What Are the Parking Lot Management Systems?

Parking lot management system is a set of network system built through computer, network equipment and lane management equipment to manage the access of vehicles in the parking lot, the guidance of traffic flow in the parking lot and the collection of parking fees. It is a necessary tool for professional parking lot management companies. It realizes the dynamic and static comprehensive management of vehicle access and on-site vehicles by collecting and recording vehicle access records and on-site positions. So, what is the function of this parking lot system? Please see Wuhan parking lot system experts for your detailed explanation

1. Image recognition function: when the vehicle enters the site, take the vehicle appearance, color, license plate number and other images through the camera, and compare the exit image with the entrance image when leaving the site to ensure the safety of the vehicle.

2. Voice prompt function: make voice prompt for important information, misoperation or illegal operation.

3. Multiple report output: vehicle information, charging information, traffic record, vehicle information and user information.

4. Applicable to a variety of inductive IC cards: ti-l (134.2k), ti-h (13.56M), hid, Motorola, Mifare, etc.

5. Anti smashing function: as long as the vehicle is under the gate, the gate will not fall, and the gate will fall automatically after the vehicle leaves.

6. Temporary card issuing: automatic card issuing machine shall be used to cooperate with the key to issue the card. It is prohibited to issue the card when there is no car or the parking space is full.

7. Offline operation function: all entrances and exits have networking function to ensure data consistency. When the network is short on and offline, the system operates normally, the network is connected and the data is recovered automatically.

8. It has a variety of charging or non charging management methods such as long-term card / monthly rent card / temporary card / management card

9. Led Chinese display screen: display time, charge amount, real-time number of vehicles, full parking space, card validity, etc.

10. Intercom function: ensure the communication between each entrance and exit and the management center.

1. Parking space guidance function: use ultrasonic to detect the occupied or idle state of a parking space, and send the detected parking space state change information to the parking space guidance controller to the best parking position in real time.

2. Anti smashing function: in addition to the anti smashing function of vehicle detector, the anti smashing function of people and vehicles can also be realized by using pressure radio wave or infrared technology. Since people or vehicles are under the road gate, the brake rod will not fall. After people or vehicles leave, the brake rod will fall automatically.

3. Multi area parking space counting function: for multi area or underground multi-storey parking lot, vehicle detector and counting controller are used to realize vehicle statistics in each area, which is displayed in real time through parking space counting display screen.

What Are the Parking Lot Management Systems? 1

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