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Intelligent parking management system is a relatively complex system, including various software and hardware equipment. It is not only an intelligent parking management system management scheme, but also a commercial product, which brings benefits to property companies or system providers. Smart chip is an important part of the system. There are many choices for smart chip, and the most commonly used are IC and ID card. So which one is better? This needs to be compared from the performance characteristics and cost of IC card and ID card.

What Is the Difference Between IC Card and ID Card in Parking Lot Smart Card Management System - Tig 1

I. The basic attribute IC card is the integrated circuit card, also known as the smart card. It is readable and writable. The card reading distance is relatively close, generally within 5 8cm, and has the encryption function, which improves the security of data recording. The frequency of 13.56MHz belongs to high frequency; ID card, i.e. identity card, is a kind of induction card, because it is readable and cannot be written. The card reading distance is relatively far, which is more than 8 12cm and the frequency of 125kHz, which belongs to low frequency. II. Comparison between the two 1. In terms of security, the security of IC card is much higher than that of ID card.

ID card is a non writable induction card. It only contains a fixed number and has no encryption function. It is easy to be copied. The IC card has encryption function. Different passwords can be set for writing and reading data, which can ensure the security of the system. 2. Cost performance because the ID card information does not require any permission and is easy to copy, the ID card and ID card reader are cheaper than the IC card and reader, and the IC card with encryption function is a little more expensive.

However, from the perspective of the composition (wiring cost and structural composition) of the whole all-in-one card system, the prices of the two systems are equivalent, and only the operation of the IC card system can be stable and reliable. Therefore, the cost performance of the IC card system is much higher than that of the ID card system. 3. The storage ID can only record the card number. The IC card storage area can be divided into 16 partitions, which can store a large amount and record about 1000 characters. 4. The systematic IC card has a built-in memory chip with large capacity and little dependence on computer network. It can run offline independently; The ID card only records the card number, there is no content in the card, and its function completely depends on the computer network. Therefore, if there is any problem in the system, the ID card will make the system unable to operate normally, while the IC card can still make the system operate normally and maintain the stability of the system; 5. Both offline and networked standard smart card parking lot systems have the function of offline operation to deal with the paralysis of the parking lot system caused by accidents (such as computer failure and traffic fault light). In this regard, because the ID card has no data, the data permissions of the card holder are stored in the management computer.

If an emergency occurs, the parking lot system may not be used. Because the IC card stores user data, authority and other data, it does not have to worry about computer failure, communication failure and other problems, and can run offline. Based on the above analysis and comparison, it seems that the performance characteristics of IC card are better than ID card and have more market, but the specific situation can not be generalized. For example, the use of ID card in the general community access control system is more convenient and affordable; IC card is widely used in all-in-one card system and consumption system. Tiger Wong parking management system has a professional technical team! If you have any questions about parking lot system, etc., welcome to consult and exchange.

What Is the Difference Between IC Card and ID Card in Parking Lot Smart Card Management System - Tig 2

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