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From smart China to smart Park, China has been taking the smart train rapidly and speeding up with the Internet plus wave, and the concept of wisdom has been deeply rooted among the people. It is a huge engineering system. Domestic enterprises are developing towards the same rest assured with different models. Many enterprises say that their ecosystem is one-stop. In fact, there are many models that can be called one-stop ecosystem.

What Are the Models of a One-stop Smart Community Ecosystem- TigerWong Technology 1

So, what are the models of one-stop ecosystem? I. handheld community app the handheld community app with industry applications and cloud computing as the core enters people's homes, and these clouds are closely related to people's lives. For example, residents can control all household appliances with a remote control, which is the life cloud. In addition, there are entertainment cloud, medical cloud, security cloud, etc. Cloud Computing mainly relies on the network to combine family management with other supporting facilities and circles to realize scientific and technological life. Most obviously, the Internet enterprises led by bat have participated in the construction of smart city, and have also been blessed as the cells of smart city. Two, property companies are indispensable to traditional communities or property.

With the improvement of people's living standards, community care is increasingly required. Based on this, property is gradually transforming from management to community service under the influence of Internet plus environment. The emergence of mobile Internet has contributed to online payment and consumption and community o2o. Some experts believe that the future property must be a combination of online and offline, which can be seen in the existing practice: after residents can pay water and electricity charges on the mobile terminal and register their vehicle information on their mobile phone, the access control will automatically scan the license plate and lift the pole Scanning can collect express in the intelligent express cabinet, etc. However, this is still far from enough for. The property is only the first step, and will go deep into all aspects of services such as clothing, food, housing and transportation of residents in the future. III. during the construction of security enterprises, the business model of security enterprises seems to be clearer.

After all, security is the direction that residents always pay attention to. Traditional security enterprises mainly link with various security systems to radiate video monitoring, visual intercom, anti-theft alarm and other applications to each family in the community, making various security systems intelligent, networked and digital. Among them, the building intercom system is their key entrance. The advantage of building intercom 24-hour startup enables it to well link alarm, home control, call service and other systems, so as to become a visual and interactive platform for residents. Taking the building intercom system equipment as the medium, building a community-based management system has become an important direction for the development of security, especially the building intercom industry. IV. smart home smart home detonated the market a few years ago.

At that time, there were all kinds of products with serious homogenization. Now, although it tends to be calm, smart home is still the trend of future development. For example, Gree, a traditional home appliance giant, has been rumored that Gree will make mobile phones. It was finally verified some time ago, and Dong Mingzhu's exact statement was obtained, that is, to build a control center for smart home. Gree's business span from home appliances to mobile phones is indeed large.

What Are the Models of a One-stop Smart Community Ecosystem- TigerWong Technology 2

Whether it is successful or not, it can be seen that the landing application of Gree has given home appliance enterprises more thinking. If they want to seize the market in this big cake, they can't blindly produce single products, but should focus more on the overall solution of home furnishing. It is multifaceted. It is both smart security, smart home, service operation and cloud platform. Therefore, a set of safe, convenient, humanized and intelligent intelligent community system scheme created by perfectly combining the relevant application needs such as security services, community management services and owner's life services is finally called the one-stop ecosystem. Tiger Wong parking management system has a professional technical team! If you have any questions about parking lot system, etc., welcome to consult and exchange.

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