be heavier. The market prospect of China's intelligent parking lot is bright, with a market share of more than 6 billion, increasing at a rate of 20% every year. The domestic parking lot itself started late, and the number of parking lots is very scarce. Take Shenzhen as an example. At present, there are more than 1.2 million motor vehicles in the city, which is five of the number of parking lots, much higher than the international reasonable ratio of 1.3:1. The serious imbalance between supply and demand makes the parking lot management system in full swing.
What Are the Advantages of Electronic Labels in Urban Intelligent Transportation_ Taigewang Technolo
What Are the Advantages of Electronic Labels in Urban Intelligent Transportation_ Taigewang Technolo
In urban traffic management, the electronic tag is used as the identification mark of vehicle identity. Using the uniqueness of the electronic tag, the system can quickly and accurately identify the real identity of the vehicle, collect and monitor the urban traffic road data information in real time, so as to provide the basis for the intellectualization of urban traffic. The application practice in some cities has proved that cities have the following advantages in using electronic labels to manage vehicles. 1. High security. In the process of electronic label production, a global unique identification code is generated, and each chip corresponds to a unique identification code, which is unique and can not be copied and cloned. 2. There are multiple areas for electronic label data storage, which can be divided into public information and confidential data, which not only ensures the security of some data, but also can modify and supplement some data, which is safe and convenient. 3. It has long service life and strong anti-interference ability. It can work normally in cold, humid areas, tropical areas and places with large dust. Its service life is 3 to 5 years. 4. Low energy consumption. Due to the use of microwave communication, there is no need for external equipment, such as lighting, low power consumption, energy conservation and environmental protection. 5. High recognition rate and wide recognition direction. The recognition direction can be adjusted between 45 degrees and 360 degrees. It can recognize high-speed vehicles (80 180 km / h), and the recognition rate is more than 99.7%. 6. It is convenient and fast to collect data, monitor road information in real time and manage scientifically.
Precautions for Wiring and Installation of Access Control System_ Taigewang Technology
Precautions for Wiring and Installation of Access Control System_ Taigewang Technology
There are few devices to be installed in the access control system. Generally, they are controllers, card readers, electric control locks, doorbells, etc. it seems that the installation is very simple, but in fact, it is not. Just wiring needs to pay attention to many places. If it is a little careless and careless, there may be all kinds of small problems, which will bring inconvenience to future use. We are summing up our years of installation experience and hope to help you. 1、 The wiring of 485 controller shall be constructed according to the specifications. Wiring is the basic requirement of all installation work, but there are few installation personnel, which are convenient and not strictly implemented. The following wiring specifications must be noted. 1. All communication lines must use twisted pair or network cable, and shielding is better. 2. Parallel lines shall not be used for communication line wiring. Even if the line is short, do not try to facilitate the use of parallel lines, because parallel lines are the biggest hidden danger of communication problems in the future. 3. The communication lines shall not be forked or connected in parallel, but must be connected in series. It shall not cause interference and affect communication. 2、 Link between controller and electric lock. If the controller and electric lock are connected directly (not through external power supply), pay attention to the wiring distance. If the distance is within 50m, a power line with a cross-sectional area of 1.0mm2 must be used; If it is more than 50 meters, the wire must be thickened and can be twisted into one with two strands. If two locks are to be installed on the door, they must be wired, not collinear. Finally, some installers are greedy for convenience and directly use the network cable to connect the electric lock. This practice is wrong and should not be used. 3、 Connection between card readers the joints between card readers cannot be simply screwed together by hand, which is easy to cause poor contact. They must be welded and firmly connected, and then wrapped with insulating cloth or heat shrinkable tube (the effect of heat shrinkable tube is better). 4、 Wiring line wiring in order to be beautiful, try to take dark lines, and the lines must also take pipes, which is a necessary measure to prevent rats from biting. If they are bitten by rats, it is very troublesome and difficult to rewire (because some lines are sealed). 5、 The power supply for the access card reader and controller consumes very little power, and the power consumption of the electric lock is relatively large. We summarize as follows: 5A linear power supply can only carry 4 conventional electric locks 4 card readers 1 controller at most. 5A switching power supply can only have 8 conventional electric locks 8 card readers 1 controller at most. In order to ensure sufficient power, it is best to use the original power supply. It is also recommended to buy brand power if it needs to be purchased.
