What Are the License Plate Recognition Modes of the Extended Family Entering the Parking Lot System

With the gradual increase of urban vehicles, the management of parking lots in many places is not so convenient. Many car owners want to find a parking lot that can stop and pick up cars quickly, and also hope to ensure the safety of their cars. The application of license plate recognition technology to the parking lot system has greatly improved this problem, The parking lot equipped with license plate recognition technology can quickly capture the access information of incoming and outgoing vehicles, which can not only improve the parking speed, but also ensure parking safety. The license plate recognition technology has different modes for different parking lots and different cars. Let's take a look at the license plate recognition modes of entering the parking lot system family with tiger Wong.

What Are the License Plate Recognition Modes of the Extended Family Entering the Parking Lot System  1

For the all-in-one license plate recognition machine equipped with license plate recognition technology, it has excellent imaging control, can automatically track light changes, effectively suppress forward and backward light, especially at night, can suppress the interference of car headlights, so as to clearly capture the license plate. Of course, in order to make people's life more convenient and fast, at present, the parking lot system manufacturers have added three modes in the field of license plate recognition: first, the ground induction coil recognition mode is triggered by the ground induction coil. Generally, there will be a deceleration belt about 10 meters in front of the parking lot gate, and the vehicle will decelerate through the deceleration belt, leaving time for license plate recognition, When the vehicle enters the recognition area, trigger the ground induction coil, automatically command the camera to capture, recognize the license plate through self character detection, and release the gate. The ground induction coil triggered license plate recognition has the advantages of high trigger rate, not easy to miss vehicles, practical and stable performance, and can output image records for unlicensed vehicles. The disadvantage is that the construction and installation ground sense is required, and the engineering quantity is large.

II. The advantage of video recognition mode video trigger is that there is no need to install ground induction coil and the engineering quantity is small. When the vehicle enters the video recognition area, the camera automatically recognizes the license plate information through the dynamic image of the vehicle, and provides simulation trigger recognition. The disadvantage is that the image cannot be output for unlicensed vehicles, and it is easy to miss vehicles. If the license plate is not recognized, you can manually click the simulation trigger for recognition. III. Video ground sense recognition mode is an upgraded version of the first two modes.

Video plus ground sense recognition mode is recognized by video recognition and uploaded by ground sense trigger. Compared with the ground sensing coil recognition and video recognition mode, the video ground sensing recognition mode can provide faster recognition speed and higher recognition rate. The recognition mode of flexible switching of video ground sense is the recognition mode with the best application flexibility at present. The recognition area and output area are delimited by software, and the location of license plate output is freely set according to the customer's on-site environment, which can solve the problem of car following recognition and fire premature output. When an unlicensed vehicle travels to the output area, the information of an unlicensed vehicle can be easily recorded.

People hope to have license plate recognition parking lots in different environments and large-scale places with more vehicles, which is also the significance of the birth of many license plate recognition modes. In the future, as an important core of intelligent traffic management system, license plate recognition system will also be further supported and developed, License plate recognition technology will be the general direction of parking lot system transformation in the next few years, and can also help us solve more problems in life. Tigerwong parking equipment supplier has focused on parking equipment for many years! If you have any questions about the parking system, welcome to consult and communicate.

What Are the License Plate Recognition Modes of the Extended Family Entering the Parking Lot System  2

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