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Now many people yearn for big cities, not only because of the prosperity of the city, but also because of the developed urban traffic. Because of this, the urban traffic has increased the growth of vehicles with the increase of people. Now, many cities are facing the problem of difficult parking. In order to create a good parking environment for people, many parking enterprises have shouted the slogan of intelligent parking management system, so that car owners do not need to spend a lot of time doing something when they go out to find a parking lot or drive into the parking lot, giving car owners endless convenience and ease. With the idea of Internet plus, the landing of city parking ticket machine system, what parking functions will be implemented? I. parking guidance system to solve the problem of finding parking lots and parking spaces for riders.

With the Landing of Intelligent Parking System, Parking Can Be so Simple - Tigerwong Technology 1

It is understood that due to unclear parking space conditions in the parking lot, many drivers often have to take several rounds on the road in order to find parking spaces, which not only affects the safety of traffic and pedestrians, but also causes traffic bottlenecks, The parking guidance system can intuitively display the utilization of parking space in the regional parking lot, and timely provide the parking information to the driver through the information release system, so as to make it clear at a glance and park nearby. The parking guidance system is conducive to improving the city's image, improving the earthly traffic management level and service level, effectively helping drivers find parking spaces, reducing the additional traffic caused by blindly looking for parking spaces, alleviating traffic congestion, and improving the utilization and balance of public parking lots, It solves the contradiction between no place parking and no parking in the garage. II. License plate recognition system makes it more convenient and fast for motorists to enter and leave the parking lot. At present, automatic license plate recognition is more and more widely used in the parking lot system. Automatic license plate recognition is an automatic pattern recognition technology for license plate number and license plate color by collecting dynamic video or static images of vehicles.

A complete license plate recognition system shall include vehicle detection, image acquisition, license plate recognition, etc. The core of automatic license plate recognition system technology includes license plate location algorithm, license plate character segmentation algorithm and optical character recognition algorithm. Its purpose is to complete an embedded intelligent vehicle access management system integrating independent video acquisition, vehicle detection, license plate recognition, voice number reporting, intelligent analysis of recognition results, automatic alarm, remote duty and remote monitoring. The whole process does not need manual processing. The most important thing is that the owner does not need to take the magnetic stripe or swipe the card, which not only does not delay the owner's time, but also improves the efficiency of vehicle access management. Three, mobile APP intelligent payment, which avoids some trouble formalities of traditional payment, and can query parking fees whenever and wherever possible.

The mainstream mobile payment methods are: Alipay, WeChat payment, online banking payment, and WeChat payment is more popular and acceptable. WeChat's payment function and payment method have also changed. Customers can pay directly by scanning the QR code. In the traditional parking lot with card access, it sometimes takes 10 seconds to get the card. In the intelligent parking management system, wechat parking and card free 5 seconds can be completed; In the traditional parking lot, it takes 8 minutes to find a car, while customers can find it in 3 minutes through the combination of car searching machines.

Moreover, in the wechat intelligent parking management system field, users can complete self-service payment on their mobile phones without waiting in line by opening wechat code scanning. In addition, users can query and obtain the roadmap of the WeChat through the WeChat official account of intelligent management management system, and no longer worry about the car park in the parking lot. The traditional parking lot system has gradually gone away from us. Without change, innovation will be eliminated sooner or later. This is an eternal fact. With the landing of intelligent parking management system and the advent of intelligent parking lot, if the parking lot system wants to realize the unattended function, it must have the functions of parking guidance, automatic license plate recognition and owner self-service payment.

With the Landing of Intelligent Parking System, Parking Can Be so Simple - Tigerwong Technology 2

With the increasing maturity of software application and development, it is believed that unattended parking lot is definitely the development trend in the future. Tigerwong parking equipment supplier has focused on parking equipment for many years! If you have any questions about the parking system, welcome to consult and communicate.

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