What Are the Potential Safety Hazards That Should Be Paid Attention to in the Planning and Construct
What Are the Potential Safety Hazards That Should Be Paid Attention to in the Planning and Construct
The parking lot is a large public facility. Most of the car owners are people with some social and economic foundation. The car itself is also an asset, so the parking lot will attract a lot of potential safety hazards. In film and television dramas, we often see some illegal acts in the parking lot. Of course, this is only one aspect of the safety of the parking lot. What are the potential safety hazards that need to be noted when planning and building the parking lot? 1、 Parking lots with hidden dangers of personal and property safety, especially the underground parking lots in large communities and commercial centers, have a very large area, lack of light, limited scope of property security management, complex composition of parking personnel and insufficient lighting of monitoring equipment. There will be unclear pictures and some dead corners. These problems will provide opportunities for criminals and cause personal and property losses. 2、 The problem of help network signal coverage is that the underground parking lot is relatively closed, and the network communication signal will be relatively weak, or even not in some places. Therefore, once an abnormal situation occurs in the parking lot, the help signal to the outside world cannot be sent in time, resulting in bad results. 3、 The parking lot itself is the place of centralized property management, so fire prevention and waterproof are very important. The underground parking lot must be equipped with fire-fighting facilities, fire extinguishers, fire sprinklers, smoke, light and fire hydrants, and these equipment should be inspected and managed regularly. The drainage pipeline planning of the parking lot shall be reasonable. In case of strong wind and heavy rain, the water in the underground parking lot can be drained in time to avoid the loss caused by vehicle soaking. 4、 The vehicles in the parking lot look for parking spaces everywhere and collide. The large parking lot area is very large, the parking spaces are difficult to find, and the signs in the parking lot are not obvious. After entering and leaving the parking lot, if there is no guidance of the parking space guidance system in the parking lot, the owners will get lost and drive around to look for them, resulting in collisions and disputes. The above are only some important aspects of parking lot safety, so it should be taken into account when carrying out parking lot construction and planning. The use of intelligent parking lot management system can well solve the problem of parking lot safety. The intelligent parking lot management system has parking space identification function, vehicle positioning function, parking networking function, a large number of signal base stations and high signal strength, It can be linked with the property security weak current system, manage the access of vehicles with one card, and standardize the vehicles and personnel in the parking lot. Taigewang's parking lot system will give more consideration to the safety needs of the parking lot, so that the safety of the parking lot can be more guaranteed when parking is convenient.
Uncover How Shopping Malls Use Parking Services to Attract Consumers_ Taigewang Technology
Uncover How Shopping Malls Use Parking Services to Attract Consumers_ Taigewang Technology
With the rise of e-commerce, convenient and fast online shopping is the choice of more and more consumers. The traditional business model has been greatly impacted. In addition, with the increase of vehicles, it is difficult to find parking spaces, resulting in the gradual reduction of consumers going out to physical stores. How can we attract consumers to shopping malls? This has become a headache for major shopping malls! This year, many businesses use parking discounts and provide more convenient parking services to attract consumers. Let's take a look at these specific means. 1. Free parking is a common means for many new shopping malls to attract consumers. Generally, the newly-built shopping malls are fully equipped, and there are sufficient parking spaces in the parking lot. The only thing they lack is parking vehicles and lack of popularity. The free parking lot in the new shopping mall can attract a large number of people to park for consumption in a short time and improve the popularity of the shopping mall. 2. Preferential consumption. In order to stimulate consumption and avoid the use of parking spaces, parking malls adopt the means of consumption discount. For example, if you spend more than 600 yuan, you can avoid parking fees, and 50% off if you spend more than 300 yuan. You can charge 100% parking fees for users who don't spend parking, so as to avoid the rubbing of parking spaces and improve the utilization rate of vehicles. 3. The point system can use consumption points or parking points to improve consumer loyalty. To realize this means, you need a set of parking lot management system supporting this function. 4. Set up VIP customers and provide special services. Shopping malls can provide VIP services and provide professional services for VIP customers. If a VIP parking space is reserved, a special parking channel shall be set up for the VIP, which can directly lead to any place in the mall. 5. Upgrade the parking system to provide convenient parking services. The upgrading and reconstruction of the parking lot makes the parking space more scientific and reasonable. At the same time, the parking lot system function is upgraded, the parking space guidance system and the reverse car search system are added, which makes it faster and more convenient for consumers to park and find cars, and also improves the turnover rate of the parking lot. With the increasingly fierce competition, service will be the key to the final decision. Who can better provide services and do better in details will be favored by consumers. With the aggravation of parking difficulty, parking service has become more and more important and will become one of the core competitiveness of shopping malls in the future.
