Why Do Many Parking Lots Want to Use Tigerwong Technology, a Parking Lot System with Wechat Payment

In recent years, urban vehicles are gradually increasing, and many parking lots are in short supply. Some motorists are complaining that they can't find a parking space when they drive out. In fact, these problems are also troublesome for the parking lot property. Many times, due to some problems such as entering and leaving the parking lot, finding parking spaces and paying parking fees, they miss the prime time, and many parking spaces are too late for motorists to park. With the addition of wechat payment function to the parking lot, the parking efficiency is greatly improved, This is why many parking lots want to use the parking lot system with wechat payment function.

Why Do Many Parking Lots Want to Use Tigerwong Technology, a Parking Lot System with Wechat Payment  1

Wechat, as the mainstream social means, is applied to the parking lot, which not only improves the efficiency of payment, but also scans in and out of the parking lot. Using wechat to pay parking fees in the parking lot is more suitable for the current parking situation. Now the parking problem is more and more perplexing people's life. The difficulty of parking and payment is the most headache for car owners. In order to solve the problem of parking difficulty, it is a headache whether as a parking system manufacturer or as a car owner and parking lot manager.

With the application of license plate recognition system, the entrance and exit of the parking lot adopts the way of license plate recognition to manage the access of vehicles, so that people no longer have to queue up to get in and out of the parking lot, saving car owners a lot of parking time. I. the parking fee can be paid through wechat. The parking lot system with wechat payment function scans the code before the owner enters the parking lot. After receiving the instruction, the system can open the road gate rod for release. The parking lot no longer needs to provide temporary IC and ID cards, saving the cost of card printing.

At the same time, it saves time for car owners and administrators and solves the current situation of peak congestion. When the vehicle leaves the site, the system will automatically calculate the entry and exit time. According to the charging standard, the calculated parking fee will be sent to wechat through the system. After the owner checks the information and confirms that it is correct, he can click to pay. II. It is no longer difficult to find a car in the parking lot.

You can know where the car is parked through wechat. When the car is parked in a large parking lot, citizens sometimes encounter such embarrassment and forget where the car is parked. Now, this worry can be easily solved through mobile phones. Connect the parking lot architecture through wechat, find where the car is parked at the first time through the license plate number information left when entering and leaving the parking lot, and easily find your own car with the guide. Motorists can also check the nearby parking lot when driving to see if there are free parking spaces, so as to better help motorists save time in finding parking spaces.

Why Do Many Parking Lots Want to Use Tigerwong Technology, a Parking Lot System with Wechat Payment  2

III. indirectly alleviate the difficulty of parking. Citizens can rent idle parking spaces online. In some prosperous areas, car owners often encounter such problems: on the one hand, it is even more difficult to find parking spaces; On the other hand, the self owned parking lots of some large commercial office buildings around and the parking spaces of the surrounding owners keep empty houses alone. These situations also use wrong time parking. Through wechat, parking space owners can publish parking space rental and rent out parking spaces in idle hours; Parking space demanders can also quickly find, book and rent nearby free parking spaces, which can not only make full use of parking spaces, but also increase their income.

The addition of wechat payment to the parking lot not only provides an integrated solution for vehicle management and realizes the function of opening the road gate with QR code, but also provides a comfortable and convenient user experience for car owners and parking lot administrators. Combined with the development of the times, it is not only the trend of the trend, but also a necessary way to improve the user experience. The car parking management system combined with the wechat payment function is also bound to become the mainstream direction of the security industry. Tigerwong parking equipment supplier has focused on parking equipment for many years! If you have any questions about the parking system, welcome to consult and communicate.

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