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In recent years, China's intelligent car parking system industry has learned from and learned from advanced technologies and concepts at home and abroad, coupled with its own self-developed new technologies, gradually turning the parking lot into an unattended intelligent parking lot. In order to meet the market demand and give users more choices, the unattended parking system needs to have some intelligent functions to meet the needs of motorists who can use it in different places. What functions do the unattended intelligent car parking system need? I. license plate recognition technology enables vehicles to quickly enter and exit the parking lot. The license plate recognition car parking management system automatically recognizes and converts the vehicle license plate number image taken by the camera at the entrance into digital signals. One card and one car. The advantage of license plate recognition is that it can correspond the card to the car, so as to improve the management to a higher level.

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The advantage of the correspondence between the card and the car is that the long-term rental card must be used together with the car, so as to eliminate the loophole of using one card and more cars and improve the efficiency of property management; At the same time, it automatically compares the incoming and outgoing vehicles to prevent theft. II. It has a parking lot charging system without charging. The parking lot charging system will automatically store a parking record for each vehicle entering the parking lot, and can also have the functions of image comparison, owner vehicle capture and so on. The information of vehicle entering and leaving the parking lot can be compared at the entrance and exit, The parking lot charging system can automatically calculate the parking time and payment amount. Car owners can pay parking fees through self service payment function, and there are various ways.

WeChat, Alipay, UnionPay card, smart card, ETC and other electronic payment functions are available for parking people to choose. III. The parking space guidance system can guide riders to find parking spaces smoothly. The parking space guidance system is mainly used to effectively guide and manage parking vehicles entering and leaving the parking lot. The system can realize convenient and fast parking for parking people and monitor the parking space, so as to make the parking space management of the parking lot more standardized and orderly and improve the utilization rate of parking space; The parking space detection in the parking lot adopts ultrasonic detection or video license plate recognition technology to reliably detect the occupation or idleness of each parking space. Installing ultrasonic detector or video detector above each parking space can detect whether there are vehicles parked on the parking space.

The management system collects all detection information into the system in real time. The system feeds back the guidance information to each guidance indicator in real time through the computer, so as to better guide some problems encountered by riders when parking. It is easy to find a parking space Fast parking, saving time and reducing fuel consumption. IV. the reverse car search system allows motorists to quickly find the parking area. In shopping malls, shopping centers and other large parking lots, when returning to the parking lot, car owners are often easy to lose their way in the parking lot and can't find their own vehicles due to the large parking space, similar environment and markers, and difficult to identify the direction.

By swiping the card, signing and parking after entering the site, the reverse car picking system swipes the card and bar code at the query end to display the location of the owner and the vehicle, so as to help customers find the parking area as soon as possible. V. intelligent car parking system has a strong safety system to escort your car. The high-performance and multi-functional intelligent car parking system has a good market prospect and great application space and potential, and has played a positive role in promoting the intelligent transportation in China. Intelligent car parking system is a set of intelligent equipment integrating video acquisition, vehicle detection, license plate recognition, voice number reporting, intelligent analysis of recognition results, automatic alarm, remote duty and remote monitoring. The whole process does not need manual processing, so that car owners can pass without stopping, save time and improve the efficiency of vehicle entry and exit management, Escort your car.

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Future development trend of intelligent car parking system: after decades of development, China's car parking management system market has become mature and has certain advantages. At the same time, it is undeniable that there are some problems that need to be improved in the future. First of all, although the domestic intelligent car parking system started much later than abroad, after nearly two decades of continuous efforts by professionals in the industry, it can be said that many domestic equipment have caught up with the international level, and even some products have exceeded the international level. Secondly, the technology needs to be further improved. Although a variety of technologies have reached the international level, the overall technical level is still not in line with international standards.

Therefore, it is necessary to introduce some technologies to promote the technological innovation of the whole industry. The introduction of technology should be determined according to the actual domestic situation, and foreign technology cannot be completely copied. Although some technologies are very advanced, they can not guarantee that they will not be acclimatized after entering China. With the aggravation of the parking problem, more and more human and material resources are spent in this field. On the basis of learning from foreign technology and combining their own characteristics, it is just around the corner to realize the unattended parking lot.

At present, the parking lot system has become more and more widely used. It is also a necessary equipment for vehicle management. It needs to be completely unattended and meet some of the above conditions. With more and more new technologies joining the parking lot family, it will be able to meet the parking needs of motorists. Tigerwong parking equipment supplier has focused on parking equipment for many years! If you have any questions about the parking system, welcome to consult and communicate.

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