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In the 1980s, China's car ownership was small, and the demand for car parking management system was limited. It mainly relied on the introduction of foreign parking lot equipment to meet this small part of the demand. With the deepening of reform and opening up, China's economy began to take off, and the domestic car ownership increased year by year, giving birth to the huge demand for parking lot equipment. Nowadays, the traditional parking lot system can not meet people's needs. Having an intelligent parking lot system is what motorists need.

What Kind of Functional System Can a Parking Lot Be Called an Intelligent Parking Lot Tigerwong Tech 1

Then, what kind of functional system can a parking lot be called an intelligent parking lot? I. license plate recognition system: real name system is required for entering and leaving the parking lot. The vehicle license plate number is the only identification of the vehicle. The automatic license plate recognition technology can realize the automatic registration and verification of vehicle identity without any change, License plate recognition car parking management system automatically recognizes and converts the vehicle license plate number image taken by the camera at the entrance into digital signals, so as to achieve one card and one vehicle. The advantage of license plate recognition is that it can correspond the card to the vehicle, so as to improve the management to a higher level. The advantage of the corresponding card and car is that the long-term rental card must be used together with the car, so as to eliminate the loophole of using one card and more cars and improve the efficiency of property management; At the same time, it automatically compares the incoming and outgoing vehicles to prevent theft.

The upgraded camera system can collect clearer pictures and save them as archives, which can provide strong evidence for some disputes. It is convenient for managers to compare when vehicles leave the site, and greatly enhances the safety of the system. II. Parking space guidance and reverse car search system: help riders find parking spaces or car loving parking spaces smoothly. The guidance system is mainly used to effectively guide and manage parking vehicles entering and leaving the parking lot. The system can realize convenient and fast parking for parking people and monitor the parking space, so as to make the parking space management of the parking lot more standardized and orderly and improve the utilization rate of parking space; The parking space detection in the parking lot adopts ultrasonic detection or video license plate recognition technology to reliably detect the occupation or idleness of each parking space.

At present, the parking lot under construction is becoming larger and larger, with more than thousands of parking spaces. If such a large parking lot is dredged by personnel without guidance and car search system, it will be a disaster for managers and customers. The reverse car search system can help motorists save a lot of time. III. wechat payment: the mobile terminal can not only pay parking fees, but also book parking spaces in advance and find routes. Many riders want to see the functions of mobile phones such as parking space reservation, payment and car search.

With the rapid popularization of smart phones and mobile Internet in the past two years, mobile Internet users have exceeded fixed Internet users. Using mobile phones to order meals, buy movie tickets, Download coupons and make friends has become popular, Therefore, these applications in intelligent parking lot will also keep up with the trend. IV. unmanned management parking lot unmanned service is becoming more and more popular. Due to the rapid rise of labor cost in China, the past method of managing parking lot by human sea tactics is becoming more and more ineffective. Referring to foreign development experience, the degree of automation of parking lot will be higher and higher, and the management personnel will be gradually reduced until unmanned service is realized.

What Kind of Functional System Can a Parking Lot Be Called an Intelligent Parking Lot Tigerwong Tech 2

V. access to the parking cloud platform system: the parking lot realizes networking and data sharing, breaks the information island, and builds an intelligent parking management system Internet of things platform. Tigerwong parking cloud platform is a better parking cloud platform in China at present. With the ultimate user experience as the core, through the vertical integration of intelligent hardware Internet of things cloud platform service multi-layer architecture, tigerwong parking cloud platform breaks the industrial boundary, breaks the current situation of single parking lot system information island, and realizes the centralized and unified management of multiple parking lots on the same platform, Constantly create unique new experience and greater value. Fully open the resources of each link of the Internet of things ecological chain, introduce external partners that can be strongly related to tigerwong's ecology and strengthen anti from multiple levels such as business combing, management, service, industrial alliance and capital, break the interest boundary, resource boundary and product boundary between enterprises, and coexist, win-win and share with partners! With the development of the Internet and the gradual increase of vehicles, people have to solve these difficult problems in time. It will be inevitable for parking lots to access intelligent parking lot systems.

With the adjustment of national industrial policies or the drive of major investment directions, more and more high-tech will join the parking lot family, Then it will be a real intelligent parking lot. Tigerwong parking equipment supplier has focused on parking equipment for many years! If you have any questions about the parking system, welcome to consult and communicate.

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