Etc May Lead a New Era of Intelligent Parking_ Taigewang Technology
Etc May Lead a New Era of Intelligent Parking_ Taigewang Technology
Urban traffic development comes first. In the process of smart city construction, smart traffic continues to be implemented as an important link. From the end of May, promote the cancellation of high-speed inter provincial toll stations and promote the announcement of etc, making etc a favorite in the field of intelligent transportation in 2019. Etc enterprises, mobile payment terminals, banks and other institutions have joined the war, and various policies related to etc have been released one after another, and the market situation is very good. In the context of intelligent transportation, the integration of etc and Internet industry has become the road of future development, and etc in urban intelligent parking has also become a development direction that can not be missed. It is understood that etc cards with high-speed etc payment and parking fee payment have appeared in Henan, Beijing and Zhejiang. These cards meet the relevant national standards of smart cards and are compatible with bank cards. This indicates that etc has expanded from expressway application to urban parking lot. The emergence of etc parking is the beginning of a new transformation in the field of intelligent parking. Although the business integration scheme dominated by license plate recognition and supplemented by etc payment may be developed for a long time in the future, with the development of ETC system construction, networking and wide popularization, etc entering the city from high speed is still the general trend. As an important part of smart transportation and smart city construction, it is only a matter of time before intelligent parking enters the etc era.
Do You Know How to Deal with Common Problems in the Parking Lot Management System_ Taigewang Technol
Do You Know How to Deal with Common Problems in the Parking Lot Management System_ Taigewang Technol
With the popularization of parking lot management system, we have to understand some of its basic operation and use methods. Due to the characteristics of wiring and system linkage, there will be some problems in the later use of parking lot management system. The reasons for these problems generally include the following points: product quality problems, construction, installation and commissioning problems Factors such as subsequent maintenance, operation habits and environmental impact problems. Therefore, as a parking lot system manufacturer with more than ten years of R & D and production experience, taigewang technology will briefly explain to you how to deal with these common problems. Parking lot system is a complex system engineering. All links from system design, product selection, project implementation to later system maintenance will affect the stability of equipment operation in the later stage. Therefore, when there is a problem with the equipment, we can find out the key points of the problem in time and solve the problem quickly so as not to affect the use of the equipment. At present, the security market presents a hot phenomenon, resulting in different quality of parking system products, mixed brands and endless imitations. Therefore, when purchasing products, we must decide according to our own needs; Improper construction and installation of the system, loose equipment wiring and insufficient fastening of screws will bring hidden dangers to the later operation of the equipment; Improper operation of the equipment will make the service life of the equipment much simpler. The parking lot system does not stop running for 24 hours, and the use frequency is very high. Some problems may occur due to improper operation or the user modifying the system configuration; In addition, for the parking lot system in use, the later maintenance is particularly important. Irregular maintenance of the equipment will increase the service life and reduce the occurrence of faults. The above is a summary of the common problems of the parking lot management system. Following the instructions of the equipment will bring great convenience to our parking lot management.
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