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Nowadays, with the increasing number of vehicles, traffic jams and the aggravation of parking difficulties are the problems faced by car users. At present, the more acceptable parking lot is the parking lot with intelligent parking lot system. Only with a number of functions beneficial to users can it be recognized by the majority of people, and the functions of traditional parking lots will be eliminated. So, what functions can the parking lot called intelligent car parking system bring to users? I. there will be no congestion during rush hours if you can pass in and out of the parking lot quickly without parking. At present, card swiping, license plate recognition, two-dimensional code scanning and other modes are generally adopted for vehicle access in the parking lot, but the above methods can not completely achieve the non parking access mode.

What Functions Can the Parking Lot Called Intelligent Parking Lot System Bring to Users - Tigerwong  1

Card swiping and two-dimensional code scanning need parking. License plate recognition has problems such as recognition rate and interference by environmental factors. II. The whole unattended system in the parking lot is fully intelligent without on-site management personnel. The parking fees are fully intelligent and paid quickly, so as to reduce the cost of human management. Although many domestic manufacturers have realized different quick payment methods for the parking lot function, due to the cooperation conditions of payment operators, this function can not be fully applied to all parking lot charge management at present.

III. in the process of fully intelligent vehicle driving and finding parking spaces, it can intelligently guide car owners to quickly find parking spaces, effectively maintain the order in the parking lot, and no longer blindly look for empty parking spaces everywhere in the parking lot. Although the current parking space guidance technology can completely solve this problem, the equipment and construction costs are huge, and most parking lot managers are unwilling to invest. IV. vehicle anti-theft vehicle safety has always been the focus of the conflict between parking lot managers and car owners, and the most key is vehicle anti-theft. Although the traditional card swiping can not make the car thieves swagger out, the phenomenon of breaking through the gate and forced out also occurs frequently. Compared with the traditional license plate recognition technology of swiping card mode, it can let car thieves drive out in a swagger, because at this time, the system only recognizes license plates and does not recognize people; It seems that the current relatively advanced technology actually contains great potential safety hazards. In case of car theft, the main responsibility is the equipment manufacturer and the yard management, because the system itself has security vulnerabilities.

V. fund security: add the mobile quick payment function, and the parking charge is fast and safe, so as to realize centralized charging without fund loopholes. Once the toll collectors collude with the car owners, it is easy to cause the loss of funds; Although the central charging method can solve the disadvantage of the loss of funds in the booth charging, if the car owner fails to appear within the specified time after paying, he has to return to the charging again, which is bound to cause export congestion; Self service payment equipment can completely eliminate the loss of funds, but it is limited by factors such as equipment stability and man-made destruction; Although the rise of fast payment can solve the above problems, its promotion is limited by the cooperation conditions of payment operators and can not be fully applied for the time being. Vi. parking data sharing realizes the sharing of parking space data of all parking lots in the city and even in the country. Car owners can query the surrounding parking lot information before or during travel, book parking spaces, find the nearest parking lot, and intelligently guide car owners to the predetermined parking space; It can also realize the rental of free parking spaces in the parking lot. The beneficiary is no longer just the parking lot manager, and any person can make investment income through the parking spaces. VII. Timely service.

In case of system failure, it can automatically alarm and prompt the use of customer fault information; At the same time, the system can automatically send a message to inform the regional service personnel of the equipment manufacturer that a certain equipment in a certain place of a customer has a certain fault. Please contact the customer as soon as possible to make an appointment for the door-to-door service time. This can greatly improve the timeliness of service and make the parking lot management feel intelligent service. At present, intelligent car parking system can be applied in various fields and is favored by people, mainly because it can bring a lot of convenience to people's parking. The traditional manual card issuing management mode can not record the parking records of vehicles, which is easy to lose vehicles.

What Functions Can the Parking Lot Called Intelligent Parking Lot System Bring to Users - Tigerwong  2

However, the intelligent car parking management system is convenient for management, Timely recording, combined with the Internet, can better save users' parking time and provide better parking services. Tigerwong parking equipment supplier has focused on parking equipment for many years! If you have any questions about the parking system, welcome to consult and communicate.

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