Where Should the Parking Lot System Industry Develop in 2017 to Adapt to the Development of the Time

With the panic ending of 2016, the new 2017 is gradually ushered in. In the face of the fierce Internet and big data, there is a wave of mobile Internet in 2016. We have been fooled by 2016 monkeys for a year. In 2017, we should seize the chicken club. Any industry should orient its own goal and development direction in the new year, especially the parking lot industry. So, Where should the parking lot system industry develop in 2017 to adapt to the development of the times? I. requirements of domestic parking lot system car parking management system equipment is widely used in various domestic large or super large commercial toll parking lots (airports, stadiums and exhibition centers), small and medium-sized commercial toll parking lots (supporting hotels, office buildings, shopping malls and theatres), community parking lots, etc, And different parking lots have different requirements for system software and hardware.

Where Should the Parking Lot System Industry Develop in 2017 to Adapt to the Development of the Time 1

After the reform and opening up, China has rapidly grown into the world's largest automobile producer and consumer. According to the data of authoritative departments, by the end of June, the total number of motor vehicles in China had reached 233 million. Car parking management system can well manage the order of parking lot, effectively promote the utilization rate of limited parking spaces in parking lot and alleviate parking problems. Therefore, its demand will continue to rise. At present, the market scale of intelligent parking equipment in China is 5 billion, and is growing rapidly at the rate of 20%. Nevertheless, the number of parking lots is still relatively scarce. Take Guangzhou as an example.

At present, the number of motor vehicles in the city has exceeded 1.2 million, with a ratio of 5:1 to the number of parking lots, which is much higher than the internationally recognized reasonable ratio of 1.3:1. The proportion of serious imbalance leads to the parking space becoming a pastry. Therefore, the parking lot and related management system will have a blowout development. Two, mobile Internet plus big data, committed to the rise of smart city, smart city involves multiple subdivision areas. The same user may leave data information in multiple scenarios. In the post big data analysis, how to accurately grasp and identify the same user's information accurately is the key to the analysis and also relates to the accuracy of the conclusion.

The mobile Internet has two characteristics of small size, light weight and convenient communication, which determines that there are fundamental differences and correlations between the mobile Internet and the PC Internet. You can enjoy the convenience brought by the Internet business at any time and anywhere. It is also reflected in richer business types and a variety of personalized services. The parking lot system industry is bound to develop here in the future. For different user behaviors, they represent different needs and consumption preferences in different scenarios. Common positioning needs can occur in parking lots, scenic spots, restaurants, business districts and other scenes and locations.

The positioning needs are different in different scenes. How to define the meaning of specific behaviors and accurately label and classify them is another key to the application of big data in smart cities. The development of big data determines how fast smart cities will rise. With the technological progress and application penetration, as well as the transformation of citizens' production and lifestyle, the theory and practice of urban planning and construction will be expanded and adjusted accordingly. It is only the beginning to explore new planning methods and generate new planning ideas, It will play a more important role in the security parking industry in the future.

Where Should the Parking Lot System Industry Develop in 2017 to Adapt to the Development of the Time 2

III. the landing of the parking cloud platform is the exact development path of the mobile Internet. With the most popular call of the smart city in recent years, it is also the road that must be taken later. Tigerwong parking platform is an intelligent management platform developed based on cloud computing, Internet of things, big data and other information technologies. The platform integrates parking management, after-sales repair application, payment management and other services, so as to develop parking lot management from independent system to networked system, from single function to intelligent integrated control. In a sense, it is also the inevitable result of the development of the current parking industry. The management of the parking lot basically opens the development bottleneck of the parking lot system, making the parking lot management realize unmanned management to a certain extent.

From the current growth rate of vehicles, the future parking lot system will have more value-added space in solving the parking problem, Realize more functions. Through the above analysis, it is not difficult to see that with the increasing market demand, the parking lot system industry will usher in a high-speed development stage, which is not only the strategic goal of 2017, but also the development direction to be taken in the future. Single function parking lot system products can not meet the needs of market development. We should develop more intelligently and faster, Not only should we embrace the Internet plus, but also combine the actual needs and make better use of the Internet to make better strategic goals for the development of enterprises. Tigerwong parking equipment supplier has focused on parking equipment for many years! If you have any questions about the parking system, welcome to consult and communicate.

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