What Are the Rules for Parking in New York City with a Handicapped Parking Permit?

does alternate side parking nyc apply to a person with disabled city on street parking permit?

What Are the Rules for Parking in New York City with a Handicapped Parking Permit? 1

1. Parking Truck At The Appartment Parking Lot?

This is landlord-tenant law, not consumer law. If the apartment building management owns the parking lot and your lease does not say that you can use the parking lot, then they do not have to let you park any vehicle there. If the parking lot is government owned, then the apartment management does not decide the rules; check with the agency that runs the parking lot. If your lease says that you can use the lot for a "car", then you are violating the lease by parking a truck instead. If you lease says that you can are paying rent for an apartment and a parking space and does not specify type of vehicle, then she is violating the lease by not letting you use the space that you are renting.

2. Out of state parking ticket?

You better take care of this one. Your mom wo not like it if they come after her, since the car is hers, unless you signed a ticket and NY knows you were the driver

What Are the Rules for Parking in New York City with a Handicapped Parking Permit? 2


Your best bet to find parking (if you are there at 6-7 am) is between 10th and 12th avenue from 42nd to 48th Streets

4. Pennsylvania parking law re: commercial parking?

Commercial vehicles are not allowed to be parked on your street. Just because you've gotten away with it for years, does not mean they can not now tell you that you can not

5. Is my parking ticket considered defective?

You were operating the vehicle that's how it got parked there. Just pay the ticket you will not get it dismissed for stupid excuses like this

6. Can you fight a parking ticket for parking next to an unmarked fire hidrent?

You will lose because the state has law restricting parking within a specific distance from a fire hydrant. It's sort of the same principle you cannot rob a store or fire a gun within city limits even if there are no signs. The only time a sign is required is when there is no state law or city ordinance forbidding something, yet they restrict doing it in particular spaces or situations.

7. Parking Lot Bump and Run?

A small bump can be very, very expensive to fix- what if the poor owner has leased their car? They are going to have to pay that $$ themselves if the offender doesnt get caught!

8. Parking on an Incline.... What the heck?

Depends on which side of the street you park on and if you are facing up hill or down. Why do not ya take the bus?

9. I hit a car while backing out of a parking space in a parking lot and have no insurance?

you are hosed. basically whenever you get in an accident going in reverse you are at fault

10. Got a Parking Ticket on Thanksgiving! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanksgiving!?

I bet you fell like such a turkey

11. question about a parking ticket?

Under California law, there is a review/appeal process for parking tickets. Its a lot of work but could be worth it. The first step is an administrative review, where the school police department makes a decision as to whether you are liable. This almost always goes in their favor, unsurprisingly. You do not have to pay the ticket until after they make a decision. Then, if you are not satisfied, you there is an administrative hearing with a neutral party, usually a hired arbitrator. Again, you have to pay in advance unless you can show financial hardship. You have a better chance if you can show some evidence but still mostly will go in the school's favor. Finally, and this almost always works, you can appeal to superior court. The court should have a local form you can use. This is a civil suit, so the school has to show but they rarely do. The case at this point should be dismissed by the judge. That's the process. You have to decide if your time is worth the $40-$70

12. Six Flags Great Adventure parking - Is it cheaper to pay for parking at the park versus online?

Six Flags Great Adventure Parking

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